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Chase David Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!

Chase David Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!


Who Is Chase Davis?

Chase Davis is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and has also had several MMA fights. Chase has competed in numerous of the high level Jiu Jitsu competition promotions.

Leg Lock Defense & Counter Attacks by Chase Davis

How Old Is Chase Davis?

Leg Lock Defense Kit by Vagner Rocha BJJ

Born April 17, 1997, Chase Davis is 24 years old.

Chase Davis Family

Currently, there is no information available on the family of Chase Davis.

How Much Is Chase Davis Worth?

Currently, there is not a documented estimate of Chase Davis’ net worth.

How Tall is Chase Davis

Currently, there is no information available on the height of Chase Davis.

How Much Does Chase Davis Weigh?

Chase Davis competes in the 77 kg division.

Chase Davis Fight List

Chase Davis has competed in many of the well known BJJ competition promotions. During the 2017 ADCC West Coast Trials, Davis lost to Stephen Martinez by point and then defeated both Jeramiah Vance and Yzidro Lago. Returning for the 2019 ADCC West Coast Trials, Davis was defeated by Max Rohskopf.

During the 2019 BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Tournament, Davis was defeated by Kyle Boehm by a choke. Davis next competed against Kyle Hinkle in 2020 at Submission Underground 17, who he defeated by heel hook.

Chase both trains and is an instructor at American Top Team Portland. Aside from training and coaching, Davis has also produced an instructional where he focuses on leg lock defense and counter attacks. He dives deep into techniques such as attacks from a leg drag, leg lock defense with De La Riva hooks into Berimbolo backtakes and other counters, numerous 50/50 techniques, and so much more.

Chase Davis Injuries

Currently, there are no documented injuries for Chase Davis.

Is Chase Davis Retired?

No, Chase Davis is very much active as both a competitor and an instructor.

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