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Augusto Mendes His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Augusto Mendes His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Augusto Mendes?

Augusto Lopes Mendes is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Professor Francisco Mansur. He is also a professional Mixed Martial Artist who has fought in promotions like the UFC, ACA, LFC and King of the Cage. Augusto is a former IBJJF World Champion and a 2 time IBJJF NoGi World Champion. Augusto has also won multiple tournaments like; Abu Dhabi World Pro, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, South American Championships and Copa Podio Super Fight winner. Augusto also competed in 2019 where he became an ADCC champion.

Who Is Augusto Mendes?

Augusto Lopes Mendes is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under Professor Francisco Mansur. He is also a professional Mixed Martial Artist who has fought in promotions like the UFC, ACA, LFC and King of the Cage. Augusto is a former IBJJF World Champion and a 2 time IBJJF NoGi World Champion. Augusto has also won multiple tournaments like; Abu Dhabi World Pro, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, South American Championships and Copa Podio Super Fight winner. Augusto also competed in 2019 where he became an ADCC champion.

In 2004 Augusto achieved his Black belt in Jiu Jitsu and was awarded it by the 9th degree Francisco Mansur. Augusto was already heavily invested in his University degree in Physical Education, so Augusto spent the next two years juggling both his schooling, training and teaching classes. By 2006 Augusto had finished his degree and committed fully to becoming a full time grappler. Over the next two years Augusto found it hard to pursue his own grappling career as his teaching took up a lot of his time. Augusto competed at the World Championships in 2006 and 2007 where he succumbed in the quarter finals to both Reinaldo Ribeiro and Rubens Charles respectively. 

In 2007 Augusto was cross training with Rafael Barbosa and Leandro Escobar, all three were struggling to be taken to their limits by their lack of high level training partners. By 2008 Augusto, Rafael and Leandro pulled their resources and teamed up with Augusto’s brother Bruno Mendes and Alvaro Mansuer as they created an academy called Soul Fighters. After creating such a formidable bunch of talented grapplers all in one place, Augusto began to thrive. Over the next few years Augusto won events like; the IBJJF Rio Open twice, FJJR Rio State Championships twice, CBJJ Brazilian Team Nationals three times and the CBJJ/IBJJF South American Championship in his weight and the absolute division. 

2011 and 2012 were some of Augusto’s best years as he won the IBJJF Las Vegas Open and the USBJJF/IBJJF American Nationals. In 2011 Augusto defeated some incredibly talented fighters like; Ary Farias, Ryan Hall, Guilherme Mendes, Eduardo Ramos and Rafael Mendes, as Augusto was crowned the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion. Months later Augusto faced off against Rafael Mendes again in a rematch, this time at the IBJJF World Championships where Rafael upstaged Augusto for the title. In 2012 Augusto won the IBJJF NoGi World Championship as he secured wins over Leandro Lo (9 - 0) and JT Torres by an advantage in the final. 

In 2013 Augusto managed to pull off the double as he won both the IBJJF World Championship in the Gi by once again defeating Rafael Mendes by an advantage. Augusto also defeated Rubens Charles 2 points to nil to win the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro. In 2015 Augusto placed third at the ADCC Championship with a win over the up and coming Geo Martinez with a toe hold. Augusto also won the IBJJF NoGi World Championship again as he compiled wins over; Mathew Magana, Gianni Grippo and Vitor Paschoal.

For the next few years Augusto competed in multiple events including ADCC, NoGi Worlds and winning ACBJJ 9 with an arm in Guillotine against Samir Chantre. Augusto secured many super fight wins against athletes like; Jeff Glover at Fight 2 Win 25, Marcelo Mafra at Fight 2 Win 122, Kim Terra at ACBJJ 14. Augusto also finished third at the Kasai Pro Tournament with a 9 - 0 domination over Frank Rosenthal. In 2019 at the age of 36 Augusto defeated Kennedy Maciel 3 points to nil as he became the ADCC Champion. Augusto has since won super fights against Matheus Gabriel and Bruno Frazatto at Fight 2 Win 127 and BJJ Stars respectively.   

How Old Is Augusto Mendes?

Augusto Mendes was born in Rio De Janeiro Brazil on the 3rd of March in 1983, he is currently 38 years of age.

Augusto Mendes’ Early Life!

Augusto Mendes began training Jiu Jitsu in 1997 after his brother Bruno encouraged him to give it a try. After just a few lessons Augusto was hooked as he began an epic rise through the ranks of the professional world of grappling. Augusto was training under Black belts Alvaro and Krauss Mansur who were both under the tutelage of Master Francisco Mansur. After only 4 months of training Augusto won Bronze at a Rio State Championship and after the event he knew this sport would become his future. Augusto began lifting his training regime as he took out a Silver at the Brazil Championships and won multiple other open tournaments. In 1998 at the age of 14 Augusto was training three times a day and improving exponentially. By 1999 he was asked to help teach classes at the Kioto Gym where he was helped extensively by Marcos Carvalho. In the year 2000 Augusto won his first World Title as a Blue belt juvenile and as he started earning money from teaching he put every dollar towards a University Degree in Physical Education. In 2002 Augusto won another World Title after six wins in the Purple belt division. In 2003 he took second place at the Mundial this time as a Brown belt. Augusto decided to slow down on his training in order to put more of his attention into his studying as he moved towards his Black belt.

How Much Is Augusto Mendes Worth?

Augusto Mendes has worked extremely hard throughout his career to build a reputable business. He has put a lot of time and energy into building one of the world's premier clubs to train at. Augusto has a net worth of over a million dollars as his finances are rising considerably. Augusto has also worked with BJJ Fanatics where he has filmed a video called “Unsweepable And Unsubmittable '' which is available exclusively through Augusto has also earned some significant money through his rise as a world renowned and certified referee. Augusto is one of the main referee’s used by the CBJJ as his experience in the arts are second to none.

How Tall Is Augusto Mendes?

Augusto Mendes stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is the equivalent of 168 centimetres.

How Much Does Augusto Mendes Weigh?

Augusto Mendes weighs in at 61 kilograms or (135 lbs) in his career Augusto has fought as high as 82 kilograms or (180 lbs)

Augusto Mendes' Fight List! 

Augusto Mendes has fought exceptionally well throughout his prestigious career. He has secured multiple title wins and has squared off against the toughest guys on the planet. Augusto has compiled a list of fights against competitive beasts like; JT Torres, Lucas Lepri, Davi Ramos, Mario Reis, Leandro Lo, Guilherme Mendes, Ryan Hall, Eduardo Ramos, Rafael Mendes, Bruno Frazatto, Rubens Charles, Vagner Rocha, Masahiro Iwasaki, Isaque Oliveira, Nicholas Renier, Eddie Cummings, Geo Martinez, Gianni Grippo, AJ Agazarm, Jeff Glover, Rafael Mansur, Joao Miyao, Samir Chantre, Frank Rosenthal, Lucas Rocha, Matheus Gabriel, Cody Garbrandt, Frankie Saenz and Aljamain Sterling. 

Augusto Mendes' Best Fight Of All Time!

Augusto Mendes has fought in some prolific matchups throughout his iconic career. He has won prestigious IBJJF, ADCC and CBJJ tournaments, he has also won fights at Fight 2 Win, BJJ Stars, Kasai Pro and ACBJJ events. Some of his best fights came in 2013 at the IBJJF World Championships, he defeated Eduardo Ramos and Rubens Charles by points in the quarter and semi finals respectively. In the final Augusto defeated the famous Rafael Mendes by an advantage, earning himself his second World Championship. At the age of 36 Augusto achieved another incredible feat by defeating Keith Krikorian, Matheus Gabriel, Paulo Miyao and Kennedy Maciel to earn himself the 2019 ADCC Championship crown.

Who Did Augusto Mendes Lose To?

Augusto Mendes has lost fights to some high calibre opponents throughout his competitive career. He has lost to guys like; ; Michael Langhi at the 2009 Pan Americans and the World Championships, Bruno Frazatto at the World Championships, Rubens Charles at ADCC, Pan Americans, European Opens and the World Championships. Augusto has also lost multiple fights to Lucas Lepri at tournaments like NoGi Worlds, World Championships and Pan Americans. Augusto has also lost matches against; Levi Jones, Vagner Rocha, Paulo Miyao, Yuri Simoes, Leandro Lo, Davi Ramos and Rafael Mendes. 

Augusto Mendes' Record! 

Augusto Mendes has won every prestigious event there is to win in professional grappling. His career has been a spectacle to watch as he has become one of Brazil's most potent fighters. As a Black belt Augusto has amassed a win loss record of 69 and 30. In MMA Augusto has compiled a record of 6 wins with 3 losses, while at the end of his MMA career Augusto was finding it hard to find opponents that would fight him. Augusto has achieved a list of accolades that includes; 

ADCC World Champion (2019) IBJJF World Champion (2013) IBJJF NoGi World Champion (2012, 2015) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion (2011, 2013) CBJJ/IBJJF South American Champion (2010) CBJJ/IBJJF Absolute South American Champion (2010) USBJJF/IBJJF American National Champion (2012) CBJJ Brazilian Team National Champion (2008, 2009, 2010) FJJR Rio State Champion (2008, 2010) IBJJF Rio Open Champion (2009, 2010) IBJJF Las Vegas Open Champion (2012) 

IBJJF Boston Open Runner Up (2012) IBJJF European Open Runner Up (2013) IBJJF New York Open Runner Up (2010) ADCC World Championship Third Place (2015) IBJJF Pan American Championship Third Place (2009, 2011, 2013) CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Third Place (2005, 2008, 2010, 2011) 

Augusto Mendes’ Injuries!

Augusto Mendes has suffered from multiple injuries throughout his professional grappling and MMA career. Augusto has endured through knee injuries, ankle injuries and a fracture in his tibia. Augusto has always found a way to rehabilitate his significant injuries as his professionalism of Martial Arts is extremely high. He also is surrounded by incredibly talented and consummate professional colleagues, which helps him stay in top shape for all of his endeavours. 

Is Augusto Mendes Retired?

Augusto Mendes has had a sensational career and now at the age of 38 he is still very active on the competition scene. Augusto has recently competed at ADCC, Fight 2 Win and BJJ Stars where he has secured wins in all three events. Augusto focuses a lot of his attention into his academy Soul Fighters where he still has a passion to train and teach many students his knowledge and concepts of Jiu Jitsu.

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