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Artem Levin Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!

Artem Levin Record, Net Worth, Age, Weight, & More!


Who Is Artem Levin?

Artem Levin is a Russian Muay Thai kickboxer who competes in the middleweight division. He is a former It’s Showtime 77 Max Champion as well as a former Glory Middleweight Champion. MOst recently in July 2021 he was ranked as the number 4 middleweight in the world according to Combat Press. Since September of 2014, Artem has consistently been ranked in the top 10 middleweights.

The Elbow Encyclopedia by Artem Levin

Artem comes from the small town of Prokopyevsk in the Russian outback which is famous for coal-mining, but has produced a high level Muay Thai team in which Artem is a part of. Artem began training as a child as a means of protecting himself against bullies. He quickly realized his talent and potential and has only risen up since.

The Knee Strike Encyclopedia by Artem Levin

How Old Is Artem Levin?

Born December 8, 1986, Artem Levin is 34 years old.

Artem Levin’s Family

Currently, there is no information available on the family of Artem Levin.

How Much Is Artem Levin Worth?

Artem Levin’s estimated net worth is approximately $1-$5 Million.

How Tall Is Artem Levin?

Artem Levin stands at 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

How Much Does Artem Levin Weigh?

Artem Levin weighs approximately 187 pounds.

Artem Levin’s Fight List

Artem spent many years fighting as an amateur before moving up to fighting in professional promotions. He has fought in numerous different weight classes, and in 20190 he moved up to light heavyweight after competing in the SportAccord Combat Games. In his early years he became captain of the Russian Nation Muay Thai Team, and he has been the Chairman of the Athletes Commission at IFMA since 2012.

In one of his first big fights, he was set to compete against Simon Marcus. This was a highly anticipated fight, but for several reasons it was postponed several times. They were originally supposed to fight in December 2012, but did not end up fighting until March 2013 at Lion Fight 9 in Las Vegas. It was an extremely close fight, but Marcus displayed excellent clinch work which ultimately led to his unanimous decision win.

Levin signed with Glory in 2013 and moved up to 187 pounds. His first fight at Glory 7: Milan was against Sahak Parparyan who he defeated by an extension round decision. He then competed in the four man tournament at 187 pounds at Glory 10: Los Angeles-Middleweight World Championship Tournament in September 2013. He won his semi-finals match by decision against Jason Wilnis, but was defeated by Joe Schilling in the final. It was an exciting back and forth bout, however the fight went into an extension round where Schilling scored a controversial knockdown and ended up winning by unanimous decision.

Next, Levin was scheduled to face Hicham El Gauoi at Diamond Fight: Friendship in Russian in December 2013 for the light heavyweight title, however the match fell through for unknown reasons. Instead, his next fight took place against Robert Thomas in April 2014 at Glory 16: Denver. Levin defeated Thomas in this fight.

Levin was set to face Simon Marcus again for a highly anticipated rematch for the WMC World Light Heavyweight Championship in June 2014, however the bout was canceled so both fighters could compete at Glory 17: Los Angeles which was being held a week later. Arriving at Glory 17: Los Angeles, Levin won the middleweight championship in June 2014 after defeating Alex Pereira in the quarter-finals and then Filip Verlinden in the semi-finals. He went on to defeat Joe Schilling in a rematch bout in the finals. 

Levin fought for his first title defense at Glory 21: San Diego against Simon Marcus and was able to successfully defend his title after the fight ended in a majority draw. Levin was deducted points yet again for excessive clinching but was quick to defend his actions by claiming they it was an active clinch because he was throwing knees. Neither fighter was happy with the draw, and Marcus was convinced he won the fight.

Levin briefly moved away from Glory to fight Daniel Alexandru for the WKN World Cruiserweight Muay Thai title. Levin defeated Alexandru with a second round knockout from a knee strike.

Yet again, Levin faced Simon Marcus at Glory 27: Chicago for his second Glory title defense which ended with another controversial decision. In the first round, Levin received a 10 count after being pushed down. Then, in the second round the referee deducted points from Levin for what was ruled excessive clinching. Frustrated with how the fight was going, Levin decided to leave the ring in the third round, giving up his title. The referee’s decisions during the fight were highly controversial, and some claim that this fight was one of the biggest embarrassments in the History of Glory. After this fight, Levin decided to leave Glory after agreeing with the promotion that both parties would mutually terminate his contract.

Shortly after, Levin defeated Ali El Ameri by unanimous decision at the Friendship Cup 11. After this bout, Levin took a 2 year break from kickboxing. He retired to fight Igor Bugaenko for the ACB KB Middleweight title in April 2018 at the ACB KB 15: Grand Prix Kitek. Levin won the bout by unanimous decision. Shortly after, Levin was named the vice president of ACB kickboxing. In his next two fights, Levin defeated both Zhou Wei and David Mirkovsky.

Artem Levin’s Best Fight Of All Time

Artem Levin’s best fight of all time is widely considered to be his rematch bout against Joe Schilling in the finals of Glory 17: Los Angeles. His match against Schilling was an exciting back and forth fight. Levin scored a knockdown with a spinning back first in the first round but was also deducted points for excessive clinching. Ultimately, Levin won by unanimous decision.

Artem Levin’s Record

Artem Levin;s professional kickboxing record stands at 56-7-2.

How Did Artem Levin Lose To?

Artem levin has lost to Emil Zoraj, Mikhail Chalykh, Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Alexander Stetsurenko, Fu Gaofeng, Simon Marcus, and Joe Schilling.

Artem Levin Injuries

Currently, there are no documented injuries for Artem Levin.

Is Artem Levin Retired?

Although Artem has not officially announced his retirement, he has not fought since September of 2019.

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