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Kyle Boehm His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Kyle Boehm His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Kyle Boehm?

Kyle Boehm is a high level professional grappler and Mixed Martial Artist. Kyle began his martial arts journey heavily interested in MMA, and after having 3 fights he switched to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Since making the switch Kyle has had a successful run through the professional grappling circuit. Kyle has recently been promoted to Black belt level under John Botello who runs the Phoenix division of Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

Who Is Kyle Boehm?

Kyle Boehm is a high level professional grappler and Mixed Martial Artist. Kyle began his martial arts journey heavily interested in MMA, and after having 3 fights he switched to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Since making the switch Kyle has had a successful run through the professional grappling circuit. Kyle has recently been promoted to Black belt level under John Botello who runs the Phoenix division of Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

Kimura Control by Kyle Boehm

Kyle attended Northern Arizona University where he played 2 years of rugby. Kyle then made the switch to MMA, where he fought for the Rage In The Cage organisation winning his first three fights. Following his MMA, Kyle decided to learn Jiu Jitsu to help develop his cage fighting aspirations. In 2014 Kyle attended his first Jiu Jitsu class under John Botello at the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu academy in Phoenix.

Kyle achieved some success as he started competing in local Jiu Jitsu competitions. By 2016 Kyle moved into professional level submission only events like Submission Underground, Polaris and Kasai Pro. Kyle made his way through the coloured belt ranks as he won notable matches against guys like; Pedro Marinho, Peter Hailer, Chase Davis, Chase Hannah and Kaynan Duarte. 

At the end of 2019 after many successes as a coloured belt including winning the Onnit Invitational 205 lbs Championship and the Subversiv 2 team tournament, Kyle was awarded his Black belt by his coach John Botello. Kyle Boehm had become a formidable grappler that could not be denied, his rise to Black belt was fast but certainly was well deserved. In Kyle’s first event as a Black belt he faced Gabriel Almeida at Subversiv 2, fighting at 92 kg the pair had an extremely close match. Heading into EBI overtime Kyle Boehm showcased his skills and in an upset he would win the match.

Kyle would have extreme success with his next two events as he competed at King of the Mats 7 and the BJJ Fanatics tournament. Competing in the Absolute division Kyle won both of these events as he took on high quality opponents like; Dante Leon, Tex Johnson, Emilio Hernandez, Lucas Barbosa and Jason Rau.

Kyle’s next successful tournament would come in 2021 at Submission Underground 24. In the quarterfinal Kyle submitted Renato Tagliari with an inside heel hook. In the semifinal Kyle secured another submission, this time an outside heel hook defeating Tanner Weisgram. Moving into the final Kyle would have a rematch against Pedro Marinho, the fight would go into EBI overtime where Kyle Boehm would be crowned the winner.

One of Kyle’s most recent fights was at Polaris Squads 3 where team USA would defeat team UK & Ireland. Kyle Boehm would fight Silviu Nastasa in the heavyweight title match, Kyle would win the title with one of his signature moves, an inside heel hook.

No Gi Defense & Escapes by Kyle Boehm

How Old Is Kyle Boehm?

Kyle Boehm was born in Escondido in California USA on the 19th of April in 1987, he is currently 34 years of age. 

Kyle Boehm’s Family!

Kyle Boehm was an extremely active child, his father Dale and his mother Carrie encouraged Kyle to play sports. By the age of 9 Kyle’s first passion was for rock climbing as he eventually would compete at a national level. During his training as a rock climber Kyle would take the leap and climb to the top of the Aconcagua, which is a mountain in the Andes in Argentina, that is the highest mountain in the southern and western hemisphere (towering at 6,961 metres)

Kyle spent his middle school years playing 5 different sports on a competitive level. While maintaining his rock climbing Kyle played; Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Track and Field and Cross Country Running. Maintaining this level of sports gave Kyle a physical edge over most of his competitors.

How Much Is Kyle Boehm Worth?

Kyle Boehm has lit up the grappling stage for the past few years now, earning himself cash prizes for the events he has won. Throughout his exciting and successful career Kyle Boehm has an estimated net worth of over 500 thousand dollars, and it is rapidly increasing due to his popularity and successes on the world stage of grappling. 

How Tall Is Kyle Boehm?

Kyle Boehm is 6 feet and 2 inches tall which is the equivalent to 191 centimetres.

How Much Does Kyle Boehm Weigh?

Kyle Boehm weighs in at 205 lbs which equates to 93 kilograms, Kyle also competes in the Absolute division quite regularly.

Kyle Boehm’s Fight List!

Kyle Boehm has experienced a fast rise through his martial arts career. He started off in MMA but soon realised that his true calling would be in professional grappling. Kyle has fought some high class grapplers like; Kaynan Duarte, Gordon Ryan, Lucas Barbosa, Tex Johnson, Dante Leon, Nick Rodriguez, Pedro Marinho, Joao Rocha, Dan Borovic, Jason Rau and Silviu Nastasa. 

Kyle Boehm’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Kyle Boehm has exploded onto the world stage of professional grappling, competing in high level events and fighting some high quality opponents. Kyle has beaten guys like; Kaynan Duarte, Silviu Nastasa, Gabriel Almeida and Pedro Marinho. 

Kyle has had two exceptional events that stand out the most, the first one was King of the Mat 7 in 2019. Kyle fought in the Absolute division and defeated Emilio Hernandez and Dan Borovic with a rear naked choke and an outside heel hook respectively. In the Semi final he fought the up and coming superstar in Dante Leon securing another rear naked choke. The final was a close match between Kyle Boehm and Tex Johnson, it was a draw at the end of regulation time. Heading into EBI overtime Kyle Boehm would walk away with the win and the title.

Straight after KOTM 7 Kyle would then fight at the BJJ Fanatics tournament, again he fought in the Absolute division. Kyle defeated Valdir Araujo and Jordan Lutzky in the first two rounds, submitting them both with outside heel hooks. His last three matches would all end with EBI overtime wins against quality opposition in Jason Rau, Tex Johnson and the famous Lucas Barbosa.

Who Did Kyle Boehm Lose To?

Kyle Boehm has lost a few matches on the professional grappling circuit against exceptional competitors. His losses include; Lucas Barbosa and Nick Rodriguez both by points at Kasai Pro 7, at WNO (Who’s Number One) Kyle lost by an armlock to Gordon Ryan. Kyle’s most recent loss came in 2021 at the latest WNO Championship where he lost by referee decision to Kaynan Duarte.

Kyle Boehm’s Record!

Kyle Boehm has had a superb career on the BJJ circuit and before he stepped onto the mats he won 3 straight MMA fights for the Rage in the Cage promotion. Kyle has won a lot of fights as a coloured belt and since becoming a Black belt he has secured a record of 16 wins with only 4 losses. Kyle has finished his opponents 9 times including 5 outside heel hooks, and has won 6 times in EBI overtime. Kyle’s only submission loss was to Gordon Ryan at WNO.

Kyle has a list of accolades that consists of; (As a coloured belt) 1st Place Onnit Invitational 4 (2017) 1st Place Subversiv Team Tournament (2018) 1st Place Subversiv 2 Team Tournament (2018) 1st Place BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Grand Prix (2019) 

(As a Black belt) 1st Place King Of The Mats Invitational (2019) 1st Place BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix (2019) 1st Place Submission Underground (2021) Polaris Squads 3 Heavyweight Champion (2021)

Kyle Boehm’s Injuries!

Kyle Boehm has suffered from extensive knee injuries, four to be exact. His first injury came in 2007 when he tore his medial meniscus, from a rock climbing incident. The second was a partially torn ACL during his college years playing rugby. His third knee injury came from a BJJ competition as he was on the receiving end of a kneebar that came on very quickly. Kyle sustained a torn MCL and tore the rest of his ACL. After scheduling an MRI the results showed that his ACL and MCL were completely torn and the meniscus had a bucket handle tear. Kyle was able to keep training because his injuries were not causing any mechanical issues, he decided not to go in for surgery. His last knee injury was a LCL and a lateral meniscus tear which he suffered during a training session. After a second MRI Kyle got some bad news as he found out all six of his right knee ligaments were torn. After a total reconstruction Kyle would spend several months rehabbing his injuries with physical therapy.

Is Kyle Boehm Retired?

At the age of 34 Kyle Boehm is still a very active grappler on the professional BJJ circuit. Considering he only achieved his Black belt in October 2019, Kyle has a lot more expectations of himself heading into the future. You can expect to see Kyle Boehm appearing on SUG and Polaris in future events.

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