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Kirian Fitzgibbons His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Kirian Fitzgibbons His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Kirian Fitzgibbons?

Kirian Fitzgibbons is one of the top tier striking coaches in North America, his take no prisoners attitude towards teaching is highly regarded by his students and his peers. He has an unmatched passion for combative sports and his knowledge and success in martial arts has paved the way for the growth of Muay Thai Kickboxing in America. Kirian is the owner and head instructor at The Combat Sports Academy (CSA Gym) in Dublin, Northern California.

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The CSA Gym is composed of key components involving Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, MMA, Krav Maga and CrossFit. Kirian or Coach K as he is known to his students, is one of those guys who will give you his opinion, he does not pull his punches. The success of his brand really does speak for itself, as his world class gym is highly ranked as one of the best. Kirian has trained the likes of Kevin Ross, Eddie Abasolo, Gaston Bolanos, Zoila Frausto, Zach Bunnell, Alex Davis and Miriam Nakamoto. 

Kirian Fitzgibbons through the success of his combat gym, has hand raised many exceptional fighters. He has seen many of his athletes win numerous titles all over the world. His coaching strategies are diversley unique, as he pushes his fighters to their limits. Kirian is one of very few Muay Thai trainers in America to have had successful title wins in many different organisations around the world. 

Kirian Fitzgibbons is one of those coaches that you either love or hate, he has been known to rub people the wrong way. Some fighters absolutely love the way he utilises his no hold barred style of coaching. Love or hate him but Kirian Fitzgibbons gets results, and at the end of the day many people judge an athlete's career on their successes. 

With Kirian’s work with crossfit he has driven many people to become extremely good athletes. Crossfit is one of the most popular sources of fitness in this day and age and with Kirian’s expertise in this field he is one of America’s most prolific coaches today.

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How Old Is Kirian Fitzgibbons?

Kirian Fitzgibbons was born in California in the United States of America in 1970. Kirian Fitzgibbons is 52 years old and still coaching as strong as he was when he was 30.

Kirian Fitzgibbons Family!

Although Kirian keeps his personal life under wraps, he was always interested in martial arts as a young American. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s Kirian was exposed to watching fighters like Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Haglar, Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran. His love for striking grew as he trained in boxing and Muay Thai. Kirian’s family always supported his aspirations to be a great coach. Kirian’s father would always encourage him to be the best he can be, and Kirian definitely took his advice as he filled himself with knowledge of martial arts and conditioning exercises.  

Kirian has featured in many magazines with his wife Jessica, as their Crossfit successes have helped him broaden his teaching skills within his martial arts community.

How Much Is Kirian Fitzgibbons Net Worth?

Kirian Fitzgibbons has worked tirelessly to educate himself in the realms of martial arts, from boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Crossfit his success is widely spread over the US. As an extremely successful Gym owner at CSA, Kirian has built a substantial amount of wealth. His net worth ranges somewhere in the millions as he has spent a tremendous amount of years coaching many great fighters towards success and fame. 

How Tall Is Kirian Fitzgibbons?

Kirian Fitzgibbons is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, which is the equivalent of 155 centimetres.

How Much Does Kirian Fitzgibbons Weigh?

Kirian Fitzgibbons weighs in at 250 lbs which is the equivalent to 113 kilograms.

Kirian Fitzgibbons Fight List!

Kirian Fitzgibbons is a full time coach at his CSA Gym in California, he spends his time training other athletes as opposed to fighting himself. Often fighters will source great trainers rather than great fighters to train under. In Kirian’s case his expertise and knowledge in martial arts along with his crossfit experience makes him a highly sought after coach.

Many of his fighters have had professional Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA fights. With guys like Eddie Abasolo and Gaston Bolanos under his tutelage, they have fought many great fighters. Kirian has had the honour of coaching these legends throughout their careers, putting him in the limelight of the martial arts community.

Kirian Fitzgibbons Best Fight of All Time?

Some of Kirian’s best fights ever, have come by way of coaching, as he does not fight professionally. His wisdom and strengths come in the form of training other up and coming fighters. Kirian has passed on his expertise to great fighters like Gaston Bolanos who has won 2 South American Muay Thai titles and an American Muay Thai title. Gaston has also entered Bellator where his coaching from Kirian has seen him successfully land 4 knockouts out of 5 matches. His trademark spinning back elbow is one that Kirian Fitzgibbons is well known for teaching his fighters.

Who Did Kirian Fitzgibbons Lose To?

Throughout Kirian Fitzgibbons career as a coach and trainer he has had to develop his striking through the arts of boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Although he does not fight in a professional sense, he has had thousands of sparring rounds in all disciplines of his martial arts. As a coach you need to develop your systematic approach to your striking, in Kirian’s case he spent many years battling Thai fighters and conditioning his body through taking on striking damage. Kirian’s passion for striking is unparalleled throughout the United States.

Kirian Fitzgibbons Record!

Kirian Fitzgibbons has an extremely impressive record for training athletes, as they come from all over the US to train at the legendary CSA Gym. Throughout Kirian’s coaching career he has succeeded in pushing his athletes into winning various titles. Kirian is one of very few coaches to ever coach fighters to win Muay Thai World titles in or at WBC, WMC, IFMA,The Kings Cup, The Queens Cup, Lionfight, WPMO, WPMF, IKF, WCK, IKKC and ISKA. 7 of these world titles were won by fighters competing in Thailand. Kirian also coached the US Muay Thai team at the World Championships on 4 separate occasions, as well as 2 times in Thailand.

Kirian Fitzgibbons Injuries!

Kirian Fitzgibbons has had several injuries throughout his martial arts journey. His quest for knowledge in all disciplines has seen him strain many muscles and bruise many bones. He has also had fractures in his leg due to heavy Muay Thai conditioning. Kirian has also competed in many Crossfit tournaments where some of his injuries have occured. For most of his career he has been relatively free from injury, as a coach rather than a competitive fighter he has been in a much safer environment. With Kirian’s expertise in Crossfit, it has given his body an amazing sense of conditioning. 

Is Kirian Fitzgibbons Retired?

Kirian Fitzgibbons is still a very active coach and trainer in martial arts. His extremely successful gym in California is a very popular choice for fighters to extend their knowledge and practise in the arts of boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, Wrestling, Krav Maga and Crossfit. Kirian Was still competing in Crossfit tournaments right up until 2018 in the Men's division, but has since stepped away from competition and now focuses on training his athletes full time.

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