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Dan Neff: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Dan Neff: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Dan Neff?

Dan Neff is a former All-American collegiate wrestler out of Lock Haven University. He was also a four-time NCAA qualifier and has gone on to coach young wrestlers at Navy and Bucknell. Additionally, Neff creates video content for other wrestlers to learn as they develop.

Who is Dan Neff?

Dan Neff is a former All-American collegiate wrestler out of Lock Haven University. He was also a four-time NCAA qualifier and has gone on to coach young wrestlers at Navy and Bucknell. Additionally, Neff creates video content for other wrestlers to learn as they develop.

Winning Wrestling Transitions by Dan Neff

Neff had a very successful high school wrestling career for Solanco High School, where he was named the school’s first PIAA State Champion at 135 pounds in 2011. Many future college wrestlers can boast about a solid high school record, but Neff’s is astonishing. At 150-19 during his four years of high school, Dan Neff had one of the most dominant young careers in recent memory.

Upon completing high school, Neff made his way to Lock Haven University, only a short distance from where he was raised. During his college career, Neff was a contender for the NCAA Championship in all four seasons. He was named an All-American in his 2015 season as a result of his 8th place showing in the NCAA Championships in his first season at 149 pounds. This honor made him the first student out of Lock Haven University to receive the honor since 8 years prior, in 2007.

In 2016, he was able to wrestle his way to the title of Eastern Wrestling League Champion, also at 149 pounds. After his four years at Lock Haven were complete, Dan Neff had climbed to 11th on his school’s all time wins list with an overall record of 109-46.

After graduating, Neff took a job working as a coach and a resident athlete of the college’s Buffalo Valley Regional Training Center, located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. There he would help to organize and run practices, coach several high school dual teams, and volunteer to work with the Lewisburg Elementary wrestling program. During this time, he has also begun to develop an online presence through his video partnership with BJJ Fanatics.

Transition Mastery by Bernardo Faria

How Old is Dan Neff?

Dan Neff is 29 years old as of 2021. He was born on July 24 of 1992.

Dan Neff Family

His parents are Dan and Krista Neff. Dan has not been public with other information about his family. 

How Much is Dan Neff Worth?

Dan Neff’s net worth is not published.

How Tall is Dan Neff?

Because he competed primarily as a wrestler, Dan Neff’s height is unknown.

How Much Does Dan Neff Weigh? 

Dan Neff no longer competes, but likely weights around 160 pounds. He competed at 141 pounds in his first season at Lock Haven, 2014-2015, where he won 77% of his matches. He went up a weight class for the following two seasons, 2015-16 & 2016-17, and competed at 149 pounds during those years.

Dan Neff Fight List

Dan Neff was a high school and collegiate wrestler and has over 200 matches in competition. We don’t have room to list out every opponent here, but here are Neff’s proudest achievements in the sport:

  • Four Time NCAA Championship Qualifier (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • 2015 NCAA Championship - 8th Place
  • 2015 NCAA All-American for Lock Haven University
  • 2016 Eastern Wrestling Champion
  • 11th on Lock Haven University’s All-Time Wins List (109-46)

Dan Neff's Best Fight of All Time

The 2016 Easter Wrestling League Championships took place in the spring of Neff’s final season at Lock Haven. He dominated in the first round, winning 21-6 against Brodie Zacherl of Clarion University. The second round was a close 2-1 victory over George Mason’s Blake Ruolo. In the final round, Dan Neff faced off against Bryant Clagon, the #32 seed out of Rider University. The match was hard fought, but Neff was able to narrowly out-point his opponent in order to claim the title of 2016 Eastern Wrestling League Champion.

Who Did Dan Neff Lose To?

One of Dan Neff’s final matches for Lock Haven University took place at the 2016 NCAA Championships, where he faced Bucknell’s own Victor Lopez in a 149 pound bout. The match was decided quicker than Neff might have liked, with him losing by fall at 2:55 seconds. 

Dan Neff Record

Neff had an overall record of 109-46 in intercollegiate competition while attending Lock Haven University in Central Pennsylvania. He wrestled four seasons for the team, but his record is only preserved for his final three seasons. As a sophomore, he fought his way to an impressive 34-10 mark that would be his best showing. Dan’s third season at Lock Haven went well also, with a 26-14 record and a 65% match win rate. In his final year, Neff was able to cut back down on the losses and post a record of 26-10.

Dan Neff Injuries

Dan Neff didn’t experience significant injuries during the course of his wrestling career.

Is Dan Neff Retired?

Dan Neff appears to be unofficially retired from competition, as he has not turned up at any of the international wrestling tournaments in the past few years. Instead of continuing his path as a competitor, Neff seems to have chosen the path of guiding others to achieve their goals. He has taken jobs at various universities working with their wrestling programs to make improvements.

His natural passion for guiding others syncs up nicely with the business of online instructionals, which he has begun to explore. He created “Winning Wrestling Transitions: Takedowns to Turns” in conjunction with BJJ Fanatics. In it, the BJJ player will find all kinds of tips and tricks to help them with the most dreaded part of any competition: getting to the floor. Make sure you take the opportunity to Improve your takedown percentage with details from the mind of this All-American standout.

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