Escapes From Everywhere by Bernardo Faria (Vol. 1 On Demand)

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BJJ is like any other sport…

“Offense Scores Points, But DEFENSE Wins Championships”

“Escapes From Everywhere”

A 4 DVD Set by 2015 Super Heavyweight and Open Class Black Belt Brazilian Jiu JItsu Champion Bernardo Faria.

Bernardo is a 5 time Black Belt World Champion - think about that for a second.. He’s won five.. - America has only ever won two. So it is safe to say that his escapes are very solid. He knows how to get out of anything and pretty much always does.

So What Will You Learn?

Vol. 1

- Mount Escape Principles

- Elbow Escape From Mount

- High Mount Escape

- Escape From Mount to Deep Half Guard

- Escape From Mount With an Underhook to Deep Half Guard

- Bridge Mount Escape

- Bridge From Under Mount to Elbow Escape

- Escape From Mount to One Leg x Guard

- Counter to the Elbow Escape

- Back Escape Principles

- Basic Escape from Back Mount to Z Guard

- Back Escape to Half Guard