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Reece Humphrey: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Reece Humphrey: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Reece Humphrey?

Reece Humphrey is a two-time All-American Wrestler who competed at both the collegiate and world levels. Reece attended Lawrence North, a high school in Indiana, and wrestled his way to an outstanding 177-7 before joining the Ohio State Buckeyes and achieving a similar level of success. 

Teach You How to Wrestle by Reece Humphrey

Humphrey would go on to be in contention for NCAA championship titles all four years of college, including two years in which he was named an All-American. He pushed his career even further, stepping up to the world stage and competing to represent his nation in the Olympics. His career was dampened by a late injury, but he managed to accomplish more in the sport of wrestling during his shortened career than most ever will.

Humphrey was appointed the head coach of New Jersey Regional Trainnig Center in 2018, a facility which is shared by both Princeton and Rutgers universities. He has coached many young athletes to achieve their potential and was recognized for that in 2019 when he received the Terry McCann Freestyle Coach of the Year Award for his efforts.

Highlight Reel Takedowns by Reece Humphrey

How Old is Reece Humphrey?

Reece Humphrey is 35 years old as of 2021. He was born on July 31, 1986 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Reece Humphrey Family

Reece was born to Jim and Adrienne Humphrey and had only one sibling, a brother named Jordin. His father was a world level wrestling competitor as well, having wona  World silver medal for freestyle in the 70s. Humphrey is married to his wife Meredith, with whom he has two children.

How Much is Reece Humphrey Worth?

Reece Humphrey has been estimated to have a net worth as high as 1.5 million dollars.

How Tall is Reece Humphrey?

Reece Humphrey is 5’7”, which makes him average sized for his weight divisions.

How Much Does Reece Humphrey Weigh? 

Reece Humphrey has competed extensively in men’s freestyle wrestling in both the 60 kg (133 lbs) and 65 kg (145 lbs) weight divisions.

Reece Humphrey Fight List

Wrestlers compete so frequently that match lists are unreasonably long. Reece Humphrey has competed in well over three hundred bouts between just his high school and college careers, not to mention the various world-level competitions he has participated in. His proudest achievements in the sport are listed below:

  • 2011 USA Freestyle Wrestling Championships Cleveland - 60 kg - Gold
    • 2013 USA Freestyle Wrestling Championships Las Vegas - 60 kg - Gold
    • 2015 USA Freestyle Wrestling Championships Las Vegas - 61 kg - Gold

    Reece Humphrey's Best Fight of All Time

    After taking some time to compete at the higher weight class (65 kg), Humphrey decided to make his return to his original 61 kg weight class in order to attempt a third run at the making the World Team. He was able to accomplish this by earning a sweep against Daniel Dennis in a memorable finals match that placed him atop the freestyle world.

    Who Did Reece Humphrey Lose To?

    With such a long competition history, Humphrey has had his fair share of defeats to accompany his outstanding wins. After winning easily to an opponent from Kazakhstan in the first round of the 2015 World Wrestling Championships, he faced defeat in round two. The wrestler who beat him was Batboldyn Nomin, a fresh face on the scene from Mongolia. This loss would keep him from gold that year. 

    Reece Humphrey Record

    Humphrey has a very impressive record in both high school and college. He wrestled toa  177-7 record for Indiana’s Lawrence North High School. After joining the Ohio State Buckeyes, went 117-33 on his way to two All-American designations.

    Reece Humphrey Injuries

    Humphrey was lucky to avoid injury in the early part of his career, but did not avoid it all together. While competing for the Olympic Trials in the 143 pound weight class, he lost via technical fall to future MMA prospect Aaron Pico. After this injury, Humphrey took himself out of the trials, citing an injury that prevented him from continuing. 

    Is Reece Humphrey Retired?

    Humphrey is retired from competition but has stayed very active in the wrestling community. In addition to training the next generation of freestyle wrestlers out of Princeton and Rutgers, he has taken the time to record quite a few instructional videos. While working with BJJ Fanatics, he’s created a total of four: “How to be a Freak Athlete”, “Highlight Reel Upper Body Throws and Takedowns”, “Teach You How to Wrestle”, and finally “Highlight Reel Takedowns”. These four products give an excellent overview of how to adapt Reece Humphrey’s signature wrestling style into your own ground game.

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