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Leonardo Noguiera His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Leonardo Noguiera His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Leonardo Noguiera?

Leonardo Noguiera is a first Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the famous Fabio Gurgel. Leo is the head instructor at Atlanta Alliance in the United States of America. Leo has impressed many opponents with his formidable passing pressure and his incredible attacking guard. Throughout his career Leo has conquered some of the toughest guys on the planet winning seven IBJJF World Championships, one at Blue belt, 2 at Brown belt and 4 at Black belt level. Leo has also won many other titles including; a Pan American Championship, Brazilian National Championships, a European Open Championship and numerous other tournament wins.

Half Guard Encyclopedia by Leonardo Nogueira

After winning two IBJJF World Championships in 2008 and 2009 at Brown belt level, Leo was awarded the prestigious rank of Black belt. It took Leo a while to get going as he lost 4 out of his first 5 matches against; Rafael Lovato, Alexandre Ceconi, Alexandre Ribeiro and Rodolfo Vieira. Soon after, Leo competed at the 2011 IBJJF World Championships, Leo executed his technical proficiency in the quarter final securing a wrist lock on Alberto Silva. Leo then secured referee decision wins in his last two fights against Joao Assis and Marcus Almeida to secure his first IBJJF World Championship win at the Black belt level. 

In 2012 Leo achieved another monumental feat, as he won back to back World Championships. After defeating the likes of Paulo Martins with a baseball bat choke and Felipe Bueno on points, Leo advanced into the final and secured a win against the world renowned Bernardo Faria. Leo wasn't done with just winning back to back world titles, as he attempted to win double Gold by competing in the absolute division. Leo defeated Tatsuya Kondo, Igor Silva, Alexandre Ribeiro and Antonio Carlos in the rounds leading up to the final. In the last fight Leo faced Marcus Buchecha Almeida as they batted in a fight full of transitions. As the fight ended Almeida was crowned the champion with a score of 8 points to 4.

In 2013 Leonardo Noguiera had a year of close calls as he secured two Silver medals at IBJJF competition. After defeating world class grapplers like Alexandre Ribeiro, Braga Neto, Alessandro Silva, Clark Gracie, Alexandre Ceconi and Bruno Matias, Leo lost in the final of the Copa Podio to Rodolfo Vieira and lost to Joao Rocha in the final at the Brazilian Nationals. Leo also lost in the quarter final at the Pan Americans to Nivaldo Oliveira and the European Open semi final to Alexander Trans. Also competing at the ADCC Championships, Leo was submitted with a Heel Hook by Joao Assis as 2013 proved to be a difficult year for Leonardo Noguiera.

Over the next two years Leo won matches against high quality grapplers like; Keenan Cornelius, Rodrigo Pereira, Tim Spriggs and Rafael Tongen. Leo fell short at the World Championships losing to Keenan Cornelius and Rodolfo Vieira, he also lost matches at the Pan Americans against Leandro Lo and Abraham Marte. In spite of his recent failures to claim the Gold, Leo won Gold at the Boca Raton Open with an ankle lock over Nathan Mendelsohn and a points win against Arnaldo Maidana.the following year was 2016 and it would be a year of triumphs and controversies.

Leo started the year winning events like the Atlanta BJJ Pro and double Gold at the Atlanta Winter Open. He defeated legends like Joao Soares, Roberto Torralbas and Osvaldo Moizinho. Leo was then hampered with a knee injury which led to a controversial recovery. Leo came back from his injury not in great shape, but he still won the IBJJF World Championship beating Alexandre Ceconi in the final. It was later revealed that some of the supplements Leo used in his rehabilitation were deemed performance enhancing and so the Brazilian Champion was stripped of his title and forced into a two year suspension of all IBJJF events. Leo spent the next two years fighting on local and special events, like the UAEJJF Orlando trials, and the Fight to Win promotion in superfights,  winning against Ricard Abreu and losing to Tim Spriggs.

After Leo’s unsuccessful campaign at the IBJJF Pan American Championships in 2019, the world was hit with the covid pandemic forcing closures everywhere. In 2021 Leonardo Noguiera was back with a familiar ferocity as he competed in the IBJJF World Masters Championships. Leo defeated the likes of Dany Gerard and Clark Gracie as he moved into the final in both his weight class and the absolute division. In both divisions Leo fought Diogo Nascimento as he defeated the legend twice, and secured two world titles, making him a four time World Champion.

The Leotine Effective Guillotine Attacks by Leozada Nogueira

How Old Is Leonardo Noguiera?

Leonardo Noguiera was born in Guarujá in Brazil on the 12th of May in 1987, he is currently 34 years of age.

Leonardo Noguiera's Early Life!

Leonardo Noguiera grew up near the beach in a town called Guarujá in Brazil. As a child you could imagine he spent many of his days at the beach swimming and surfing. Leo grew up always fighting with his brother, as the rivalry was always present. When Leo turned 15 he began training at Integracao Jiu Jitsu under the famous Elcio Figueiredo and Paulo Polimeno. At Integracao Leo trained with many high calibre athletes like; Marcus Almeida, Rodrigo Cavaca, Fabio Romao and Nivaldo Oliveira. In 2008 Leo moved to Sao Paulo and joined up with Fabio Gurgel at Alliance. Leo was a talented Brown belt as he won the Rio Open and the IBJJF World Championship in 2008. In 2009 Leo won another World Championship this time in the Absolute division as he managed to defeat Kyron Gracie in the final. Shortly after Leo was awarded his Black belt by Fabio Gurgel.

How Much Is Leonardo Noguiera Worth?

Leonardo Noguiera has spent his life dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in pursuit of becoming the best grappler in the world he has built himself significant remuneration. Leo has become the head instructor at Alliance Atlanta, an affiliate academy to Fabio Gurgel. Along with his many high calibre fights Leo has earnt money for multiple seminars he has hosted. Leo has also worked exclusively with BJJ Fanatics to film a bunch of comprehensive instructional videos titled;  "The Sao Paulo Passing System", "Half Guard Encyclopaedia" and "The Leotine Effective Guillotine Attacks" all these titles are available for purchase on With all of Leo's income avenues he has built a net worth of over 2 million dollars, with significant rises due as he continues to excel on the world stage of grappling.

How Tall is Leonardo Noguiera?

Leonardo Noguiera stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall, which is the equivalent to 190 centimetres.

How Much Does Leonardo Noguiera Weigh?

Leonardo Noguiera weighs in at 94 kilograms or (207 pounds) Leo has also fought at 100 kg, 110 kg and multiple fights in the absolute division.

Leonardo Noguiera's Fight List!

Leonardo Noguiera has fought extensively in the Black belt ranks for over a decade. His exceptional passing skills have monstered many of his opponents. Leo has fought in the heavyweight, super heavyweight and the absolute divisions in many of his high calibre fights. Over the last ten years Leo has fought against outstanding professionals like; Alberto Silva, Marcus Almeida, Tatsuya Kondo, Igor Silva, Alexandre Ribeiro, Felipe Bueno, Keenan Cornelius, Paulo Martins, Braga Neto, Masahiro Iwasaki, Clark Gracie, Alessandro Silva, Tim Spriggs, Luiz Panza, Rafael Tongen, Rodrigo Pereira, Tex Johnson, Osvaldo Moizinho, Guilherme Augusto, Roberto Torralbas, Mahamed Aly, Vitor Toledo, Abraham Marte, Ricard Abreu, Uros Domanovic and Joao Soares. 

Leonardo Noguiera's Best Fight Of All Time!

Leonardo Noguiera has been involved in many great fights over the course of his tremendous career. He has won multiple titles including many IBJJF tournaments like the World Championships, European Opens, Brazilian Nationals, Pan Americans and a vast array of other titles. At 34 years of age Leonardo Noguiera had his best tournament, as he secured double Gold at the IBJJF World Masters Championships. In his super heavyweight class he bested Dany Gerard and Diogo Nascimento to win the title. Leo went a step further as he won the coveted Absolute World Masters Championship, by defeating Gregor Gracie and once again Diogo Nascimento. Leo has now become a four time World Champion and is sure to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the future.

Who Did Leonardo Noguiera Lose To?

Leonardo Noguiera has had an amazing career competing in the professional grappling circuit. Out of his 25 losses as a Black belt, Leo has only been submitted 5 times. He has been submitted by; Lucio Lagarto at the European Open, Heel Hooked by Joao Assis at the 2013 ADCC Championships, Triangled by Keenan Cornelius in the absolute division at the 2014 World Championships, suffered from a Head Arm Choke at the 2014 World Championships to Rodolfo Vieira and was Armbared by Abraham Marte at the 2015 World Championships. Leo has also suffered losses to; Rafael Lovato, Alexandre Ribeiro, Alexandre Ceconi, Marcus Almeida, Nivaldo Oliveira, Joao Rocha, Tim Spriggs, Leandro Lo, Andre Galvao, Inacio Neto and Mahamed Aly.

Leonardo Noguiera's Record!

Leonardo Noguiera has become a dominant athlete competing on the world arena. He is a four time World Champion who has defeated some of the best fighters in the world. Leo holds a record as a Black belt of 57 wins with 25 losses, including 17 submission victories. Leo has accomplished multiple titles that include; 

IBJJF World Champion (2011, 2012) IBJJF World Masters Champion (2021) IBJJF World Masters Absolute Champion (2021) IBJJF Pan American Champion (2015) IBJJF Brazilian National Champion (2012) IBJJF Brazilian National Absolute Champion (2011) IBJJF European Open Champion (2011) Boca Ramon Open Champion (2015) Atlanta Winter Open Champion (2016) Atlanta Winter Open Absolute Champion (2016) Atlanta BJJ Pro Champion (2016) UAEJJF Orlando Champion (2017) Atlanta SMO Champion  (2018) Absolute World Championship Runner Up (2012) Copa Podio Championship Runner Up (2013) IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner Up (2016) IBJJF Brazilian National Championship Runner Up (2010) IBJJF Pro Grand Prix Absolute Runner Up (2016) IBJJF Rio Open Absolute Runner Up (2010) IBJJF Brazilian National Championships Third Place (2011) 

As a coloured belt; 

IBJJF World Champion (Blue belt 2006) IBJJF World Champion (Brown belt 2008) IBJJF World Absolute Champion (Brown belt 2009) IBJJF Rio Open Absolute Champion (Brown belt 2008) IBJJF Rio Open Runner Up (Brown belt 2008).

Leonardo Noguiera's Injuries!

Leonardo Noguiera has suffered from an extensive knee injury, his problems made life significantly difficult being a professional athlete. During his recovery Leo did plenty of Physio and took a plethora of supplements to aid his rehabilitation. Heading into the 2016 World Championships Leo wasn't in great shape, but with the skill set he possesses he still managed to win the title. Unfortunately for Leo he was stripped of his title a couple months later as he tested positive to a banned substance. Leo went on record saying it was accidental and he was surprised as it was something in the supplements he was using, Leo promised and cautioned other athletes to be careful what supplements to take in their careers. Leo served a two year ban, but has since come back strong at the age of 34.

Is Leonardo Noguiera Retired?

Leonardo Noguiera is still an extremely active competitor in the world of grappling. After sitting out from a two year ban from IBJJF tournaments, he has come back with a hunger to be the best. Leo has looked to prove himself as a man of integrity and honour as he recently devoured the competition at the World Masters, winning double Gold. Leo also is heavily focused on teaching his students at Atlanta Alliance in the USA, where he is passing on the torch and hoping to build many future World Champions.

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