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Lucas Pinheiro His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Lucas Pinheiro His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Lucas Pinheiro?

Lucas Pinheiro is an exceptional athlete who holds a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was awarded his rank by Carlos Holanda after joining him when he was a Brown belt. Lucas has become an outstanding light featherweight grappler, and can attribute most of that to Cicero Costha who turned him into a competitive weapon after Lucas joined his gym in Sao Paulo after becoming a Purple belt. Lucas now trains at the Atos Jiu Jitsu Academy in the United States of America under the famous Andre Galvao, where he has achieved his first degree. Lucas has won SJJIF World Championships in both Gi and No Gi along with IBJJF Pan American Championships, IBJJF American Nationals, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals and a vast array of other tournaments including the UAEJJF Miami Grand Slam.

No Gi Pressure Passing Mastery by Lucas Pinheiro

At the age of 17 Lucas was ranked as a Purple belt, and after receiving an invitation from the famous Cicero Costha, Lucas humbly accepted. Moving to Sao Paulo to become a full time Jiu Jitsu competitor under Cicero Costha was every Brazilian kid's dream. Lucas credits a lot of his excellence in grappling due to Cicero’s guidance. Lucas would earn his Brown belt as he won a multitude of events including; the IBJJF Rio International Open, the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, the UAEJJF Brazilian National Pro and was impressive at the IBJJF World Championships, securing the Silver Medal. While competing in California, Lucas was offered a coaching role at Checkmat Academy but Lucas decided against it as he switched gyms. Lucas would earn his Black belt under his fellow Manuara Carlos Holanda.

Lucas began his Black belt campaign by winning his first tournament, the IBJJF Austin International Open. He also secured a bronze medal in the absolute division. Lucas placed second at the IBJJF Dallas International Open and the following year winning the San Antonio International Open. Lucas also competed extremely well at the IBJJF Pan American Championship, losing to Mikey Musumeci in the final. Lucas also won a fight against Joao Somalia at Fight 2 Win 17 with a katagatame (ankle lock). Lucas had an extremely busy and successful 2017 as he won a huge amount of IBJJF tournaments including; the American Nationals in Gi and NoGi, the Austin, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta International Opens. Lucas also recorded a number of Silver and Bronze medals at IBJJF events like; The Pan American Championship and the World Championship.

2018 was a great year for Lucas as he achieved monumental heights. He won Gold medals at the IBJJF American Nationals in Gi and NoGi, with wins in both divisions against Joao Somalia. Lucas also won the ACBJJ North American Championship as he defeated Matheus Magalhaes 4 points to nil. Lucas' greatest achievement that year came at the SJJIF World Championships, as he won two titles by defeating Ari Tavira in the Gi and Takahito Yoshioka in the NoGi division. Lucas also secured a third place at the IBJJF Pan American Championship, and finished with the Silver medal with a referee decision loss to Gabriel Sousa at the ACBJJ World Jiu Jitsu Championship. 

In 2019 Lucas continued with his dominance in IBJJF events as he won more American Nationals, Pan Americans and International Opens in Houston, Austin and Las Vegas. Lucas defeated guys like; Suraj Budhram, Brandon Walker, Jordan Holy and Ermilio Lima. Lucas also fought in two Fight 2 Win promotions, he defeated Joao Miyao at F2W 128 and lost at F2W 133 against Samir Chantre. In 2020 Lucas made more appearances on F2W 149 and 151, with a loss to Junny Ocasio and a win against Vinny Saenz. Lucus also won another Houston Open and 2 Pan American Championships, in the Gi division by an advantage against Jonas Andrade and a 7 - 2 points win in the NoGi over Matheus Magalhaes.

In 2021 Lucas was prolific as he recorded a 23 - 13 win loss record. He won more tournaments like the Canada Pro, Asia Continental Pro and the Brazilian National Pro defeating athletes like; Gabriel Gaudio, Abdel Faori and David Mosleh. Lucas fought at F2W 181 losing to Gabriel Sousa and defeating Bebeto Oliveira at F2W 183. Lucas also lost another superfight against Mikey Musumeci at WNO 9. Lucas gained wins over other athletes like; Marcos Melo, Leandro Lima, Cleber Sousa, Leonardo Souza, Daniel Santana and Nathannael Fernandes. Lucas has proven himself to be one of the best grapplers to come out of Brazil and compete internationally.

Pressure Passing Mastery Against Modern Guards by Lucas Pinheiro

How Old Is Lucas Pinheiro?

Lucas Pinheiro grew up in Manaus in the Amazon in Brazil, he was born on February the 11th in 1994, he is currently 27 years of age.

Lucas Pinheiro's Early Life!

Lucas Pinheiro grew up in Manaus in Brazil, his family had an extremely low income which forced them to spend long hours working away. Lucas spent a lot of his time on the streets of Manaus, where he earned the reputation of being a bad boy. Lucas would often start fights just for fun and he would engage in daredevil behaviour, he was often in trouble. At the age of 9 one of Lucas' Best friends took him to a Jiu Jitsu class at the region's most renowned school, Professor Pina's Jiu Jitsu Academy. Lucas was instantly hooked and as a troubled kid, the systematic environment of Jiu Jitsu was perfect for the young Brazilian. Lucas trained there until he achieved his Purple belt at 17 years of age. Shortly after Lucas left Manaus as he moved to Sao Paulo to become a full time grappler, training under Cicero Costha.

How Much Is Lucas Pinheiro Worth?

Lucas Pinheiro has worked extremely hard to elevate his financial position. From a poor Brazilian kid rising up to the top level of Jiu Jitsu competition. He has fought in many tournaments and secured various cash prizes over his career. Lucas has been running various seminars in order to keep funding his competitive success. Lucas has a net worth of a few hundred thousand dollars now, as he hopes to raise his stocks. Lucas is working extensively with BJJ Fanatics as he has filmed instructional videos titled; "Pressure Passing Mastery Against Common Guards", "NoGi Pressure Passing Mastery" and "Pressure Passing Mastery Against Modern Guards" all his videos are available exclusively for purchase through

How Tall Is Lucas Pinheiro?

Lucas Pinheiro stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall which is the equivalent to 163 centimetres.

How Much Does Lucas Pinheiro Weigh?

Lucas Pinheiro weighs in at 61 kilograms or (135 pounds) Lucas has fought in many different weight classes ranging from 57 kg to 77 kg. In 2019 Lucas was ranked #9 over all weight categories in NoGi by the IBJJF.

Lucas Pinheiro's Fight List!

Lucas Pinheiro has become one of the most active grapplers on the world stage. He has competed in all the most prestigious events from all over the world. Lucas has an extensive fight list that includes; Daniel Santana, Nathannael Fernandes, David Mosleh, Cleber Sousa, Bebeto Oliveira, Leonardo Souza, Marcos Melo, Fellipe Suppo, Gabriel Gaudio, Jonas Andrade, Willis Nunes, Pedro Serrano, Joao Miyao, Suraj Budhram, Ermilio Lima, Brandon Walker, Josh Murdock, Takahito Yoshioka, Rafael Marques, Joao Somalia, Mark Ramos, Rene Lopez, Luis Pinto, Paulo Silva, Jose Lima and Angel Vargas.

Lucas Pinheiro's Best Fight Of All Time!

Lucas Pinheiro has competed in multiple events all across the globe. Lucas has won an impressive amount of tournament Gold and among other achievements he has become one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters the world has ever seen. Lucas has won UAEJJF Brazilian Pro, ACBJJ Worlds, CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, and a plethora of IBJJF Championships. Lucas Pinheiro's Best event came in 2018 when he won double Gold at the prestigious SJJIF World Championships. Competing in the 64 kg Gi division, Lucas submitted Takahito Yoshioka with a choke from the back in the semi final. In the final Lucas was ferocious as he secured an arm in Ezekiel on the American Ari Tavira. Lucas was inspired as he wanted to win both divisions, stepping into the 61 kg NoGi division he was on fire. In the semi final he annihilated Timmy Song 46 points to 2 as he set up a final showdown against Takahito Yoshioka. In the final Lucas was on point as he surged towards another World Championship, Lucas submitted Takahito with a katagatame or (ankle lock) as he was crowned the Gi and NoGi World Champion.

Who Did Lucas Pinheiro Lose To?

Lucas Pinheiro has lost 34 times as a Black belt out of 121 fights. Lucas has only been submitted 9 times since receiving his Black belt. Some of the guys who have finished Lucas are; Caio Terra submitted Lucas with a toe hold in the semi final at the World Championships in 2017, and later that year Joao Miyao secured a Rear Naked Choke in the final at the the NoGi Worlds. Lucas was submitted by Tomoyuki Hashimoto in the quarter final of the World Championships in 2018. In 2019 Alex Sodre submitted Lucas with a 50/50 Armbar at the Pan American Championships. Competing at Fight 2 Win 133 in 2019 Lucas fought Samir Chantre at 70 kilograms and suffered a loss via Inside Heel Hook. In 2021 Lucas would fight Mikey Musumeci at WNO 9, as the two competed at 61 kilograms to see who was number 1. Mikey Musumeci secured an Inside Heel Hook on Lucas Pinheiro. Lucas has suffered other losses to guys like; Inacio Neto, Bruno Malfacine, Joao Rocha, Marcus Wilson, Gabriel Sousa, Higor Lima, Israel Sousa, Thiago Macedo and Diogo Reis.

Lucas Pinheiro's Record!

Lucas has been an extremely active and successful grappler throughout his impressive career. Since 2015 Lucas has fought 121 times And achieved a tremendous amount of tournament wins. Lucas has a record of 87 wins with 34 losses, including an impressive 42 submissions giving Lucas a 48.28% finishing strike rate. Lucas has compiled an impressive list of accolades that include;

SJJIF World Champion (2018) SJJIF NoGi World Champion (2018) IBJJF Pan American Champion (2020) IBJJF Pan American NoGi Champion (2019) IBJJF Houston International Open Champion (2020, 2019) IBJJF Austin International Open Champion (2019, 2017, 2015) IBJJF Austin International Open NoGi Champion (2019) IBJJF Las Vegas International Open Champion (2019) IBJJF Las Vegas International NoGi Champion (2019) IBJJF American NoGi National Champion (2019, 2018, 2017) IBJJF American National Champion (2018, 2017) ACBJJ North American Champion (2018) IBJJF Dallas International Open Champion (2017) IBJJF Dallas International NoGi Champion (2017) IBJJF Atlanta International Open Champion (2017) IBJJF Miami International NoGi Open Champion (2017) IBJJF San Antonio International Open Champion (2016) UAEJJF Brazil National Pro Champion (2015, 2021) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (2015) IBJJF Rio International Open Champion (2014) Asia Continental Pro Champion (2021) Canada Pro Champion (2021) Fight 2 Win Featherweight Champion (2019) IBJJF World Championship Runner Up (2015) IBJJF World NoGi Championship Runner Up (2017) IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner Up (2017, 2016) ACBJJ World Jiu Jitsu Runner Up (2018) IBJJF American National Runner Up (2019) IBJJF World Championship Third Place (2017)

Lucas Pinheiro's Injuries!

Lucas Pinheiro has recently suffered from a pinched nerve in his back, doctors have told him to stop training due to the seriousness of the injury. Lucas however is too determined in his mindset and despite warnings of paralyzation, he continues to train after receiving two injections in his back, which released some pressure. Lucas has also been seen limping around with a wrapped up foot due to a bone out of place in his foot. Lucas is an extremely tough individual who has a never give up attitude and over a decade of competition experience.

Is Lucas Pinheiro Retired?

Lucas Pinheiro is still extremely active in the professional grappling circuit. At the age of 27 he has many more years of dominating competition to look forward to. Lucas has won everything there is to win in Jiu Jitsu except for the coveted IBJJF World Championships. Lucas is determined to take the last step he needs to satisfy his hunger to be the best. Lucas is heading towards Hall of Fame territory as he looks to secure many more World titles.

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