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Eat Like Conor McGregor! With George Lockhart

Eat Like Conor McGregor! With George Lockhart


Exercise and nutrition are two things that are often thought of together, and also two things that are incredibly difficult to master.

Finding the right combination that works for us in both the short term and long term can be so frustrating; so much so that we often times rely on experts in those fields to guide us. One of these experts that is widely credited in the martial arts field is George Lockhart, mostly known for his association with Conor McGregor. It’s rare to find someone that provides nutrition advice and plans to such elite athletes as well as to the everyday grappler. 

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With his system he is able to guide you through the importance of setting and sticking to your goals, how many macronutrients you should be intaking on a regular basis according to your specific needs, and ways to incorporate that into your daily life. Unlike many other nutritionists in the field, he doesn’t skip over the importance of hydration in calculating your energy needs; this can be detrimental to anyone, let alone those involved in sports. What makes his system so successful?

Simplicity! Instead of spouting off unreasonable diet fads and exercise routines, he basis his work off of principles that are easy to incorporate and mold into your own instead of strict templates that don’t take the person into account. The goal of this program is to improve your training performance and overall health, not to help you “get ripped quick”, so the overall process is sustainable and leaves fighters feeling full and satiated.From a general approach, here are some of the things you will learn more about with his nutrition and weight management system: 

Sugar: We crave it, period. The more we eat, the more we want. Unfortunately people, for the most part, grossly underestimate the amount of sugar they intake on a regular basis. It’s in the savory foods too! He has great tips and tricks on how to lessen your cravings and limit your sugar consumption to natural sources such as honey or fruit. 

Pre/Post Workout: This is the area that Lockhart differs most dramatically to what people are used to hearing. He encourages fat as the primary energy resource as a general rule, especially with aerobic (such as running or swimming) activities, while anaerobic activities (like jiu jitsu and mma) need more carb consumption. Another twist in this aspect is that we need to intake protein along with these primary resources for it to be bioavailable in our bodies and absorb correctly. Protein paired with honey is your friend! 

Supplements: Lockhart doesn’t have a big opinion on supplements; he neither requires them or discourages using them in your diet. They are very individual and so can’t be suggested in blanket terms, but he definitely discourages the use of fat burners. Most supplements are processed, which isn’t something Lockhart likes to incorporate in daily diets. However, he does promote the use of Vitamins if athletes are shown to be deficient. 

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These are all concepts that can be used for the everyday grappler, even someone that isn’t really interested in competition or professional fighting. For those that need the assistance he also has a proven and healthier method for cutting weight, as well as a much more sensible approach to cheat meals. All in all the Lockhart method is grounded in feeling and performing better by treating your body well, supplying it with good nutrition and learning what your body needs to maintain itself at your current level of activity. Take advantage of his sage advice as soon as you can! 

Check out the nutrition and weight loss advice that has helped UFC and MMA fighters make it through the dreaded weight cuts.  George Lockhart has helped a who's who of MMA superstars, namely Conor McGregor.  You can get his 30 Day Fighter Challenge here at BJJ Fanatics!





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