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Israel Hernandez His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Israel Hernandez His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Israel Hernandez?

Israel Hernandez is a Cuban born Olympic dual Bronze medalist in Judo, he has competed in both the 1992 Barcelona games and the 1996 Atlanta games. Israel has been extremely successful on a national and international level, he is a 5 time Pan American Champion, 6 time Jose Ramon Rodrigez event winner and an 8 time Cuban National Champion.

Who Is Israel Hernandez?

Israel Hernandez is a Cuban born Olympic dual Bronze medalist in Judo, he has competed in both the 1992 Barcelona games and the 1996 Atlanta games. Israel has been extremely successful on a national and international level, he is a 5 time Pan American Champion, 6 time Jose Ramon Rodrigez event winner and an 8 time Cuban National Champion.

Creating Kuzushi by Israel Hernandez

Israel Hernandez started his winning run in 1989 when he won the Cuban National Championship and the Jose Ramon Rodrigez event. Israel cemented himself as one of the best Judoka in Cuba as he continued on his path by winning both of these events in 1990,1991 and 1992, In 1990 he won his first Pan American title.

In 1991 at the Barcelona World Championships Israel won 4 out of 6 matches, narrowly missing out on a medal. In 1992 Israel Hernandez entered into the Barcelona Olympic Games, competing at 65 kg Israel only lost 1 match out of 6. His loss to Jozsef Csak of Hungary relegated him to the Bronze medal, this was still an amazing achievement for the Cuban National.

Over the next four years Israel won four more Cuban National Championships, he also won a Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Jose Ramon Rodrigez event respectively. Israel also won four consecutive Pan American Championships from 1994 through to 1997. Israel was full of confidence and preparing for the high stakes of what was to come. In 1996 Israel entered the World Cup in Rome in preparation for the Olympics. Israel again fell short winning 5 out of 6 matches and just missing out on a medal.

In 1996 Israel was ready for the Atlanta Olympic Games, this time he was inspired to win the Gold medal. Israel would replicate his previous olympic performance by winning 5 out of 6 matches again, this time losing to Udo Quellmalz of Germany and again earning himself a Bronze medal. Although Israel was disappointed at being so close again, he was still humbled and honoured to win another Olympic medal for his country. Israel did win 3 Gold medals in other events like the Tre Torri Tournament twice and the Trofeo Guido Sieni Sassari.

In 1997 Israel moved up to the 71kg division winning the Cuban National Championship in Havana, he also placed second at the Jose Ramon Rodrigez event. The following year Israel moved back down to 65kg where he won his 6th and final Jose Ramon Rodrigez Gold medal. 

Tomoe Nage Everything by Israel Hernandez

How Old Is Israel Hernandez?

Israel Hernandez was born in Santiago de Cuba in Cuba on the 7th of January in 1970, he is currently 51 years of age.

Israel Hernandez’s Family!

Israel Hernandez grew up in Santiago de Cuba, a city known for its rich music history. For Israel he grew up with a passion for music and art, this led to a 6 year old Israel journeying into the world of martial arts. Supported by his family Israel would train in Judo with the ambition of becoming an Olympian. By the age of 17 Israel joined up with the Olympic program in Havana. By the age of 19 Israel would win a Junior Under 21 Pan American gold medal and secure a second place at the Junior World Championships.

Israel has a wife named Valerie Hernandez who is a 5th degree Black belt in Judo and a 2 time Olympian. The two run their own Judo club in California between LA and San Diego called “SoCal Judo” The Hernandez family offer Olympic programs for Judo and are passionate about the development of the youth of Judoka in the United States.

How Much Is Israel Hernandez Worth?

Israel Hernandez has had a long and illustrious career, from winning an abundance of Gold medals at Pan American and Cuban National level, to his two Olympic appearances. Israel has also profited from the popularity of his Judo academy he co-runs with his wife Valerie. Israel has also coached the Puerto Rican, the Harlingen and the Texas National teams, and later on the 2008 US Olympic Judo team. Israel worked for 2 years as a methodologist for Puerto Rico’s elite athlete program. Israel was also the strength and conditioning and Judo coach for the “African Assassin” MMA fighter Sokoudjou. With all of these revenue streams Israel has benefited extremely well financially, with his net worth up over a million dollars.

How Tall Is Israel Hernandez?

Israel Hernandez is 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is equivalent to 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Israel Hernandez Weigh?

Israel Hernandez weighs in at 65 kilograms (143 lbs) and has competed at that weight for most of his career, Israel  has also competed at 56kg, 60kg and 71kg.

Israel Hernandez’s Fight List

Israel Hernandez was one of the best Judoka of his time as he fought some of the best athletes in the world. Israel has batted guys like; Makrem Ayed, Ben Pilley, Jozsef Czak, Francis Figueroa, Michel Almeida, Amar Meridja, Gregor Brod, Philip Laats, Luis Otero, Danut Pop, Patrick Laguerre and Richard Rose.

Israel Hernandez's Best Fight Of All Time!

Israel Hernandez has won a lot of Championships in his career, he was extremely close to Olympic Gold and has won numerous Cuban titles. Israel’s vast amount of tournament wins have seen him light up the Judo world. Some of his best wins came as he won 5 Pan American Championships. His best win was as a junior when he competed in Quito, Ecuador in the Under 21 Pan American Championships. Israel would put himself in the limelight by showcasing his skills and winning the Gold medal in the under 60 kg division.

Who Did Israel Hernandez Lose To?

Israel Hernandez has had two notable losses in his Judo career, the first one came in 1992 when he competed at the Barcelona Olympic Games. After defeating his first 5 competitors, Israel would eventually lose to the Hungarian Jozsef Czak. This loss would relegate Israel to the Bronze medal position. 

The second loss that would leave Israel Hernandez extremely disappointed was 4 years later when he competed at the Atlanta Olympic games. Israel again would defeat 5 out of 6 opponents including avenging his loss in Barcelona by defeating Jozsef Czak. Israel would lose in his final match to the German athlete Udo Quellmalz, Israel would once again settle for another Bronze medal.

Israel Hernandez’s Record!

Israel Hernandez has had an extremely successful wrestling career, he has a Judo record in World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games of 45 wins and 28 losses, with an overall win percentage of 61.6%. Israel would have his best season in 1996 winning 19 matches and losing 7 with a win percentage of 73.1%. Israel has won over 150 matches in his overall career including his Cuban national and tournament international matches.

Israel has an honour list that includes; 5 x Pan American Champion (1990, 1994,1995,1996,1997) Pan American Runner Up (1992) 2 x Olympic Bronze (1992, 1996) Jose Ramon Rodrigez (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1999) Tre Torri Tournament (1996, 1997) Under 21 Pan American Championship (1989) Trofeo Guido Sieni Sassari (1996) US Open Colorado Springs (1992) Cuban Championships (1989,1990,1991,1992, 1993, 1995,1996, 1997) ASKO World Tournament Runner Up (1995) 

Israel Hernandez’s Injuries

Israel Hernandez has had a few injuries over his career, although he has not done anything major. Most of Israel’s injuries have been soft tissue injuries and ligament strains. Israel is an incredible athlete so his preparation and recovery from competition and training are extremely high level.

Is Israel Hernandez Retired?

Israel Hernandez is retired from professional competition, and since his retirement he accepted a coaching position at the Olympic Training Centre in Barcelona, Spain. Israel then bounced around coaching other teams including; the Puerto Rican national Judo team, the Harlingen, the Texas National Training Site team and in 2008 the US Olympic Judo team. From 2009 to 2011 Israel worked for Puerto Rico’s elite athlete program specialising in methodology. Israel also became a strength and conditioning coach to MMA fighters. Later on Israel would open his own Judo academy with his wife Valerie called SoCal Judo which is very successful today. They develop young athletes and guide them towards Olympic dreams, including athletes like; Jimmy Pedro, Travis Stevens, Kayla Harrison and Marti Malloy.

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