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Jon Satava Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!

Jon Satava Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!


Who Is Jon Satava?

Jon Satava is a Marcelo Garcia black belt and is very much a part of the “golden generation” of grapplers produced at Marcelo Garcia’s New York academy, including Satava, Matheus Diniz, Dillon Danis, Marcos Tinoco, Mansher Khera, and others. After his major wins at World No-Gi and Pan American Championships in Gi and in No-Gi, Satava was regarded as one of the top prospects in the 82kg weight class. During this time, he made these claims hold true during his first year at black belt with victories over several huge names such as Kayron Gracie, Marcelo Mafra, Marcos de Souza, and others.

The Modern No Gi X Guard by Jon Satava

How Old Is Jon Satava?

Born September 2, 1989, Jon Satava is 32 years old. 

The Modern Butterfly Guard No Gi by Jon Satava

Jon Satava’s Family

Currently, there is no information available on the family of Jon Satava.

How Much Is Jon Satava Worth?

Currently, there is not an accurate estimate of the net worth of Jon Satava.

How Tall Is Jon Satava?

Jon Satava stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

How Much Does Jon Satava Weigh?

Jon Satava most often competes at 77kg or 170 pounds, but in the past has fought up as high as 85kg or 187 pounds.

Jon Satava’s Fight List

Born in East Patchogue, New York, Jon was an avid sports fan and an enthusiastic skateboarder. He made a few attempts at freestyle wrestling, the first one after he made the middle school team and competed on 3 occasions, but his season was cut short after a shoulder injury. He attempted to start wrestling again in high school but then broke his collarbone while training before the season and was unable to participate. Having suffered these injuries, his family convinced him to step away from wrestling.

At age 18 and during his freshman year in college at Stonybrook University, Jon returned to grappling. The university has an MMA class in the basement of the racquetball court, and this peaked Jon’s interest. When he went for the first time, he was informed that it was actually a Jiu Jitsu club rather than a MMA club. Though he wanted to do MMA, he enjoyed the class and decided to join the team. 

The man who ran the class and who was Jon’s first coach was Krishna Mirjah. He served as Jon’s coach for three years and became a major influence in the early shaping of Jon’s grappling style. Mirjah taught a mostly No-Gi style, and Jon often partnered with Eddie Cummnings, who at the time had just begun to try out classes but also ended up becoming a big figure in the sport.

While he was a blue belt, Jon switched gyms and began training under the supervision of Marcelo Garcia. Garcia, a 5x IBJJF World Champion and 4x ADCC Champion, with a similar body type and grappling style to Jon would be a great fit. As he began to gain notoriety in the grappling scene, he was often referred to as “Marcelo’s Jiu Jitsu doppelganger”.

After 5 years of training under Marcelo Garcia and after one of his best years of competition in 2014 after achieving World No-Gi Champion and Pan American No-Gi Champion, Jon was promoted to black belt in January 2015.

During his first year competing at black belt, Jon was regarded as one of the top middleweights in the professional circuits. He had strong performances in some of the toughest tournaments, including 2nd place at the World No-Gi Championship, 3rd place at the Pan American No-Gi Champion, as well as several important gold medals in the IBJJF New York Opens.

Jon Satava’s Best Match Of All Time

Jon Satava’s best match of all time is widely considered to be his match against Kayron Gracie at the New York Open in 2015. This was early in Jon’s career competing at black belt and was at a world renowned tournament. After a hard fought match and an amazingly accurate display representing what Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu is all about, Jon defeated a huge name and took home another title.

Who Did Jon Satava Lose To?

Jon Satava has lost to Vitor Henrique, Dan Schon, Marcelo Mafra, DJ Jackson, Felipe Cesar Silva, Otavio Sousa, Josh Hinger, Vagner Rocha, Edwin Najmi, Manuel Ribamar, Filho, Oliver Kee-Seng, Nick Calvanese, Tommi Pulkkanen, Espen Mathiesen, Jamie Canuto, Ruan Oliveira, Dante Leon, Jeferson Guaresi, Caio Caetano, Davi Cabral De Souza, Alexandre de Jesus, and Kode Steele.

Jon Satava’s Record

Jon Satava holds a professional record of 51-26-1.

Jon Satava Injuries

Jon Satava suffered both a shoulder and collarbone injury in his younger years in wrestling. He has experienced other injuries throughout his career, but nothing severe has been reported.

Is Jon Satava Retired?

No, Jon Satava is very much active as a professional grappler, having most recently competed in the 2021 ADCC North American Trials.

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