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The Best Supplement for BJJ Recovery?

The Best Supplement for BJJ Recovery?


The search continues for the absolute best ways to recover. Why? Because we love to train, and we love to train hard. What’s more important, is that we want to come back the next day and do it all over again, and not feel the strain from the previous day’s session. You will literally encounter advice on this topic hundreds of times throughout your BJJ career. Most importantly, you have to find what works for you, so querying all of your BJJ peers and listening to their insight on a regular basis to collect new information on the subject is a great idea. But, there seems to be one supplement that makes an appearance at the academy a little more frequently than the rest, and that is BCAA’s.

That’s right, branched chain amino acids. BCAA’s are the building blocks of protein. Among many things,  they aid in the growth of muscle, they lessen muscle soreness and fatigue, and consumption is beneficial at any time. I generally see students preferring to consume a batch of BCAA’s throughout an entire training session from beginning to end. Since BCAA’s can have positive effects on limiting fatigue, enhancing focus, and aiding in recovery, it seems to be the perfect all-around/anytime supplement for training. Some prefer a lighter BCAA cocktail to the heaviness of a protein shake, or opt for the BCAA’s if they’re trying to shed some pounds, as it is low in calories and provides many of the same benefits as a protein shake.

It’s not hard to find a BCAA supplement. They are becoming more common and popular with athletes all over the spectrum. You can find them in hundreds of different flavors. Some even have caffeine or other additives that may enhance the effect of the supplement. You can find them with no artificial additives as well, if that’s important to you. Find one that fits your needs, and your preferences.

BCAA supplementation may be something that can really add value to your recovery process. High level athletes all over the globe are reaping the benefits of BCAA’s. Why not you? Maybe it’s time to give them a try.

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