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Rafaela Silva Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Rafaela Silva Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Rafaela Silva?

Rafaela Lopes Silva is a Brazilian born Olympic and World Champion in the sport of Judo. Her controversial martial arts career has sparked headlines all over the world. Rafaela was the first ever Brazilian athlete to win a world title and an Olympic Gold medal. Her tough road from rags to riches began in the slums of Brazil, before she took the Judo community by storm and starred on the world stage.

Who Is Rafaela Silva?

Rafaela Lopes Silva is a Brazilian born Olympic and World Champion in the sport of Judo. Her controversial martial arts career has sparked headlines all over the world. Rafaela was the first ever Brazilian athlete to win a world title and an Olympic Gold medal. Her tough road from rags to riches began in the slums of Brazil, before she took the Judo community by storm and starred on the world stage.

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In 2011 Rafaela Silva claimed her first major Judo medal at the World Championships in Paris. Rafaela made it through to the final where she took on the highly skilled technician Aiko Sato of Japan. The pair had a really close match, but Rafaela would end up losing and securing her first World Championship silver medal. 

In 2012 at the London Olympics Rafaela Silva was very determined to win her first Olympic medal for Brazil. Unfortunately for Rafaela she was disqualified in the preliminary round for an illegal hold. This event led to Rafaela Silva suffering online racial abuse which left her deeply depressed and unable to compete. Rafaela contemplated quitting the sport of Judo due to the online harassment. But through the support of her family, she picked herself up again and went on to win bronze later that year at the Grand Slam in Tokyo at 63kg. 

Rafaela started to grow again with confidence as she entered the World Championships in 2013 in Rio De Janeiro. Cutting back down to 57kg Rafaela made it through to the final against the American born Marti Malloy. Rafaela would star in the final securing the Gold medal and becoming the first ever Brazilian World champion in Judo.

Rafaela Silva entered the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, she came into the event with very high expectations. Rafaela reported that she was keen on redeeming herself after her last Olympic campaign. Rafaela had an amazing tournament defeating all competitors, before taking on the extremely talented Mongolian athlete Sumiya Dorjsuran. Winning the final, Rafaela would bask in elation as she held the Gold medal high above her head. Rafaela felt she had made the nation of Brazil proud as she became an Olympic Gold Medalist in Judo.

In 2019 controversy would surround Rafaela once again as she won Pan American Gold and World Championship Bronze. Despite testing negative for the World Championships, Rafaela tested positive for Fenoterol after the Pan American Championship. Rafaela was banned by the IJF for two years from competing in Judo, and she was stripped of both her medals. Rafaela appealed the decision but in late 2020 the ban was upheld by the CAS.

Since being banned from competing in Judo, Rafaela Silva has started training with UFC athlete Claudio Silva at Joilton Santos’ Gym (Peregrino Fight Academy) Rafaela has hopes to compete in MMA in the flyweight division. 

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How Old Is Rafaela Silva?

Rafaela Silva was born in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil on the 24th of April in 1992, Rafaela is currently 29 years of age. 

Rafaela Silva’s Family!

Growing up in Cidade De Deus, a well known slum in Brazil was considerably tough for Rafaela Silva and her family. Their town was infamous for its poverty and violence, with an increased crime rate due to many of the kids that were very hostile and carried weapons. Rafaela and her sister started out playing football in the dirt ridden streets of their town. By the age of 7 Rafaela’s parents Luiz Carlos and Zenilda Silva grew considerably worried about Rafaela and her sister Raquel. They decided to enroll them into a Judo academy called The Institute Reaction, run by the Olympic Judoka Flavio Canto. The exposure to this Olympic level athlete gave Rafaela the drive and passion to succeed in Judo. She remembered holding Flavio’s Olympic Bronze medal that he won in Athens in 2004, and she thought that she too could bring home this joy for her family. Rafaela reported to the media that it was her father that pushed her to succeed and that Judo was going to help her family pay their bills. Through her Judo Rafaela went into a federal government program called Bolsa Podio which is a program that encourages athletic participation, she also received a monthly salary. At the same time Rafaela joined the Brazilian Navy in hopes to make further money to help her family. She is currently a third regiment.

Rafaela has reported that she is openly gay and has a loving relationship with her fellow Judoka Thamara Cezar. The couple met when they were kids at the Institute Reaction. Rafaela has spoken through interviews stating that Cezar is her rock, a domesticated woman who takes care of everything. She cooks, cleans and takes care of their three dogs all while being a student herself. Thamara Cezar even organises all of Rafaela’s interviews, Rafaela has quoted “ I don't know how to do anything except fight”.

How Much Is Rafaela Silva Worth?

Rafaela Silva has amassed her wealth mainly from her martial arts, with her numerous Gold medals including World Championship and Olympic Golds. Rafaela also has over 300,000 followers on social media giving herself the platform to make money out of sponsors and influencers. Her net wealth has increased dramatically from the little poor girl on the streets of Brazil, to the wealthy athlete that can boast net worth up close to a million dollars. 

How Tall Is Rafaela Silva?

Rafaela Silva is 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent to 169 centimetres.

How Much Does Rafaela Silva Weigh?

Rafaela Silva weighs in at 57 kg or (126 lbs) she has competed at this weight for most of her career. Rafaela did have a short stint after the 2012 London Olympics where she competed at 63 kg.

Rafaela Silva’s Fight List

Rafaela Silva has taken on many exceptional Judo practitioners in her career. She has fought athletes like Marti Malloy, Katinka Szabo, Hana Carmichael, Loredana Ohai, Nora Gjakova, Sumiya Dorjsuren, Theresa Stoll, Ana Rosa, Telma Monteiro and Miryam Roper who she has fought 11 times to achieve 11 wins against the athlete.

Rafaela Silva’s Best Fight of All Time!

Rafaela Silva has had a wealth of great victories in her controversial career, with an abundance of medals she has secured at the World stage and Pan American level. Her best fights would come in 2016 when she competed at the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games. Rafaela Silva fighting in front of her home crowd would have the tournament of her career as she destroyed her opponents. Rafaela’s performance was nearly flawless as she defeated all 5 of her opponents with ease. Her final match against the number 1 ranked Judoka, Sumiya Dorjsuren was another near flawless win as she was crowned Olympic Champion, this was a moment for Rafaela that would etch her name into the history books and become one of Brazil’s finest athletes.  

Who Did Rafaela Silva Lose To?

Rafaela Silva has lost her fair share of fights throughout her career including 5 losses out of 8 matches against Sumiya Dorjsuren. Rafaela has also lost to other athletes like; Ketelyn Nascimento, Jessica Klimkait, Theresa Stoll, Hedvig Karakas, Christa Deguchi, Tsukasa Yoshida, Helene Receveaux, Marti Malloy and Telma Monteiro.

Rafaela Silva’s Record!

Rafaela Silva has an astonishing record of 229 wins with 101 losses that is a 69.4% win ratio. Her best ever season came in 2019 when she won 45 matches out of 56 winning at an incredible ratio of 80.4%

Rafaela has won many honours including; Olympic Gold Medalist (2016) World Champion (2013) World Champion Silver Medalist (2011) Bronze Medalist in the Budokan (2019) Junior World Title (2008) World Military Champion (2018) 7 IJF World Tour Victories (twice in Budapest and twice in Dusseldorf)

Rafaela Silva’s Injuries!

Rafaela Silva has been very lucky with injuries, as she has not suffered anything physical during her martial arts career to date. Rafaela has suffered extensively with mental health issues as a result of the racial abuse and torment she was exposed to. After the racial vilification from online bullies, Rafaela spent several months unable to compete. She suffered depression and anxiety and nearly decided to stop competing in Judo events. With the help and support of her family, friends and her coaches, Rafaela picked herself up and once again rose to the top of her martial arts.

Is Rafaela Silva Retired?

Rafaela Silva nearly retired from professional sports due to her recent disqualifications in the World Championships and the Pan American Championships. The sanctions put on her were extremely difficult, and her two year ban was upheld by the CAS after her lengthy appeal. As a result of this unfortunate event Rafaela considered retirement, but she has since decided to try her hand in a more combative sport. She is training hard with UFC athlete Claudio Silva as she is expected to debut in the flyweight division very soon. 

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