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Zack Esposito His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Zack Esposito His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Zack Esposito?

Zack Esposito is the world renowned associate head coach for the Oklahoma State Cowboys wrestling team. Zack has compiled an impressive list of achievements in his 13 year tenure as coach. Zack has guided 63 athletes to All American Selection along with 10 NCAA Champions. As a wrestler himself, Zack was an impressive athlete who amassed exceptional accolades throughout his collegiate career. Zack has achieved 4 consecutive NCAA Team Championship wins including winning the individual title in 2005. Zack also starred on the college mats by securing 3 consecutive Big 12 Championship titles, and becoming one of Oklahoma’s finest wrestlers by etching his name into the record books for total wins and total major decisions. 

The Complete Guide To The Single Leg by Zack Esposito

Zack began his wrestling notoriety by achieving multiple wins at Blair Academy High School. Zack was an impressive young athlete and under the guidance of Jeff Buxton he showed signs of becoming a wrestling superstar. Zack achieved 3 consecutive State Championship titles and in 1999 placed 4th at the Prep Nationals. In the year 2000 and 2001 Zack dominated competition and won back to back Prep National titles. After graduating from high school Zack redshirted in 2002 where he went on to become the FILA Junior National Champion.

Zack attended Oklahoma State University and in 2003 where he started the season with 16 straight victories as he went on to finish his year with a 25 and 5 win loss record. Zack was impressing many onlookers as he defeated 13 ranked opponents including the defending National Champion Aaron Holker. Zack achieved the Outstanding Wrestler Award and two tournament wins at the Omaha Open. Zack also performed exceptionally well at the Big 12 Championships as he narrowly missed out on the title but secured second place. Zack finished the NCAA Championships with a 3 - 2 record as he helped the Cowboys to win the NCAA Team Championship.

In 2004 as a Sophomore Zack posted a phenomenal record of 33 wins and only 2 losses. Throughout Zack’s winning record, was a run of 19 - 1 against ranked opponents, including 11 - 1 against top ten competition. Zack secured 49 takedowns for the year and 11 major decisions, including 7 reversals in dual matches. Zack won the Reno Tournament of Champions and also claimed his first Big 12 Championship title with a win over the number #3 ranked opponent Travis Shufelt from Nebraska. Zack competed at the NCAA Championships finishing second and helping his team to a second consecutive Team Championship. Zack also assisted Jamill Kelly throughout his Athens Olympic campaign as a training partner.

In Zack’s Junior year he posted more outstanding records as he amassed a 35 and 1 season record, which included 12 - 1 against ranked opponents and 20 - 1 in dual meets. Zack had become a dominant force at Oklahoma State as he continued his onslaught by winning another Big 12 Championship title. Zack achieved his greatest individual moment by defeating Phillip Simpson in the final of the Division 1 NCAA Championship and secured OSU’s third consecutive NCAA Team Championship. Zack managed to keep his number #1 ranking all year as he also secured other tournament wins like; the Kaufman Brand Open, the Reno Tournament of Champions and the NWCA All Star Classic.

As a Senior Zack continued on his prolific ways by upstaging many ranked opponents as he secured a 27 - 3 win loss record. Zack won his third straight Big 12 Championship and helped guide his team to their fourth straight NCAA Team Championship and fourth straight Big 12 Team Championship. Zack showcased his impressive wrestling ferocity throughout his collegiate years as he finished college with an impressive overall record of 120 wins and only 12 losses. Zack secured the 10th spot on the all time victories list for the Cowboys, he also sits at 6th on the all time list for career major decision wins with 32.

Introduction To Youth Wrestling by Zack Esposito

Zack Esposito’s Coaching Career!  

Zack Esposito has become one of America’s most prolific wrestling coaches, as he has guided Oklahoma State University to multiple team and individual championships. In 2010 Zack coached the United States World Team and served as club coach at OSU in 2011 and 2012. Zack would help fellow Americans Jordan Oliver and Chris Perry to NCAA title wins, at 133, 149 and 174 pound divisions. From 2012 to 2016 Zack would become the assistant coach at Oklahoma State, helping athletes like Chris Perry, Alex Dieringer and Dean Heil all win NCAA titles. During this time Zack would also coach the US Cadet World team as they qualified three times including a second place finish in 2016. In 2017 Zack helped the US Junior World Team win the title, which was the first time since 1984, Zach also coached Dean Heil to another NCAA title at 141 pounds. From 2017 to currently in 2021 Zack became the Associate Head Coach at Oklahoma State, where he coached the 2018 World Cup Team to a championship win. In 2021 Zack guided the 197 pounder AJ Ferrari to an NCAA Championship win, making it his 10th individual NCAA Championship winner. From 2010 till 2021 Zack took the Cowboys to 11 consecutive Big 12 Team Championship wins, including an impressive 64 individual conference winners and 63 All American selections. Zack Esposito has built himself a formidable record as a wrestling coach and has become one of the premier teachers of wrestling in the world.  

How Old Is Zack Esposito?

Zack Esposito was born in Oklahoma USA on the 9th of September in 1983, he is currently 38 years of age.

How Much Is Zack Esposito Worth?

Zack Esposito has spent his life dedicated to wrestling, both his personal and coaching achievements have been well noted. Zack has built a net of wealth somewhere around the 2 million dollar mark, as he continues to extend his financial returns. Zack has made significant remunerations through his decade of coaching at the highest levels. Zack is also making inroads towards more success through the online distribution network made available through BJJ Fanatics. Zack has filmed several instructional videos titled; “Intro To Youth Wrestling Volume 1 and 2”, “The Complete Guide To The Single Leg”, “Championship Riding Systems”, “Complete Guide To The Underhook”, “The Complete Over Under System” and “The Complete Guide To Wrestling Defense” all of these videos have been made available for purchase exclusively on 

How Tall Is Zack Esposito?

Zack Esposito stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is the equivalent of 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Zack Esposito Weigh?

Zack Esposito weighs in at 149 pounds or (67 kilograms) Zack has also wrestled at 141 pounds or (63 kilograms) 

Zach Esposito’s Fight List!

Zach Esposito has fought extensively throughout his high school and college years. Zack has been a phenomenal prospect and has achieved multiple wins throughout his prestigious career. Zack has fought many highly ranked athletes like; Dustin Schlatter, Jon Masa, Eric Tannenbaum, Ty Eustice, Adam Tirapelle, JP Reese, Luke Moffitt, Dylan Long, Aaron Holker, Nate Parker, Orlando Perez, David Garcia, Patrick Williams, Jeff Eckloff, Dustin Manotti, Travis Shufelt, Anthony Baza, Matt Storniolo and Cody Greene.  

Zack Esposito’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Zack Esposito has won an incredible amount of fights and titles throughout his outstanding wrestling career. He has managed to win multiple State titles and 3 consecutive Big 12 Championships along with many other tournament and dual wins. Zack achieved his best win in 2005 as he competed in the Division 1 NCAA Championships. Zack was determined to go a step further after his runner up placing at his previous NCAA campaign in 2004. After previous wins at the Kaufman Brand Open and at a dual meet, Zack defeated Jon Masa for the third straight time to advance into the semi final. Zack went head to head in a close match as he narrowly upstaged Eric Tannenbaum to earn his place in the final. Zack started the year as the number #1 ranked wrestler in the 149 pound division, as he kept his ranking to the very end of his NCAA finals match. Zack would achieve his greatest individual moment in wrestling as he defeated the Army’s Phillip Simpson to claim the prestigious NCAA Division 1 title and help his team win their 3rd consecutive NCAA Team Championship.

Who Did Zach Esposito Lose To?

Before becoming one of America's top tier coaches, Zach Esposito was a formidable wrestler. He wrestled through high school and college causing many headaches for all of his opponents he faced. Throughout his illustrious career he did suffer some losses to some of the collegiate systems best wrestlers. He lost matches to guys like;  Teyon Ware, Eric Tannenbaum, Matt McIntyre, Dustin Manotti and Dustin Schlatter. Zach suffered his worst loss in 2004 as he was set to become an NCAA Division 1 Champion. After securing wins against Dustin Manotti, Jeff Harrison and Jeremy Spates, Zach stormed his way into the final. Standing in his way was one of Harvard’s top prospects Jesse Jantzen. The pair squared off in a frenetic battle that ended with Zach losing by 6 points in a decision. Zach was still proud to have come so close but the bitter sweet ending to this tournament just gave Zach a hunger to come back stronger in 2005.

Zack Esposito’s Record!

Zack Esposito has proven himself as one of the best collegiate wrestlers to come out of Oklahoma State. He has also managed to become one of the greatest coaches as well with his outstanding record of champions he has guided. As an individual wrestler he secured a record of 120 wins with 12 losses at OSU putting him in 10th place on the all time list. He also sits 6th on the OSU list for all time major decision wins at 32. Zack has secured impressive seasons throughout college of 35 - 1, 33 - 2, 27 - 3 and 25 - 6.

Zack has a list of accolades that includes;

NCAA Champion (2005) Big 12 Champion (2004, 2005, 2006) NCAA Team Champions (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) Big 12 Team Champions (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) World Cup Team Member (2008) 3 Time All American (2004, 2005, 2006) Reno Tournament of Champions (2004, 2005) NWCA All Star Classic Champion (2005) Kaufman Brand Open Champion (2005) Omaha Open (2002, 2003) Omaha Outstanding Wrestler Award (2003) Oklahoma National State Champion (1999, 2000, 2001) Prep Junior National Champion (2000, 2001) FILA Junior National Champion (2002) NCAA Championship Runner Up (2004) 

As a coach: 

Zach Esposito has coached with amazing results as his team has won 11 consecutive Big 12 Tournament Titles from (2010 till 2021) Zach has also coached an outstanding 64 Individual Conference Champions, including 63 All American Selections and 10 Individual NCAA Champions like;

Jordan Oliver (2011 - 133 lbs, 2013 - 149 lbs) Chris Perry (2013, 2014 - 174 lbs) Alex Dieringer (2014 - 157 lbs, 2015, 2016 - 165 lbs) Dean Hiel (2016, 2017 - 141 lbs) AJ Ferrari (2021 - 197 lbs) 

Zach has also coached;

World Cup Team Champions (2018) United States Junior Freestyle World Team Champions (2017) United States Cadet World Team Runners Up (2016) United States Cadet World Team Qualifiers (2012, 2015) United States Senior World Team Qualifiers (2010) 

Zack Esposito’s Injuries!

Zach Esposito has had no significant injuries that have been reported, after an extensive career on the wrestling mats he has kept himself in top notch shape. Zack is one of those guys who always goes the extra mile to make sure he is conditioned right and mentally and physically prepared for battle. Zack has a lifetime of experience that he is now passing on to many of his students in search of Championship accolades. 

Is Zack Esposito Retired?

Zack Esposito has finished up his career as an active wrestler on the world stage. Zack is extremely focused on his passion of coaching and has been since 2010. Zack has become one of the most prolific coaches to ever enter the world of wrestling, as he has guided multiple athletes to many team and individual championships. Zack has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he loves to share with many up and coming young athletes, in search of their Olympic and Collegiate wrestling aspirations.

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