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Shinjiro Sasaki His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Shinjiro Sasaki His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Shinjiro Sasaki?

Shinjiro Sasaki is a 4th Degree Black belt in Judo who has competed Nationally and Internationally at an elite level. Shinjiro has won Gold medals at the Kodokan Cup in Chiba, the Sunshine State Games, All Japan University Championships, the Syria International Tournament and the Pacific Rim Judo Championships in Macau. Shinjiro also competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympic trials where he came close to securing a spot on the Japanese Olympic team. Shinjiro runs his own Judo academy called Sasaki Judo in Casselberry, Florida in the United States. 

Total Ippon Arsenal by Shinjiro Sasaki

Shinjiro began his Judo career in Japan and as he rose through the ranks he developed a passion for the sport. In 2001 Shinjiro took out the All Japan University Championships, walking away with the Gold was instrumental in Shinjiro’s rise through the ranks. In 2002 Shinjiro competed in the A Tournament World Cup in Warsaw where he secured the Bronze medal, as well as a second place at the All Japan University Championships. Over the next two years of competition, Shinjiro competed in the Kodokan Cup in Chiba Japan and the World Cup in Poland. In 2003 he placed third at the All Japan event and was runner up at the World Cup in Poland. In 2004 and 2005 Shinjiro secured back to back Silver medals at the All Japan Business Group Championship , and in 2005 Shinjiro won the Gold medal and became the Japanese Champion of the Kodokan. 

In 2006 Shinjiro continued on his Judo pathway by intensifying his training regimes as he geared towards an Olympic berth in Beijing. Shinjiro placed third at both the Belgian Open Championship in Vise and the All Japan Judo Championship in Fukuoka. He also walked away with another Gold medal crowning as he dominated through the Syria international Championship. Shinjiro was picking up momentum as he kept his spirits up towards a bright future. In 2007 Shinjiro competed exceptionally well at the Pacific Rim Judo Championships in Macau as he won his division and was crowned the Champion. He also placed second at the All Japan Business Group Championship and followed it up by duplicating that performance in 2008.

In 2008 Shinjiro mentally prepared himself for an Olympic berth. Taking place in the Beijing Olympic trials, Shinjiro had high hopes that he would qualify. After the event Shinjiro was crippled with disappointment as he came so close but could not secure a place in the Japanese team. After the tournament Shinjiro decided to get away from Judo so he moved to Florida in the United States of America. Shinjiro was not very fluent in speaking English and with little money, his new American life was not off to an easy start.

Shinjiro discovered how hard it was to build a life in America as he found himself being scammed and taken advantage of. Shinjiro was being drawn back into Judo coincidentally, and as he began training again he started competing in local tournaments. In 2009 Shinjiro placed third at the New York Open, and won multiple local tournaments. Shinjiro was showcasing his skills to a broad audience and as a result of this, Shinjiro had many people ask him to train them. Shinjiro was pleased as he transitioned away from competitive Judo and into becoming a highly sought after Judo coach.

After many ups and downs Shinjiro rebuilt his American life off the back of his family's Japanese philosophy. In Japan quitting is never an option, so for Shinjiro he used that belief in himself to rise above all the negative attention that he had endured. In 2010 Shinjiro started his own academy called Sasaki Judo where he serves the Casselberry area in Florida USA. At Sasaki Judo Shinjiro is all about helping and developing his students, Shinjiro’s love for Judo has opened many doors for him as he has become an amazing instructor for the last decade. Shinjiro also runs a special needs Judo class because he feels the community needs to be understanding of young people in need of sporting activities and togetherness.  

In 2011 and 2013 Shinjiro continued on his winning ways as he electrified the Judo arena. In 2011 he won the Sunshine State Games at 66 kilograms and then followed it up two years later by winning the event again. In 2013 after his second Sunshine State Games win he was also awarded with the Most Outstanding Men’s Athlete award. Shinjiro has showcased himself as one of Japan’s best Judokas to compete on the international stage.

Scoring Ippons In Transition by Charline Van Snick

How Old Is Shinjiro Sasaki?

Shinjiro Sasaki was born in Hiroshima, Japan on the 10th of April in 1980, he is currently 41 years of age.

Shinjiro Sasaki’s Family!

Growing up in Hiroshima in Japan for Shinjiro Sasaki was a tough childhood, his parents were all about honour and dedication. Shinjiro had no time to be lazy and play video games like many other children growing up. Shinjiro was up to the challenge as he loved the idea of being honorable and showing extremely good work ethics. At the age of 6 Shinjiro was excited about starting Karate as he had a love for the Martial Art. His parents allowed him to train and so his Mother bought him a Karate Gi. Sometimes life has unexpected turns and as Shinjiro waited for his Karate Gi to arrive, life had something different in store. Shinjiro opened his package only to find they had mixed up the order and sent him a Judo Gi. Shinjiro decided he may as well give Judo a try so he began some classes, instantly Shinjiro was hooked as he began a journey as a Judoka.

How Much Is Shinjiro Sasaki Worth?

Shinjiro Sasaki has won multiple events as a Judoka, since 2010 he has become one of the world’s most renowned Judo Sensei’s as he owns and runs Sasaki Judo in Florida USA. Shinjiro has built a legacy into Judo where he has mastered his craft and now passes on his knowledge to many of his young students. Shinjiro has a successful and reputable business that services the Casselberry area in Florida, through his business Shinjiro has profited extensively. Shinjiro has also secured a law degree in which he practises as a side business. Shinjiro has also created an instructional video called “Total Ippon Arsenal'' which is available exclusively on Through all of Shinjiro’s business endeavours he has a net worth of over a million dollars, as his stocks are rising considerably. 

How Tall Is Shinjiro Sasaki?

Shinjiro Sasaki stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is the equivalent of 167 centimetres. 

How Much Does Shinjiro Sasaki Weigh?

Shinjiro Sasaki weighs in at 60 kilograms which is the equivalent of 132 pounds. Shinjiro has also competed at the heavier weight of 66 kilograms where he secured two Gold medals at the Sunshine State Games.

Shinjiro Sasaki's Best Fight Of All Time!

Shinjiro Sasaki has been involved in many tournaments over his outstanding career. He has won multiple events including the Pacific Rim International, the Kodokan Championship, the Syria International and the All Japan University Championships. Shinjiro has shown his classy Judo skills all over the world as he has become a phenomenal Judo practitioner. Some of Shinjiro’s best matches came in 2013 when he won the Sunshine State Games. After dominating the event Shinjiro was commended for winning the Most Outstanding Men’s Athlete Award for excellence in the competition. Shinjiro still rates this as one of his best events that he has competed in.

Who Did Shinjiro Sasaki Lose To?

Shinjiro Sasaki has had his fair share of losses throughout his career, he has placed second and third at events like; the All Japan University and Business Group Championships, the New York Open, the Kodokan Cup and the World Cup in Poland. Shinjiro’s most notable loss came in 2008 as he was gearing up for an Olympic berth at the Beijing Olympics. At the Beijing Trials Shinjiro came extremely close to qualifying but unfortunately he missed out on selection. After this event Shinjiro started to rethink his sporting career as he began to switch his focus into the coaching aspect of Judo.

Shinjiro Sasaki’s Record!

Shinjiro Sasaki has competed in Judo at a high calibre level at National and International events. He has proven himself to be an outstanding athlete as he began his rise through the ranks of international Judo. Shinjiro has a list of accomplishments that include;

Pacific Rim Judo Champion - Macau (2007) Kodokan Cup Champion - Chiba (2005) All Japan University Judo Champion (2001) International Judo Tournament Champion - Syria (2006) Sunshine State Games Champion (2011, 2013) Most Outstanding Men’s Award at the Sunshine State games (2013) All Japan University Judo Championship Runner Up (2002) All Japan Business Group Judo Championship Runner Up (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008) World Cup International Tournament Third Place - Poland (2002) New York Open Third Place (2009) All Japan Judo Championship Third Place - Fukuoka (2003, 2006) Belgian Open Championship Third Place - Vise (2006) Kodokan Cup Third Place - Chiba (2003) A - Tournament World Cup Third Place - Warsaw (2002) Beijing Olympic Trials Third Place (2008) 

Shinjiro Sasaki’s Injuries!

Shinjiro Sasaki has competed on a national and international scale for over a decade. Throughout his prestigious career he has endured various injuries like bruised ribs, strained back muscles and plenty of knocks and bruises. Judo is an extremely high impact sport that can take a toll on your body, in Shinjiro’s case considering his very light frame he has been lucky to avoid any significant injuries over his career. 

Is Shinjiro Sasaki Retired?

Shinjiro Sasaki has stepped away from competitive Judo, and after his loss at the Beijing Olympic trials, it forced Shinjiro to rethink his career as a competitor. Even though Shinjiro competed throughout 2009 to 2013 it was during the year of 2009 that Shinjiro was approached by many athletes looking to retain his services in coaching. Shinjiro now runs Sasaki Judo which has become one of the most successful academies in America for the last decade.

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