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Josh McKinney: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Josh McKinney: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Josh McKinney?

Josh McKinney is an American practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a black belt under noted UFC fighter Kyle Watson. He has been actively training in the sport since 2008, and has traveled the country to earn well over 20 gold medals in regional IBJJF Opens.

The Knee Cut Roadmap by Josh McKinney

McKinney still trains at least once a day for competition and continues to progress under Watson at Watson Martial Arts. As of 2015, McKinney also started his own affiliation, HeadnodHQ, which now has two locations.

They Shall Not Pass by Gordon Ryan

How Old is Josh McKinney?

Josh McKinney is 27 as of 2021.

Josh McKinney Family

Details about Josh’s family have not been made public; McKinney has not shared much information about them.

How Much is Josh McKinney Worth?

Josh McKinney’s net worth is unknown. At only 27 years old, he runs two gyms under his own affiliation, HeadnodHQ.

How Tall is Josh McKinney?

Because Jiu-Jitsu is based on weight instead of height, Josn McKinney’s height is not publicly available.

How Much Does Josh McKinney Weigh? 

Josh has most recently been competing in the medium heavyweight class. The limit is 88 kg, which is about 194 pounds.

Josh McKinney Fight List

McKinney has been competing since he began training in 2008, and has certainly had success in tournament settings. His first six years as a colored belt saw him storm through opponents from small, independent competitions, all the way up to the Pan American Games. 

Since earning his blackbelt in 2015, McKinney has continued to compete locally, as well as traveling for some larger IBJJF Opens. Although he has yet to replicate his consistent success from his early years in black belt divisions, Josh continues to grow as an athlete.

In 2021 alone, Josh earned silver at the Charleston, New Orleans, and Memphis IBJJF opens. He also competed in the 2021 IBJJF American National, where he was able to earn bronze. More matches lie ahead in 2022, and we’re likely to see McKinney smiling from atop the podium many more times in his career.

Josh McKinney's Best Fight of All Time

Josh has won a lot of medals in IBJJF tournaments and has recently had some amazing matchups. In the 2021 IBJJF American Nationals, McKinney was paired up with Patrick Almeida. The two slapped hands and grappled for only 30 short seconds before McKinney was able to secure the leg and finish Almeida.

Who Did Josh McKinney Lose To?

McKinney has faced stiff competition since the pandemic has allowed competition schedules to resume. He recently endured two submission losses on the same day to the same man, Andre Gois of Brazil. At the 2021 Charleston Open, McKinney tapped to an armbar in the opening rounds and again to a toe hold in the finals to take home second place in the tournament. 

Josh McKinney Record

Josh has competed a lot, especially in smaller promotions and regional-level IBJJF open tournaments. His professional record has not been compiled.

Josh McKinney Injuries

McKinney has not experienced catastrophic injury at this point in his career, although he has had some close calls. In a Facebook post from March of 2021, Josh mentioned that his worst injury was nearly getting his toe “ripped off” because of a guard pull.

Is Josh McKinney Retired?

McKinney is still fairly young, and has not retired. He still maintains an active competition schedule, and competed in various IBJJF Open tournaments, as well as the American Nationals, in 2021. When he’s not teaching or competing, McKinney has also begun to specialize in online instruction. 

He maintains an active collection of videos that show his techniques and has even gotten together with BJJ Fanatics to promote “The Knee Cut Roadmap”. What’s unique about his approach to the knee cut is the idea that a single pass can work to get by over 90% of the guards in Jiu-Jitsu. You’ll learn not only set-ups to approach this pass from multiple angles, but the small details needed to consistently turn your attempts into three easy points.

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