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David Petrone Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!

David Petrone Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!


Who Is David Petrone?

David Petrone is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt with many other grappling accolades such as being a scientific catch wrestling certified coach, USA Florida wrestling leader, Copper certified coach, Bronze certified USA wrestling, and SafeSport certified. With over 40 years of grappling experience, David is recognized on the international level as one of the most creative minds in the industry. On top of a successful competition career, David also shines in the world of coaching and creating instructional videos of his top notch techniques.

Blackout Hybrid Cradle Gi System by David Petrone

How Old Is David Petrone?

David Petrone’s age is unavailable at this time.

The Blackout Hybrid Cradle System: Pressure Taps by David Petrone

David Petrone’s Family

David Petrone’s son, Vincent Petrone is also an accomplished grappler and coach. Serving as a youth Jiu Jitsu and catch wrestling instructor at David’s Blackout Grappling academy, Vincent is also an 8x LeLeo Code Champion, 2x BJJ Tour Champion, 3x IBJJF Competitor/ 1-Gold 2-Silver, and a NAGA Champ. He began training at the age of 9 and has been training consistently for the past 9 years.

How Much Is David Petrone Worth?

A current estimate of the net worth of David Petrone is unavailable at this time.

How Much Does David Petrone Weigh?

David Petrone’s current weight is unavailable at this time.

How Tall Is David Petrone?

David Petrone’s Height is unavailable at this time.

More About David Petrone’s Career

In looking at some of David’s most prestigious grappling accomplishments, he is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt NoGi champion, 2x Pan NoGi, and 5x International Open Gold Medalist. He has been on the world podium 7 times throughout his career, and in more recent times he has stopped focusing on competition so he could put more time and attention into teaching others his unique style mixing Jiu Jitsu and hybrid submission grappling.

He has been involved in wrestling since he was a kid and had the opportunity to train under legendary coaches and Olympic competitors including Gene Mills, Joe Corso, Wade Schalles, Bobby Weaver, and catch wrestler William Wicks. After picking up this wide range of skills he began to formulate his unique style and technical approach to grappling and submission wrestling.

David’s unique approach and techniques have been revolutionary for modern day grapplers. He relentlessly pursues persistence of innovation and is consistently pushing the envelope to help the grappling community evolve. Broken down, his method combines traditional old world wrestling positions with today’s technical submissions through realistic transitions. These techniques paired with his creative mind, technical thought process, and positional development have served as an instrumental asset to grapplers around the world.

David Petrone’s Record

An official record for David Petrone is unavailable at this time.

David Petrone Injuries

Currently, there are no documented injuries for David Petrone at this time.

Is David Petrone Retired?

In more recent years, David has decided to pull back from professional competition to focus on running his academy and teaching his revolutionary grappling systems.

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