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Paul Sharp His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Paul Sharp His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Paul Sharp?

Paul Sharp has been a martial artist his whole life, he is an extremely versatile and knowledgeable instructor in many disciplines of martial arts. Paul holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, he is also a certified instructor in Filipino Martial Arts as well as Jeet Kune Do concepts. Paul is also a former professional competitor in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. 

Who Is Paul Sharp?

Paul Sharp has been a martial artist his whole life, he is an extremely versatile and knowledgeable instructor in many disciplines of martial arts. Paul holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, he is also a certified instructor in Filipino Martial Arts as well as Jeet Kune Do concepts. Paul is also a former professional competitor in Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. 

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As the head instructor of Straight Blast Gym in Illinois USA, Paul has many valuable insights to offer his students. His gym is revered as one of the world class places to train as it offers; BJJ, Kickboxing, Judo, MMA, Self Defense, Yoga and Fitness. Through his gym they have created one of the premier MMA training programs in the United States. They have trained top level athletes including the likes of Connor McGreggor, Artum Lobov and Gunnar Nelson. 

Paul Sharp has spent his life working within the parameters of self defense. He is one sixth of the ShivWorks Collective, which is a group of 6 independent martial arts instructors that deal with real world self defense. Paul has extensive knowledge in edged weapons training, firearms training and tactical defense training. Paul is a recognized instructor in Fist-Fire Shooting System as well as a firearms and tactical instructor out of The Site Training Centre. Paul has a knack for developing systems as he created the REV Pistol and REV Home Defense systems, which deal with realistic expectations in violence.

Paul Sharp is a retired Illinois Police Officer with over 20 years of experience on the force. His assignments included; Patrol, SWAT, resident officer, undercover narcotics detective and neighborhood response officer. Paul is also responsible for developing one half of the internationally recognized ISR Matrix System for subject control. He has achieved internationally accredited fame for the development of the systematic approach to the integration of MMA and weapons training. Paul has featured in national and international magazines in conjunction with the ISR Matrix System, which is applied to many personnel working in weapons based environments like; Police, Navy Seals, Military and private citizens.

Paul Sharp has a wealth of knowledge and experience and through his many facilitations, he is an extremely vigilant and highly regarded and qualified instructor. 

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Paul Sharp’s Family!

Paul Sharp grew up in Illinois, and as a young man he dreamed of being a martial artist. His aspirations from a young boy led him wanting to protect his friends going through school. Bullying was a massive issue growing up so the need for self defense just grew more prominent for Paul. In Paul’s family they would push him to strive for success as Paul was inspired by the teachings of his father and the love of God. For Paul this would eventuate in him becoming one of Illinois finest, as Paul became a police officer he would utilise all of his knowledge of martial arts and apply it to the way he protected his community.

How Much Is Paul Sharp Worth?

Throughout Paul Sharp's career as a police officer and a martial artist he has steadily increased his finances. With the creation of his revolutionary self defense tactical systems and the successes of Straight Blast Gym and The Site Training Centre, Paul has made himself quite a profitable nest egg for when he retires from teaching. Paul Sharp has an estimated net worth of over 5 million dollars, as his professionalism and his exceptional business standards have put Paul in a remarkable financial position. 

How Tall Is Paul Sharp?

Paul sharp is 6 feet and 2 inches tall which is equivalent to 187 centimetres.

How Much Does Paul Sharp Weigh?

Paul Sharp weighs in at 230 lbs which is the equivalent of 104 kilograms.

Paul Sharp’s Fight List!

Paul Sharp has been involved with martial arts his whole life, through tactical training and professional fighting Paul has done it all. Paul has successfully trained UFC fighters and various martial artists, he has helped many of them enhance their application of striking and positional techniques. Paul Sharp has a fight list of athletes he has trained like; Matt Larson, Randy Couture, Gunnar Nelson, Henry Akins, Connor McGreggor, Matt Thornton and Artem Lobov.

Paul Sharp’s Best Fight of All Time!

Paul Sharp has trained extensively in many aspects of martial arts, with many of his fights inside the training arena. Even Though Paul has had some former boxing and MMA fights, there are no records or reports due to the time that has passed since he has competed. Paul has had many tactical fights inside his training centre, as he teaches tactical applications for self defense including edged weapons and firearms training. Many Americans every year come from far and wide to learn from one of the best tacticians of our time.

Who Did Paul Sharp Lose To?

There are no reports of fights that Paul has lost but when you are dealing with self defense you must lose in order to learn. Paul has put himself in ridiculously bad positions with more than one attacker, so he can efficiently learn how to deal with proper self defense tactics. His training centres are constantly on the wavelink of adaptation, as the world is constantly evolving and so are the criminals. For Paul this means he must continue to delve into losing scenarios in order to plot the best course of action when it comes to protecting your life.

Paul Sharp’s Record!

Paul Sharp has an incredible record of martial arts and tactical defense accreditations. Paul has earnt a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, he is certified in teaching Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. Paul is also an accredited Instructor of Fist Fire Shooting System that Paul teaches out of The Site Training centre. Paul is also a firearms and tactical instructor. Paul created REV pistol and home defense systems that are taught to many police and military personnel all over the United States. Paul has also created through his teaching at Straight Blast Gym, one of the world’s most applicable MMA fighting systems.

Paul Sharp’s Injuries!

Paul Sharp has spent his life dedicated to Martial Arts, throughout his career as an instructor and a Police Officer Paul has had many injuries. Paul has broken bones and had many cuts, but in Paul’s case it just goes with the territory. Spending 20 years involved with the Illinois Police department has had many ups and downs, and for Paul being assaulted and injured is just one of the aspects involved with protecting and serving.

Is Paul Sharp Retired?

Paul Sharp retired from the Illinois Police department after 20 years of dedicated service. Paul now spends his time teaching weapons training, tactical training out of the Site Training Centre. Paul is also a dedicated coach and teacher of his integrated MMA/self defense systems that he teaches out of Straight Blast Gym in Illinois. His gym is revered as one of the best tactical and knowledgeable gyms in the world, and is home to many great MMA talents that compete today. 

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