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Malcolm Gwilliam His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Malcolm Gwilliam His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Malcolm Gwilliam? 

Malcolm Gwilliam is a strength and conditioning coach who has developed programs for athletes of countless sports. Originally from Vancouver, Canada Malcom grew up as an avid athlete. After Highschool Malcom Gwilliam was fortunate to have received a full scholarship to play Division 1 (the highest collegiate level) Hockey at the Michigan Tech University School of Business and Economics. During his time in college Gwilliam went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Finance. Malcolm spent his years as captain of the Michigan State Tech University Huskies Hockey team. 

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After his college hockey career, Malcom set his sails to Arizona to start his strength and conditioning career. Malcolm was introduced to personal training after a catastrophic near career ending injury prior to a Nov. 16 Western Collegiate Hockey game in Minnesota in which he had to undergo 18 months of rehab and personal training along with 2 surgeries. 6 short months later he was able to step his skates back on the ice. He was surprised and inspired by how effective physical rehab and personal training helped him and was then inspired to dedicate his life to strength and conditioning and physical rehabilitation. He started by and is still working with and learning from the highest level of coaches in the sport. Malcolm Gwilliam has worked with countless high profile athletes. A few of the most notable are Will Clay, winning silver medal in triple jump in the Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Olympics and Victoria Anthony, a national champion wrestler. Malcolm works with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ,Wrestling, NFL (National Football League), NHL (National Hockey League) and athletes from all types of sports. 

Malcom Gwilliam’s company, Source Performance is a strength and conditioning system based on optimizing human performance. Malcolm founded Source Performance with a one idea philosophy. The philosophy states that Source Performance is all about results based training. Keeping that simple idea in mind with complex ways of execution. Along with strength and conditioning they also study and focus on neurophysiology, biology, body composition, and stress exposure. Source Performance focuses on each individual client and their needs. Recovery at Source Performance focuses on not only healing your muscles but also your nervous system using technology that monitors your cardiovascular system, nervous system and energy system. Malcom Gwilliam and his Source Performance System utilize nutrition, monitoring your nutritional requirements as you go along in through the program to help further advance your body. Lastly, probably the most important tool that Malcom Gwilliam and Source Performance help you develop is an adaptable and growth oriented mindset. Stating that “A growth mindset cannot be defined solely to fitness. It is an essential element for progress and action in all aspects of life. It is responsible for compliance and consistency in daily practice and why it plays an integral role in our training outcomes” The Source Performance Center is located at 14201 NHayden Rd Suite D4, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Their Website is with 5 stars on Google reviews.

Bernardo Faria, Co-Owner of BjjFanatics has mentioned working with Kevin “KP” Parreti during his days of competition. KP being an elite physical conditioning coach. Kevin “KP” Parreti helped Bernardo Faria during his path to becoming 5 time Black Belt World Champion. Bernardo Faria explains how Kevin Parati and Malcom Gwilliam have similar kinds of principles. They both focus on preorganization training as well as specific training as far as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu goes. Bernardo Faria appreciates the fact that he notices that the best coaches out there have similar formulas. Charles Poliquin, a mentor of Mike Demko and an Olympic coach who has worked with over 800 Olympic athletes and out of those 800 athletes over 20 have won first place and received gold medals. Charles Poliquin has mentioned Malcom Gwilliam to be next up when it comes to world class physical conditioning coaching. 

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How Old Is Malcolm Gwilliam

Malcolm Gwilliam was born in the United States on the 16th of January in 1985, he is currently 37 years of age. 

Malcolm Gwilliam’s Early Life? 

Malcolm Gwilliam played sports for most of his early life with the main sport being hockey. He received a full ride scholarship to play Division 1 (the highest collegiate level) hockey at the Michigan Tech University Huskies team. Gwilliam went on to earn a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Finance and spent his years as captain of the team. 

How Much Is Malcolm Gwilliam Worth? 

Malcolm Gwilliam earns his money through Source Performance, the company he founded. Source performance is open to anyone from a hobbyist athlete to professional athletes from all sports. The sports can range from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Wrestling to professional hockey, all Olympic sports and so on. The human body is what Source Performance builds and enhances so their target market is anyone with one! 

How Tall Is Malcolm Gwilliam

Malcolm Gwilliam currently stands at 6 feet 2 inches or 188 cm. 

How Much Does Malcolm Gwilliam Weigh? 

Malcolm Gwilliam weighs about 194 lbs or 88kg. 

Malcolm Gwilliam’s Fight List!

Though Malcolm Gwilliam has never competed in martial arts, in the game of Hockey fights are allowed and are up to the refs discretion. Malcolm Gwilliam is no stranger to throwing down on skates. There is no information available on the names Malcom Gwilliam has tussled with on ice. 

Malcolm Gwilliam’s Record! 

Here are Malcolm Gwilliams statistics during his hockey career. 

S TEAM LEAGUE GP G A TP PIM +/- 2011-12 Evansville Icemen CHL 66 19 19 38 44 4 2010-11 Odessa Jackalopes CHL 2 0 0 0 0 1 Vimmerby HC Division 2 3 0 1 1 2 

2009-10 Michigan Tech “C” NCAA 35 14 16 30 22 -5 Reading Royals ECHL 5 0 0 0 2 -1 

2008-09 Michigan Tech NCAA 9 2 5 7 6 1 2007-08 Michigan Tech NCAA 36 5 9 14 44 0 2006-07 Michigan Tech NCAA 40 9 8 17 34 13 2005-06 Michigan Tech NCAA 0 0 0 0 0 

2004-05 Michigan Tech NCAA 32 1 3 4 10 -4 2003-04 Canmore Eagles AJHL 40 23 35 58 28 Grande Prairie Storm AJHL 17 3 3 6 8 

2002-03 Sicamous Eagles KIJHL 38 14 22 36 32 2001-02 Enderby Ice Kings KIJHL 43 10 13 23 62 

Malcolm Gwilliam’s Injuries! 

Along with a reported knee injury, Malcom Gwilliam suffered a heart injury that almost ended his career. He went through two surgeries and had to undergo personal training and rehabilitation for 18 months. He then saw progress after just 6 months of physical rehab and personal training and was able to start back up on the ice court. 

Is Malcolm Gwilliam Retired? 

Retired from pro hockey, Malcolm Gwilliam since then founded Source Performance and continues to educate himself on all aspects of physical conditioning while developing and experimenting with the latest training techniques. His website source states “The best training system in the world is one that evolves with science, innovates in practice, and produces increasing results. To truly be all encompassing, the hunt for knowledge is never over. To Malcolm, there is nothing more symbolic than the success of his clients.

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