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Peter Lakatos His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Peter Lakatos His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Peter Lakatos? 

Peter Lakatos is a martial artist and former professional athlete turned coach. Originally from Hungary, Peter Lakatos works with Judo, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes with their strength and conditioning in his home country Hungary and throughout the world. Lakatos is a Krav maga expert 3 instructor under Eyal Yanilov, the creator and Chief Instructor of Ground Force Method, a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner under Carlson Gracie Jr., Master SFG Instructor with Pavel Tsatsouline, kettlebell instructor, fitness coach and a creator of Primal Move which is a game based exercise system that seeks to improve physical and mental well being through playful movement with fitness being a natural side effect according to Lakatos. 

Breathe by Peter Lakatos

In 2002 Peter Lakatos decided to pick up Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a self defense system developed by IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and Israeli Security Forces utilizing a number of combined techniques from martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Aikido, Boxing, and Wrestling. The fighting system focuses on real life situations taking the most effective and practical techniques to finish a fight as quickly and aggressively as possible. For 15 years Lakatos went to Israel, the birthplace of Krav Maga, eventually bringing the system to Hungary. Testing for his Black Belt in Krav Maga, Peter notices one of his least developed skills was grappling. One of Peter’s best friends and the first Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu asked Lakatos for years to try out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Peter ended up deciding to try it out for a couple of weeks to only get proficient enough for his Krav Maga exam. Even with 10 years of a martial arts background, like most beginners in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he was outmatched. He was tapping and getting destroyed by Blue Belts (one rank above White Belt) according to Lakatos. Peter unsurprisingly ended up getting hooked, receiving his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a decade later by that same best friend under Carlson Gracie, one of the members of the famous Gracie family. Peter was always surprised when he earned a new belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, always feeling like he had to work hard to earn the rank he was given. 

One of Lakatos’s big breakthrough moments in becoming a high level coach was FMS (Functional Movement Screen). Functional Movement Screen is a screening that evaluates 7 specific and fundamental movements in injury free athletes. 1st of the 7 fundamental movements are the Deep Squat, used to test the mobility of the hips, knees and ankles etc… The 2nd fundamental movement is the Hurdle Step, which tests

the athletes stability in a single leg stance. 3rd is the incline lunge challenging the hip, knee, ankle and foot mobility. 4th of the 7 movements is Shoulder Mobility testing the shoulder’s range of motion and upper extremity shoulder movements. 5th is the Active Straight Leg Raise which identifies the active mobility to the flexed hip. 6th is the Trunk Stability Push Up with a goal that initiates movement with upper extremities in a push up type of movement. Finally the 7th movement is Rotary Stability, a complex movement where the athlete is on all fours pushing the same side leg back and arm forward while maintaining stabilization and coordination. The scoring criteria is a grading system from 0 to 3. A score of 0 is given to the individual if there is pain at any time while performing one of the fundamental movements. A score of 1 is given if the person attempting to perform the movement cannot perform the full movement even when given compensation. A 2 is given when the individual can indeed perform the movement but compensates with poor mechanics. A 3 is given to said individual when they can perform the movement without any compensation or accommodations. Peter Lakatos runs training and certifications for Functional Movement Screen in Hungary and has been invited to teach in surrounding countries Slovakia, Israel, Italy etc… 

Peter Lakatos started implementing during his career Buteyko which is a Russian breathing method under the author Patrick Mcewen which is a good friend of Pater’s. Peter was surprised that even at the highest level, an athlete's breathing goes overlooked. This lack of knowledge and attention to breathing hinders their performance to less than what it potentially can be with proper knowledge and implementation on breathing skills. This affects their sleep and recovery due to snoring and even sleep apnea. “If your breathing is off your sleeping is off” Lakatos claims. 

Yoga For Grapplers Digital Only by Nicolas Gregoriades

How Old Is Peter Lakatos

There is no Information available online on Peter Lakatos’s age. 

Peter Lakatos’s Early Life? 

Peter Lakatos practiced martial arts as a child in his birthplace of Hungary. There is no further information readily available online about Peter’s early life. 

How Much Is Peter Lakatos Worth? 

There is no information on Peter Lakatos’s Net worth. Peter earns his wealth through coaching, instructing and certifying students and individuals through his numerous endeavors.

How Tall Is Peter Lakatos

There is no information available on Peter Lakatos’s height. 

How Much Does Peter Lakatos Weigh? 

There is no information available on Peter Lakatos’s weight. 

Peter Lakatos’s Fight List! 

There is no information available on Peter Lakatos’s fight list. 

Peter Lakatos’s Record! 

There is no information available on Peter Lakatos’s record. 

Peter Lakatos’s Injuries! 

Peter Lakatos has mentioned during his years training many styles of martial arts that he has had complications with a neck herniation, making it difficult to train and forcing him to train with light weights to maintain his muscle mass. Peter is well versed when it comes to movements of the human body and maintaining bodily awareness. 

Is Peter Lakatos Retired? 

Peter Lakatos has had an outstanding career as a Martial Artist and conditioning coach. Ricky’s knowledge and many certifications give him the platform to be able to teach at an expert level. Peter spends his time running the Krav Maga and Fitness Academy in Beaverton, Oregon.

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