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Jamico Elder

Jamico Elder is a Harvard educated genius and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Jamico Elder is a master when it comes to wrist locks. He even has his own DVD series known as Scientific Wrist Destruction where he demonstrates some of the nastiest wrist locks we have ever seen. Jamico’s knowledge of wrist locks is extensive.

Jamico Elder Instruction


Learn The Nastiest Wrist Locks We've Ever Seen From A Harvard Educated Genius Trained Black Belt Who Mastered Breaking Wrists On LA's Toughest Streets


Jamico Elder Videos

Nasty Wrist Lock by Jamico Elder

Wristlocks From Inside The Opponents Guard - Jamico Elder shows wrist locks for when you are in your opponent's guard

First Wristlock -  Jamico Elder shows standing wrist locks

Law Of Opposing Thumbs - Jamico Elder shows the concept "law of opposing thumbs" to apply when looking for wrist locks

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