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Mario Mason His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Mario Mason His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Mario Mason?

Mario Mason is a former high school and collegiate wrestler. He is a New Jersey native who wrestled for Blair Academy in high school before joining the University of Minnesota. After two years Mario switched college to be closer to home so he wrestled for Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Mario has won multiple titles throughout his career including numerous State and National Championships. The four time high school All American has also won many other tournaments like Beast of the East, Ironman, FILA Nationals, Bison Open and has recorded 3 NCAA qualifications. After college Mario joined Rutgers University in New Brunswick in a coaching role, as he has helped to develop the Scarlet Knights Wrestling team.

The Art of Misdirection Wrestling by Mario Mason

In 2005 Mario attended the illustrious Blair Academy high school in New Jersey, where he was ranked the third best wrestler in the US at 145 pounds. Mario was an outstanding wrestler with a bright future ahead, and he extended far beyond his capabilities. Mario won four consecutive New Jersey State Championships and achieved four consecutive All American selections. In 2005 and 2006 Mario was an instrumental part in securing consecutive Team Championships, he was also a member of the 2007 and 2008 teams as they secured runners up. During his high school years Mario won the coveted Beast of the East tournament at 140 pounds he also became the Ironman tournament champion. Mario excelled in all fields of his athletics as he won the Junior Nationals, the Prep Nationals and the Senior Nationals as a prep student. After graduating from high school Mario decided to move to Minnesota so he could begin college and wrestle for the Gophers.

Moving to Minnesota had its share of challenges, as being away from his family proved to be extremely hard. Mario was challenged mentally but for two years he stuck it out as a Gopher. Mario secured a 14 - 2 win loss record, including a 12 - 1 at 149 pounds, and moving up to 157 pounds where he tallied a 2 - 1 record. Mario won his first 8 matches of the season including a 3 - 0 result as he won the Bison Open. Mario recorded a 5 - 1 record as he competed at the Kaufman Brand Amatuer Open, resulting in the second place finish. Mario also finished second at the Flash Open as he finished the season relatively happy with his standings.

In 2010 as a Freshman, Mario qualified for his first ever NCAA Championship, unfortunately he lost back to back matches as he failed to place. Mario recorded a 4 - 4 record as he finished 5th at the Big Ten Conference Championships. Mario recorded 3 victories over ranked opponents as he finished his season with an overall record of 19 - 12, including 8 - 5 in dual meets. Mario has spoken about how difficult his Freshman year was being away from his family, knowing there were issues at home that needed his attention. This ultimately led to Mario switching from Minnesota to Rutgers University in New Brunswick.

In 2011 Mario was back in New Jersey and wrestling for the Scarlet Knights, Mario was extremely happy to be in his home state and wrestling under his former high school friend Cory Cooperman. Mario had revived his career as he recorded a great season at Rutgers. Mario secured his second straight NCAA qualification but again failed to place. Mario Notched up a 21 - 3 record and he was ranked at number #4 in the country at 149 pounds. In 2012 Mario continued his winning ways by recording a 19 - 3 overall record as he was ranked inside the top ten for the whole season. Mario had many write ups about him in W.I.N Magazine, Intermat and Amatuer Wrestling News. He also secured his third straight NCAA selection but for the third straight year he did not place at the tournament.

After graduating from college with a Major in Sports Management, Mario began his coaching tenure at Rutgers University alongside his coach, friend and mentor Cory Cooperman. Mario brings his extensive knowledge to the table as he endeavors to help develop many New Jersey natives. Mario has continued wrestling and in 2016 Mario won a Senior Olympic Level - USA Freestyle event as he defeated Jaydin Eierman in the final. Two days later in the third event Mario made it into the Senior 1st place matchup as he lost to Franklin Maren in a close match. In 2017 and 2018 Mario competed at the Canada Cup as he managed to place second and third respectively. Mario is now one of the coaches at the Rhino Wrestling Club where he coaches alongside Kyle Brewer and Paul Saraiva. Mario is also heavily invested in his online forum of podcasting and zoom calls where he is known as the Shot Doctor, as he brings top tier analytics to the forefront.  

Modern Misdirection Attacks by Myles Martin

How Old Is Mario Mason?

Mario Mason grew up in Moorestown, New Jersey in the United States of America, he was born on the 18th of July in 1989, he is currently 32 years of age.

Mario Mason's Family!

Mario Mason grew up in Moorestown in New Jersey in the United States of America. His father Bill and his Mother Diane raised him and his Brother and Sister Will and Erica to be integral, courageous and determined for success. They lived in a family heavily surrounded by religion as they were guided towards a greater future through the church. Mario spoke about how grateful he was for his parents to inspire him with their integrity and honour. Nowadays Mario is married and has a beautiful young daughter, his family are his reasons for inspiration now, as he looks forward to raising his child with those same core values his parents instilled in him.  

How Much Is Mario Mason Worth?

Mario is one of the coaches at the Rhino Wrestling Club, where he is making some significant money. Mario has also built an online platform where he does a podcast and answers zoom calls in order to teach wrestling manoeuvres. "Wrestlers Watching Wrestling" was the name of his segment for his podcast, Mario became famous as the "Shot Doctor" as his online content became extremely popular. Mario has brought many famous wrestlers like Jordan Oliver onto his show as they use their expert analysis to break down wrestling matches. Mario is also available for hire as he sets up seminars and clinics all over the East Coast of America. Mario has also had many sponsors throughout his outstanding career, none more famous than Adidas. Mario has built a net worth upwards of six hundred thousand dollars as his stocks are rising considerably. Mario has also begun filming instructional videos with the premier distributor of Martial Arts content, BJJ Fanatics. Mario's "The Art Of Misdirection Wrestling" is available exclusively for purchase through

How Tall Is Mario Mason?

Mario Mason stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is the equivalent to 172 centimetres. 

How Much Does Mario Mason Weigh?

Mario Mason weighs in at 149 pounds or (67 kilograms) Mario has also jumped up to 157 pounds or (71 kilograms) and fought at 140 Pounds or (63 kilograms) throughout his career. 

Mario Mason’s Fight List!

Mario Mason has fought extensively over the last 15 years in competitive wrestling. He has fought many high level wrestlers throughout his high school and his collegiate years. Mario’s has an impressive list of fights that include athletes like; Yahya Thomas, Robbie Mathers, Jaydin Eierman, Dillon Williams, Chayse Jackson, Ty Lydic, Suhyeon Park, Hunter Stieber, Caleb Rutner, Nick Rowe, Gunnar Sales, Jason Chamberlain, Kyle Dake, Vlad Dombrovskiy, Brian Tanen, Alec Hoffman, Kevin LeValley, Ryan Cubberly, Tyler Nauman, Lewis Baker, Ryan Prater and Jeremy Garner.

Who Did Mario Mason Lose To?

Mario Mason has lost a few matches in his career, his two seasons at Minnesota proved extremely difficult. In Mario's last two years at Minnesota he lost 14 matches including losing twice to Jason Chamberlain in a best out of three matchup at the 66kg FILA Junior Final Trial in 2009. In his more recent years Some of his losses include; Ulukman Mamatov, Dave Habat, Hunter Stieber, Kellen Russell, Franklin Maren, Dean Heil and Brandon Sorenson.

Mario Mason's Record!

Mario Mason has been a formidable wrestler throughout his years competing. He had outstanding potential as he rose up through the high school ranks. Moving through college he continued accumulating wins as he secured a record at Minnesota of 43 - 14. After moving back to New Jersey Mario continued his career at Rutgers University where he posted an overall record of 40 - 6. Mario has amassed a vast record of accomplishments that include; 

3 x Prep Champion (2006, 2007, 2008) 3 x Fargo Champion (2006, 2007, 2008) Under 23 National Champion (2006) EIWA Junior National Champion (2007) 3 x NCAA Qualifier (2010, 2011, 2012) 4 x All American Selection (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) USA Senior Freestyle Champion (2016) Bison Open Champion (2009) FILA Junior Freestyle Champion (2009) University Men's Freestyle National Champion (2009) Ironman Tournament Champion (2008) Beast of the East Champion (2008) New Jersey Team Champions (2005, 2006) 

Midlands Championship Runner Up (2009) USA Senior Freestyle Runner Up (2016) Canada Cup Runner Up (2017) Canada Cup Third Place (2018) Big Ten Conference 5th Place (2010) Flash Open Runner Up (2009) Kaufman Brand Open Runner Up (2009) Dave Schultz Memorial Runner Up (2009) New Jersey Team Championship Runners Up (2007, 2008) Mario has spent a great deal of time ranked inside the top 10 wrestles in the US at 149 pounds, and has ranked as high as 3rd.

Mario Mason's Injuries!

Mario Mason has suffered from a few injuries throughout his career. Like many collegiate wrestlers it can be extremely demanding on the body. Mario has had groin and hamstring strains, along with many other knocks and bruises. Mario has been profoundly effective at keeping his body in pristine condition, he has experience in handling the physical and psychological aspects of American Wrestling. Nowadays Mario is passing on his knowledge and expertise to many of his students at the Rhino Wrestling Club in New Jersey.

Is Mario Mason Retired?

Mario Mason has stepped away from competitive wrestling as he focuses his full attention into his coaching aspirations. Mario is one of the coaches at the Rhino Wrestling Club in Marlboro, New Jersey. Mario Mason is a charismatic coach who offers students his true passion for the sport, the unassuming technician is also available for hire as he offers clinics to many interested parties. Mario has achieved many triumphs in his career as he is set to build a new legacy as an inspirational coach and mentor.

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