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Benji Silva: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Benji Silva: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Benji Silva?

Benji Silva is a professional grappler with a black belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu from Caio Terra Academy. Silva is a two-time Nogi World Champion and a Pan American Champion. Silva has also been the personal trainer and head instructor of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu at True MVMT in Palo Alto, California since October of 2020. Along with his grappling career, he briefly fought in amateur MMA between the years of 2010 to 2013. 

What this artile covers:

Benji Silva is a really impressive grappler in both gi and no gi. He is highly active in the competition world, having been competing since what seems to be the blue belt. 

The Bermuda Triangle by Benji Silva

How Old is Benji Silva?

There is currently no record of Benji Silva’s age on the internet. 

Benji Silva’s Family

Not much is known about Benji Silva’s family. He regularly posts pictures with them on holidays and special occasions. He particularly posts a lot of photos with his mother, Patricia Croslin, proclaiming that he is a “mama’s boy.”

Invisible Triangle concepts by Braulio Estima

Benji Silva has been dating a woman for a little over seven years. Based on social media, her name is assumed to be Star Marcus. Their anniversary lands on July 26th. It is not confirmed if they are married or not. 

How Much is Benji Silva Worth?

There is a record of Benji Silva’s net worth on the internet at the moment. 

How Tall is Benji Silva?

Benji Silva is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. This equates to 187.96 centimeters. 

How Much Does Benji Silva Weigh? 

The last record of Benji Silva’s weight came to about 170 pounds. This would have been around the time of his amateur MMA career, putting him in the welterweight division. In his more recent 

Benji Silva’s Fight List

When Benji Silva fought MMA, he participated in events such as Central Coast Throwdown 2, Dragon House 8, TPF 12, and 559 Fights 10. He fought mixed martial artists Marco Orozco, Grzegorz Ulatowski, Nick Bustamante, and Evan Solorio. 

Benji Silva has quite an extensive history in grappling. He has fought in such competitions as Fight 2 Win Pro matches all the way to the ADCC North American Trials. He had recently fought in the middleweight division at the Tezos WNO: Gordon vs. Couch. He has fought grapplers:

  • Tony Perez 
  • Nicholas Greene 
  • Garrett Aldrich 
  • David Mitchell 
  • Kevin Williams 
  • Carlos Rocha
  • Dom Hoskins 
  • Micah Brakefield
  • Adam Smith
  • Gustavo Andrade
  • Oliver Taza
  • Alan Sanchez
  • John Salter
  • Kevin Berbich
  • David Garmo 

Beyond all of those fighters, Benji Silva has faced many other challenges in his fighting career through IBJJF and other grappling events. He has even been known to fight in the UFC’s Submission Underground. 

Benji Silva's Best Fight of All Time

One of Benji Silva’s best fights of all time was against Leonardo Silva at the Pan No-Gi 2021. The match starts off with Leonardo Silva sitting to his guard, giving Benji the position of the standing aggressor. Benji is able to step into the inside track and put pressure on Leonardo. Benji stands back up and tries to scramble into side control. Leonardo stays in an overly defensive seated position while Benji looks for limbs to control. Benji eventually starts to attack Leonardo’s half-gaurd. This sets up his match-winning inside heel hook. He was starting to turn belly-down to maximize the finish securing the victory. 

Who Did Benji Silva Lose To?

Benji Silva has fought in both professional grappling and amateur MMA. He has only lost one of his four MMA fights. He had lost to Nick Bustamante at the TPF 12 in 2012. He lost by unanimous decision. 

According to Benji Silva’s official record on his professional career as a grappler, he has lost five matches. These fights were against:

  • Micah Brakefield at the 2019 Pantheon Invitational. Silva lost to an armbar.
  • Adam Smith at the 2019 Pantheon Invitational. Silva lost to an armbar. 
  • Oliver Taza at the 2020 JitzKing Middleweight bracket. Silva lost to a heel hook.
  • John Salter at the 2021 1st ADCC North American Trial. Silva was reportedly injured during this match. 
  • David Garmo at the 2022 Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs. Jacob Couch. Silva lost by a decision. 

There are no other records of losses during Benji Silva’s career that are easily found on the internet. A lot of the matches may have simply been lost to time. 

Benji Silva’s Record

In Benji Silva’s grappling career he has fought countless times. According to Flograppling, as a professional grappler, he has won 10 times and lost 5 times. This includes his fights with Fight 2 Win Pro, the Pantheon Invitational, IBJJF Fresno Open, JitzKing, ADCC North American Trials, and Tezos WNO. This stat does not include all of his fights throughout IBJJF, Submission Underground, and High Rollerz for instance. 

According to the internet, Benji Silva has only ever fought in four amateur MMA fights. He won three in total and lost one of the matches. He won two of his matches through submission and one by unanimous decision.  

Benji Silva’s Injuries

Benji Silva received a pretty bad arm injury when fighting in Submission Underground 20 against Michah Brakefield. They had run into overtime and Benji Silva was not able to escape Brakefield’s armbar. You can see Silva holding onto his arm in pain. Despite the injury, he finished out his portion in overtime. By the end of the match, he was heaving over in pain and holding onto his elbow. From what it seems, he has not made a public comment on this injury. 

Is Benji Silva Retired?

Benji Silva is still competing to this day and coaching at True MVMT. He most recently competed in early August of 2022 at the Santa Cruz Open. He was able to get third in his gi competition. On the second day of competition, he won his weight division in no gi and then went on to get second place in the open weight division. 

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