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Mick Hall His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Mick Hall His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Mick Hall?

Mick Hall is a 1st Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who has extensive knowledge of the fight game. Mick is also a Black belt in Karate which he received in 1994, he has also been a successful Mixed Martial Artist as he has secured submission victories in all of his cage wins. Mick also has previous experience with Muay Thai as he has spent a considerable amount of time in Thailand training with some of the worlds best strikers. Mick is a professional coach who teaches BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Mick is a 4 time English Champion in the Black belt division in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has won multiple Gold medals at the coloured belt level. Among his other accomplishments, Mick is a multiple Tuff Invitational competitor. 

Shootboxing Fundamentals by Mick Hall

Mick has been an incredible grappler over the course of his career. He has won an abundance of tournament Gold medals at every belt level, all the way through his Jiu Jitsu journey. Rising through the ranks of the coloured belt system, Mick was extremely active as a competitor. Having a background in Karate and Muay Thai gave Mick an advantage when he was trying to make a name for himself on the world stage. After being promoted to the rank of Black belt in 2016 by long time instructors Lee Johnstone and Eduardo Azevedo, Mick became even more enthusiastic about winning high calibre matches. 

Mick has been a tough competitor as a Black belt, as he has competed numerous times in the Tuff Invitational. Mick has impressed many of his peers as he has won 4 straight consecutive English National Championships. Mick has spent his life training in Martial Arts gaining valuable experience in different types of fighting styles. Mick has competed in wrestling back in college which formed his foundation in the grappling arts. Mick has also spent a significant period training in Thailand, where he learned the hard core style of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Mick also spent some time competing in submission wrestling and with all his valuable experience he has become a world renowned coaching figure.

Mick Hall is now the Trainee General Manager and a BJJ and MMA trainer at (CSA) Combat Sports Academy in Strood in the United Kingdom, he joined this academy with a certain professionalism that he embodies. Mick Hall runs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, Mixed Martial Arts classes and personal training sessions. The Combat Sports Academy has become extensively popular as he has trained some incredibly tough athletes in his time as an instructor. Mick has had an incredible opportunity to work and coach under the tutelage of the 3rd Degree Black belt Lee Johnstone and 4th Degree Black belt Eduardo Azevedo. 

Mick Hall has had a superb career as a Mixed Martial Artist. He has won 5 out of 7 fights inside the cage and has an incredible strike rate of submissions. All of Mick's wins inside the cage have come by submissions, something that Mick has spent a long time mastering. Through his submission wrestling and extensive grappling skills, Mick has brought an incredible submission ferocity into the world of cage fighting. Now Mick also teaches MMA out of the Combat Sports Academy where he has worked with some big name athletes.

Cage Control by Mick Hall

How Old Is Mick Hall?

Mick Hall was born in the United Kingdom in 1984, he is currently 37 years of age. 

Mick Hall's Combat Sports Academy Family!

Mick Hall has been with the Combat Sports Academy since 2005, and training under some absolute legendary instructors. Going through the ranks under 3rd Degree Lee Johnstone and the highest ranked Black belt in the UK, 4th Degree Eduardo Azevedo has given Mick some seriously good coaching skills. Now Mick is a first Degree Black belt and he has his coaches to thank for his outstanding teaching experience. At the CSA Mick coaches alongside some super talented athletes like; 1st Degree Black belt and No Gi Instructor Adam Watts, Purple belt and Kids Instructor Sam Diplock, level 2 ABA coach and Boxing Instructor Scott Jenkins and his assistant MMA coach and friend BJJ Brown belt Craig Benjamin.

How Much Is Mick Hall Worth?

Mick Hall has built himself quite a reputable name inside the athletic world of Martial Arts. Mick has accumulated a net worth of upwards of five hundred thousand dollars as he has secured remuneration through many of his former fights. He also has steady income through his work with the Combat Sports Academy, where he instructs classes and does personal training sessions. Along with all of Mick's income resources he has also started seeing rewards working with BJJ Fanatics. Mick has filmed three videos called; "Combat Sports Ground And Pound" "Shoot Boxing Fundamentals" and "Cage Control" all three instructionals are available exclusively on

How Tall Is Mick Hall?

Mick Hall stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is equivalent to 185 centimetres.

How Much Does Mick Hall Weigh?

Mick Hall weighs in at 88 kilograms which is the equivalent of 194 pounds.

Who Has Mick Hall Trained With?

Mick Hall has trained extensively in Martial Arts for the last 20 years. He picked up valuable experience training in Thailand where he gained a vast wealth of knowledge in Muay Thai Kickboxing. Mick also spent several years in the wrestling program and fighting in submission wrestling bouts. Even as a young kid Mick was training with Martial Artists in Karate which gave him a pathway to more prolific fighting styles. Throughout Mick's career through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts he has trained with some incredibly talented fighters. Some of the names he has trained with are; Rodolfo Vieira, Leonardo Vieira, Paul Daley, Dave Menne and Marcelo Garcia.

One Of Mick Hall's Best Fights!

Mick Hall has been involved in many great fights over his career, including winning multiple National Championships and various other Gold medals in BJJ. Mick has also won 5 Mixed Martial Arts fights all by submission. One fight that Mick always remembers was his fight against Terry Montgomery at CFC in Brentwood, a show put on by his instructor Lee Johnstone. At the start of the fight Terry jumps quickly into a Guillotine attempt as he is hanging off of Mick in the middle of the cage. Mick looked like he was in trouble but managed to escape the submission and get back to his feet. Terry tried a second Guillotine attempt this time pulling Mick down on top of him, where Mick secured full mount. Mick used his submission abilities to secure a nice armbar to achieve a win inside the cage.

Mick Hall's Coaching Triumphs?

Mick Hall has become world renowned for his exceptional coaching abilities. Over the course of his coaching career Mick has guided many of his students to achieve outstanding results. Mick has coached many of his students through some of the United Kingdom's biggest events like; Cage Warriors and (BAMMA) the British Association of Mixed Martial Arts. Mick has also trained BJJ competitors and helped many of them accomplish National and European Championships. 

Mick Hall's Record!

Mick Hall has fought extensively throughout his career in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. In the cage Mick has brought an intense style of submission grappling to the forefront as he has achieved 5 submission wins. Mick has showcased a formidable style of Mixed Martial Artistry and holds a record of 5 wins with only 2 losses. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions Mick has won a vast amount of Gold medals all throughout every belt in his career. He has won multiple national titles and international open tournaments, including being a multiple Tuff Invitational competitor. Mick has won 4 x English National Championships as a Black belt, 2 in the Gi and 2 in NoGi. Mick has proven himself to be an instrumental weapon on the Jiu Jitsu mats and looks forward to many more podium finishes.

Mick Hall's Injuries!

Mick Hall has spent his life studying Martial Arts, and as a result of his life long passion he has endured through multiple injuries. He has cracked ribs and broken fingers, and strained plenty of muscles along the way. Mick has always been a professional competitor with an outstanding knack for how he conditions his body. Becoming a comprehensive part of the Combat Sports Academy has given Mick an incredible amount of insight into how to prepare for competition. Mick is a standard setter and has high expectations of how he conducts his training schedules and recovery sessions.

Is Mick Hall Retired?

Mick Hall still competes in Jiu Jitsu tournaments but has stepped away from the MMA competition scene. Mick is now more heavily focused on his own training and his coaching at the Combat Sports Academy. Mick has a passion for teaching and a proven skill set for bringing the best out of his students. Years of athletic prowess and world class competitions have given Mick an outstanding resolve within his teaching capabilities.

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