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Valentin Kalika His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Valentin Kalika His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Valentin Kalika?

Valentin Kalika is an exceptionally talented wrestling coach, he has been involved with many coaching roles over the course of his career. Valentin was the head coach for the Women's Olympic USA Wrestling team that headed to Rio De Janeiro in 2016. Valentin was also the head coach for one of the largest sporting organisations in the Ukraine as he was the head of the Junior National team. Valentin has 35 years experience in coaching, 11 of those years were in the Soviet system while the other 24 in the American system. In Valentin's former wrestling days he won a National title for both the USSR and the Ukraine, as well as a World Championship in Greco Roman Wrestling. Valentin is a highly regarded and proven expert in the field of wrestling who has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Total International Takedown Systems by Valentin Kalika

Valentin graduated from the famous Kiev Sporting University, Valentin earned himself a Masters Degree in Professional Coaching and Sporting Education. Kiev Sports University is well known for producing many Olympic and World Champion athletes. Valentin was already a National Champion in his own personal career, so his coaching prowess had a proven experience. In 1977 Valentin earned the title of Master of Sports in Greco Roman Wrestling, at this time in his life he was already heavily invested in coaching. Valentin was the head coach of the Ukrainian Junior National team and in 1990 he was awarded the Ukrainian Coach of the Year. 

In 1991 Valentin moved to Israel where he began coaching at the HaPoel Wrestling Club. Valentin was on a mission to not only broaden his coaching abilities but he was on a pathway to sharing his knowledge with as many young athletes as humanly possible. Valentin also worked extensively with the Israeli Government as he used his coaching expertise to help develop many Israelis through the Government Self Defense Program. Valentin was extremely proud of acquiring a job of this magnitude as it gave the Ukrainian born coach the significant life skills he needed to continue on his pathway to greatness.

Valentin moved to California in the United States of America in 1994, where he began coaching many different Californian wrestling teams. Valentin was famously known for his coaching role at Calvary Chapel where they have produced champions like; Shane Valdez, Josh Holiday and Ed Mosely. Valentin also started VK Wrestling (Valentin Kalika Wrestling) which is his own academy that has received comprehensive popularity over the last two decades. Valentin has successfully provided expert coaching to many of his students at VK Wrestling, Valentin has also hosted multiple wrestling camps all throughout the Ukraine and countries close including Romania and Georgia. 

In 2009 at the age of 51 Kalika won the World Veterans Greco Roman Wrestling Championship, as he dominated a three time World Champion. In 2013 Valentin was a part of the Serbian Cadet coaching team as he helped many champions in his tenure. In 2014 he also had a coaching role with the Junior World Croatian and the World Uzbekistan staff for the US Women’s National team. In 2015 Valentin had many coaching roles including; Junior World Freestyle Team, Brazil Junior World Team, Las Vegas Senior Women’s National Team and the Los Angeles Freestyle World Cup Team.  Valentin has had an amazing impact on all of his students he has coached, as his experience and expertise remains among the best in the world.

Takedown Dominance by Andre Galvao

How Old Is Valentin Kalika?

Valentin Kalika was born in the Ukraine in 1959, he is currently 62 years of age. 

Valentin Kalika’s Family!

Valentin Kalika has very little information regarding his early years with his family. He has reported himself that he is extremely grateful to his parents for bringing him into this wonderful world. Valentin has also talked about his kids and family and how thankful he is for the joy they bring into his life. Valentin also talks about his other family who he continues to coach on the wrestling level and how they also bring him a great deal of joy and happiness in his later years of life.

How Much Is Valentin Kalika’s Net Worth?

Valentin Kalika has spent his life building up a vast net of wealth, through his many accomplishments as a competitor and a coach. Over his last 30 years Valentin has built an empire through his academy VK Wrestling and through his vast amount of world class seminars he has produced. Valentin has spent his life being endorsed by many sponsors and been given multiple jobs in coaching roles all over the world. He did extensive work with the Israeli Government and worked with multiple National teams including; the United States, Brazil, Croatia, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine. Valentin has also been involved with many other coaching roles inside of America which has led to significant remunerations. Included in Valentin’s vast net of wealth is his instructional videos he has filmed with BJJ Fanatics, entitled; “International Upper Body Offense” and “Total International Takedown Systems'' both videos are world renowned and extremely popular and available exclusively through Valentin Kalika has secured a net worth of over 5 million dollars as his stocks continue to grow and give his family considerable wealth.

How Tall Is Valentin Kalika?

Valentin Kalika weighs in at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent of 170 centimetres.

How Much Does Valentin Kalika Weigh?

Valentin Kalika weighs in at 69 kilograms which is the equivalent of 152 pounds.

Valentin Kalika’s Champions List!

Valentin Kalika has been an exceptional coach for 35 years, he has taught students from all over America, Israel, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Russia, the Ukraine and many more. In Valentin’s professional career he has guided many athletes to become great successes. Valentin has a huge list of students that have accomplished many feats, some of them are;

1) 2 x Junior World Placer, Cadet World Freestyle Champion and Olympic Runner - Aaron Pico, 2) World Champion and Multiple World Placer - Elena Pirozhkova, 3) Olympic Champion, World Champion and Multiple World Placer - Helen Maroulis, 4) Team USA Number #2 Ranking - Victoria Anthony, 5) Greco Roman Cadet World Bronze Medalist - Cade Olivas, 6) All American Greco and Freestyle Wrestling and H.S State Champion - Yuri Kalika, 7) All American Freestyle, Greco, national Greco and 2 x H.S State Champion - Joe Williams, 8) All American, Five Countries Champion, Reno Champion and H.S State Placer - David Jauregui and 9) Canadian World Placer - Jennifer Reez.

Valentin Kalika’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Valentin Kalika has had an illustrious career as a competitor and as a coach. Valentin has guided many of his students to State, National, Olympic and World Championships over his 35 year coaching career. As a competitor he used to light up the mats as he was the former USSR National Champion and the Ukrainian National Champion. Valentin would have one of his best personal sporting achievements in 2009. Valentin defeated the three time World Champion Igiz Shaydullin of Russia at the World Veterans Greco Roman Wrestling Championship. The event was held in Kouvola Finland on september 5 where Valentin won Gold in the 51 to 55 age category veterans division. Valentin was extremely impressive as he showcased his skills and technical prowess in front of many of his adoring students and fans.

Valentin Kalika’s Record!

Valenti Kalika has dedicated his life to wrestling, throughout his extensive career he has achieved multiple accolades and has guided many students to greatness. Valentin was the former Soviet Union University National Champion in Greco Roman Wrestling. He was also the former Ukrainian National Champion in Greco Roman Wrestling. In 2009 Valentin also became the World Champion in Greco Roman Wrestling in the Veterans division, a feat that he accomplished at the age of 51.

Valentin has also secured many other records in wrestling as a coach. Valentin became the 1990 Ukrainian Coach of the Year and he was the 2016 Olympic Wrestling Coach of the Year. Valentin became the first coach to guide Helen Maroulis to becoming the first ever American to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Wrestling. Valentin has coached many other athletes to become World Champions, National Champions and State Champions. Valentin is a tremendously proud man when it comes to his young athletes achieving greatness as he has often reported how proud he is to be a coach of the future generations.

Valentin Kalika’s Injuries!

Valentin Kalika has been free from injuries as he has been well known for his coaching roles over the last 35 years. As for his professional competitive career there are no reports of him having any significant injuries. Valentin is a talented and impressive wrestler and coach, with many of his accomplishments are due to his expert level training practices. Valentin has guided many of his students through rigorous conditioning regimes in order to stay extremely fit and both physically and mentally prepared for battle.

Is Valentin Kalika Retired?

Valentin Kalika has retired from competitive wrestling, he has already showcased to the world his exceptional skills on the mats. Valentin is still extremely focused on his coaching career as he continues to pave the way for many aspiring athletes in wrestling. Valentin has built an incredible legacy over his prestigious coaching career and endeavours to continue that trend through his increasingly popular academy VK Wrestling. 

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