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George Lockhart

George Lockhart is a fight nutrition specialist who is most well known for his work with UFC Champs Conor McGregor and George St. Pierre. Lockhart has coached over 100 UFC fighters in nutrition and weight management, 11 of them who are world champions. In addition to his work with the UFC, Lockhart is also involved with promotions such as Bellator. He is also a former United States Marine and was even awarded a medal for the nutrition plans he provided the Army with. His approach to dieting and cutting weight for fighters and grapplers has drastically changed the world of martial arts. George is the co-owner of his consultation company, Lockhart and Leith

George Lockhart Instruction


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George Lockhart Biography

George became interested in nutrition and athletics to improve his personal health when he was overweight in his younger years. Little did he know at the time, but George would eventually become influential in the nutrition field. George’s background in nutrition ranges from first hand experience as a professional fighter who had to handle his own cuts, to leading the United States Marine Corps in nutrition, and finally to handling weight cuts for over a hundred UFC fighters world wide.

George has completed 10 years in the United States Marine Corps in the Radio Reconnaissance community. During his time in the Marine Corps, George was deployed to multiple combat zones. He became an important piece to the Martial Arts Center of Excellence and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. He spent four years as a Martial Arts instructor and Combat Conditioning Instructor Trainer for the Martial Arts Center of Excellence. It was in this leadership position that George found his passion for nutrition and hydration. This passion would lead him to become an expert in the field. He completed the requirements to become a Tactical Strength and Conditioning instructor in hydration and went on to lead the development of nutrition and hydration curriculum taught throughout the Marine Corps. George completed his tour at the MACE with a Navy Achievement Medal for implementation of the Marine Corp nutrition curriculum.

George competed as a professional fighter in 4 different weight classes throughout his time in the Marine Corps. He finished with an overall record of 11 and 7. George realized his expertise was more in the nutrition and weight cut realms and so he adjusted his focus accordingly; though not before becoming the American Fight League World Champion.

Today, George has worked with hundreds of professional and amateur fighters, bodybuilders, Olympic athletes, and several Hollywood celebrities. George has helped his clients achieve all types of goals when it comes to health and wellness. Over the past year, George and cofounder Dan Leith have created a Lockhart and Leith team that share the unrelenting passion and drive for pushing clients to be the best they possibly can be.

George Lockhart Videos

Joe Rogan and George Lockhard Discuss Weight Cutting in the UFC

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