Grip Like a World Champion by Jimmy Pedro

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First of A Kind and Years in the Making
Jimmy Pedro, World Champion, 2-time Bronze Medallist and one of world's most studied and best grip fighters has put together a DVD and booklet to share and teach you what it took him years of training, travelling, refining to learn. By simply following the step-by-step directions, students and coaches will find it easy to develop world-class grip fighting skills.

DVD and Training Guide

  • A complete insight into gripping sequences and gripping tactics
  • Learn how to prevent from being thrown
  • Learn how to train to grip so that you can grip
  • Learn how to dominate your opponent
  • Lock your opponent and wrap him up in his own gi
  • Outmaneuver opponents that are bigger, heavier, and stronger than you
  • Learn how to coach gripping and grip fighting to your students
  • New grip breaking techniques that Jimmy has never shown before
  • Learn the "ChangeUp" Jimmy Pedro developed in order to be highly competitive with European fights
  • Dirty little gripping secrets and much more...