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Cyrille Diabate His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Cyrille Diabate His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Cyrille Diabate?

Cyrille Diabate is a former French Kickboxer and a Mixed Martial Artist who has competed extensively in various fighting promotions. Cyrille is well known for his time fighting in the UFC and Pride FC. Cyrille has also fought in French kickboxing and Muay Thai events, along with other promotions like; Cage Rage, DEEP, ShoXC, Tachi Palace Fights and Palace Fighting Championships.

Who Is Cyrille Diabate?

Cyrille Diabate is a former French Kickboxer and a Mixed Martial Artist who has competed extensively in various fighting promotions. Cyrille is well known for his time fighting in the UFC and Pride FC. Cyrille has also fought in French kickboxing and Muay Thai events, along with other promotions like; Cage Rage, DEEP, ShoXC, Tachi Palace Fights and Palace Fighting Championships.

Striking For MMA by Cyrille Diabate

Cyrille has had an amazing kickboxing career over the years, where he has fought guys like Michael Bisping at CWFC Strikeforce 1 and Rick Roufas for the ISKA Championship. Cyrille has managed 31 knockouts out of 51 fights including 41 overall victories. Cyrille has been a formidable kickboxer and one of the best ever to hail from France.

Cyrille started off his MMA career with 6 wins out of 8 fights, including victories at Golden Trophy, Cage Wars and EF 1 Genesis including a 49 second knockout of Andre Juskevicius. Over the next few years he suffered some defeats at the hands of guys like; Renato Sobral and Fabio Piamonte at Cage Rage 9 and 12 respectively. By 2005 Cyrille was sitting on a 6 - 5 - 1 win loss draw record as he entered the Japanese fighting circuit.

From November 2005 till July 2006 Cyrille went undefeated with 3 KO’s and 1 submission win over tough opponents in Japan. This included 2 KO wins against Yasuhito Namekawa including an outstanding flying knee. Cyrille would then fight Mauricio Shogun Rua at the Pride FC event, Final Conflict Absolute. In a highly anticipated matchup Shogun would show his seriously tough demeanor by winning in an aggressive fashion. Due to this loss, Cyrille decided to fight on some smaller shows to avoid some of the more dangerous fighters.

For the next 4 years Cyrille fought on shows like; Cage Rage, ShoXC, PFC and AMMA. Cyrille went on a 5 match win streak after his loss to Shogun, including a 75 second submission victory over Ryan Robinson at Cage Rage 21 in London. Cyrille secured two more first round submissions against Marcus Hicks and Rob Smith, setting Cyrille up for a return to the higher level of MMA.

On the 29th of May 2010 Cyrille made his UFC debut at the 114th edition of their show against Luiz Cane. Two minutes into the first round Cyrille executed a series of fast punches causing the referee to stop the fight and Cyrille was awarded a TKO victory. The next 4 years Cyrille fought in the UFC with an up and down career as he won fights against Steve Cantwell, Tom DeBlass and Chad Griggs. He also lost against guys like Alexander Gustafsson, Anthony Perosh, Jimi Manuwa and Llir Latifi. After his last fight Cyrille Diabate retired from the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts. 

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How Old Is Cyrille Diabate?

Cyrille Diabate was born in France on the 6th of October in 1973, he is currently 48 years of age.

How Much Is Cyrille Diabate Worth?

Most of Cyrille’s income has been attributed to his martial arts career, his background in many styles of fighting has secured him significant remuneration. Cyrille runs a successful martial arts academy in France Called Team Quest and with his fight team called “Snake Team” he is making quite an extensive pay packet. Along with his martial arts career Cyrille is also known for his acting and stunt work. Cyrille has been involved with numerous acting jobs in 2010 and 2016 that have netted him plenty of money. He has starred in movies like; “Toutes Les Forces” “La Symphonie Des Masques” and “Pattaya”. Cyrille has a net worth estimated to be above 16 million dollars and looks to be rising significantly for the future.

How Tall Is Cyrille Diabate?

Cyrille Diabate stands at a formidable 6 feet and 6 inches tall which is the equivalent of 198 centimetres.

How Much Does Cyrille Diabate Weigh?

Cyrille Diabate weighs in at 93 kilograms or (205 lbs) Cyrille has fought in both heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions throughout his kickboxing and MMA careers.

Cyrille Diabate’s Fight List!

Cyrille Diabate has been an incredible martial artist for well over a decade. He fought some exceptionally tough guys in Kickboxing and in Mixed Martial Arts. Cyrille has fought on a lot of different fighting promotions including Pride Fighting Championship and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has competed against guys like; Rick Roufus, Damien Garcia, Michael Bisping, Lee Hasdell, Tom DeBlass, Steve Cantwell, Chad Griggs, Luiz Cane, Yasuhito Namekawa, Dave Vader, Ryuta Sakurai, Matt Frye, James Zikic, Takahiro Oba, Ryan Robinson, Marcus Hicks and Rob Smith. 

Cyrille Diabate's Best Fight Of All Time!

Cyrille Diabate has had a huge number of exciting fights, his rangey striking earned him the nickname “The Snake”. Cyrille had a knack for his long looping strikes that he executed with incredible speed and snap, causing many problems for many of his opponents. Cyrille talked about his best moment in his career when he fought in a finale of the 1997 Karate Shidokan in Chicago. Cyrille weighed in at 86 kg where he faced his opponent who was favoured to win at 107kg. After an extremely hard and entertaining fight Cyrille landed a succession of hard knees to the body of his opponent and won the fight with a KO. Cyrille always used this fight as a way to inspire himself out of adversity and into the realms of positive thinking, which is a key element to being successful inside the ring.

Who Did Cyrille Diabate Lose To?

Cyrille Diabate has a phenomenal track record against quality opposition. Although he has won many fights in the ring and the cage, he has also lost to some high level fighters. Cyrille has lost matchups against; Renato Sobral, Josh Dempsey, Fabio Piamonte, Arman Gambaryan, Alexey Ignashov, Aleksandr Pitchkounov, Jimi Manuwa, Anthony Perosh, Rodney Glunder and Alexander Gustafsson. Cyrille’s most famous lost came in 2006 at Pride FC’s Final Conflict Absolute. Cyrille took on the famous Mixed Martial Artist Mauricio Shogun Rua. In a heated battle that lasted over 5 minutes Shogun Rua would KO Cyrille with one of his trademark stomps to the head. This defeat ultimately led to Cyrille competing at smaller fight organisations for the next 4 years. 

Cyrille talked about one of his worst memories in his martial arts career, when he was favoured to win a world title in Mixed Martial Arts. In front of Rodney Faverus Cyrille would show a disappointing performance. He was heavily fatigued at the end of the first round due to bad preparation and overtraining. As the fight went on he was easily overpowered and lost by way of TKO. This fight was a huge opportunity lost and remains a massive disappointment for Cyrille. 

Cyrille Diabate’s Record!

Cyrille Diabate has fought in many disciplines of Martial Arts including; MMA, Kickboxing, Shootboxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Cyrille has a kickboxing record of 41 wins, 8 losses and 2 draws, included in his wins are 31 knockout victories. As a mixed martial artist he holds a record of 19 wins, 10 losses and 1 draw, included in his wins are 8 knockout and 6 submission victories. Cyrille won the I.S.K.A Kickboxing Championship in Las Vegas Nevada after a TKO (Doctor stoppage) against the American born Rick Roufas.

Cyrille Diabate’s Injuries!

On February 16th 2013 at a UFC event in London, Cyrille Diabate matched up against Jimi Manuwa. Near the end of the first round Cyrille tore his calf muscle forcing him to retire from the fight and giving Jimi the TKO win. This injury plagued Cyrille for the best part of 12 months and after an extensive rehabilitation he came back 13 months later to fight on UFC fight night. 

Is Cyrille Diabate Retired?

At 48 years of age Cyrille’s competitive fighting days are over, although he had quite an amazing career filled with many triumphs. Cyrille now spends his days teaching martial arts and managing fighters in France. Cyrille has founded his gym “Team Quest” and his fight team called “Snake Team” so far they have produced champions in all aspects of martial arts. Cyrille has spoken about how France is behind in terms of MMA compared to around the globe, but he endeavours to lift the rating and intensity by training future world champions.

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