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Gui Mendes His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Gui Mendes His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Gui Mendes?

Guilherme Mendes, otherwise known as Gui Mendes is a 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the esteemed Professor Ramon Lemos. Gui, along with his brother Rafael have been an instrumental part of the Atos Jiu Jitsu competition team. Gui is one half of the famous Mendes brothers, and is well known for his expertly technical Jiu Jitsu. Gui is a four time IBJJF World Champion in the Black belt division, Gui has also won a IBJJF Pan American Championship and a CBJJ Brazilian National Championship. Gui and his younger brother Rafael are both co-founders along with RVCA's founder Pat Tenore, of the Art Of Jiu Jitsu Academy, a school they run in Costa Mesa California.

Understanding The Distance On Top by Gui Mendes

Gui Mendes exploded onto the world scene of grappling as he began dominating at every belt level. Gui won IBJJF World Championships at Blue, Purple and Brown belt level including CBJJ Brazilian National Championships at every level. Due to his world class grappling accomplishments, Gui Mendes was awarded his Black belt by his long time trainer Ramon Lemos in October of 2008. Gui wasted no time as he began competing in the Black belt division, losing in the quarter finals at the Abu Dhabi World Pro and in the semi finals at the Pan American Championships. Gui then accomplished his childhood dream as he conquered the prestigious IBJJF World Championships, as he defeated Samuel Braga by an advantage in the final. 

In 2010 Gui Mendes continued to star as he submitted Edivaldo Ferreira in the semifinal at the IBJJF European Championships. Moving into the final he fought in a close matchup against World Champion Pablo Silva, Gui managed to upstage his opponent as he won the title by an advantage. After dominating his way through the San Diego Trials with wins against the likes of Marcos Alexandre, Gui Mendes set his sights on the Abu Dhabi Pro. Gui won his way through the divisions only to face his younger brother in the final. As the two brothers battled for the crown in a super technical fight, Gui was outclassed by Rafael Mendes 4 - 2. Gui was also victorious at the Brazilian National championships as he defeated Gabriel Morales 4 points to nil. 

In 2011 Gui solidified himself as one of the best grapplers in the world, by winning another IBJJF World Championship. Gui submitted both Milton Carlos and Laercio Fernandes, before facing Samuel Braga again in the semifinal. Gui eliminated Braga 4 - 2 on points as he set up a showdown with one of his Atos team members. Gui defeated Ary Farias and became a two time IBJJF World Champion. 

In 2012 Gui Mendes and his brother Rafael moved to California in the United States of America. The brothers then teamed up with one of their sponsors RVCA (a fightwear company owned by Pat Tenore) as they opened their new academy called The Art of Jiu Jitsu. The brothers stayed affiliated with Ramon Lemos and Atos, as they moved forward to help expand the sport of Jiu Jitsu. Gui competed at the IBJJF World Championships for the third time as he went on to defeat Laercio Fernandes in the final. Gui also won other events as he defeated Laercio Fernandes again at the Abu Dhabi Pro San Diego Trials, and executed a baseball bat choke against Pablo Silva at the Houston Open. 

In 2013 Gui was triumphant at the IBJJF Pan American Championships, after once again defeating a frustrated Laercio Fernandes. Competing at the IBJJF World championships, Gui bowed out in the quarter finals after an extremely close match that ended in a draw, as the referee declared Daniel Beleza the winner. Gui showcased his technical sorcery as he submitted all of his opponents at the Rickson Gracie Cup, including a Brabo Choke in the final. 

2014 started off with fireworks, as Gui Mendes fought Samir Chantre submitting him with a Baseball Bat Choke in the absolute division super fight at Metamoris 3. Gui had built momentum after his previous World Championship loss, as he looked for retribution. Gui entered the tournament where he defeated all of his opponents including the multiple World Champion Paulo Miyao in the final. Gui had reached superstar status as he became a four time World Champion. Gui followed up from his accomplishment by adding another Rickson Gracie Cup title and double Gold in 2015 at the Berkut Open with wins in his weight class (Brabo Choke) and the absolute division (Toe Hold) against Abi Muradov. On May 19th in 2015 Gui Mendes announced his retirement from competitive Jiu Jitsu as he set his focus on teaching at his academy. Gui finished his career with a 16 fight win streak and as a four time IBJJF World Champion.

Understanding The Distance From Guard by Gui Mendes

How Old Is Gui Mendes!

Gui Mendes was born in the town of Rio Claro in Brazil in 1988, he is currently 33 years of age.

Gui Mendes’ Early Life! 

Gui Mendes grew up in Rio Claro in Brazil in the 90’s, growing up with his younger brother Rafael there was an unspoken rivalry. The boys would compete all the time and when they were old enough, their cousin registered them to a neighboring Jiu Jitsu academy. Gui met Ramon Lemos and Leonardo Santos who both became mentors until the brothers received their yellow belts. Leonardo moved to Rio De Janeiro leaving the gym in the hands of Ramon Lemos. Gui’s parents separated when the brothers were extremely young, and as a result Gui’s father was absent his whole life. Training under Ramon Lemos, both the Mendes brothers became like sons and Ramon became a father figure as he helped guide them towards a bright and successful career in Jiu Jitsu. 

How Much Is Gui Mendes Worth?

Gui Mendes has become an extremely successful grappler throughout his illustrious career. He has achieved many accolades and defeated many high calibre opponents. During his career he received significant sponsorships with RVCA, a Martial Arts apparel company. In 2012 Gui teamed up with his sponsor and his brother Rafael as they opened a vastly popular academy called The Art of Jiu Jitsu. Gui has become extremely successful with his academy as it’s popularity increases. Gui has an unreported net worth of over four million dollars, as his finances increase significantly every year. Gui has also filmed instructional videos called “Understanding The Distance On Top” and “Understanding The Distance From Guard” both videos are available for purchase exclusively through 

How Tall Is Gui Mendes?

Gui Mendes stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent of 175 centimetres.

How Much Does Gui Mendes Weigh?

Gui Mendes weighs in at 64 kilograms which is equivalent to 141 pounds. Gui has fought most of his career at 64 kg but has had a few matches at 70 kg and has fought successfully in the absolute division.

Gui Mendes’ Fight List!

Gui Mendes is one of the most technically sound practitioners to ever compete on the professional grappling circuit. He has fought some of the toughest athletes on the planet and come out well and truly on top. Gui has fought against athletes like; Pablo Silva, Gabriel Morales, Samuel Braga, Carlos Esquisito, Edivaldo Ferreira, Marcos Alexandre, Leo Saggioro, Diego Fernandes, Laercio Fernandes, Beret Yoshida, Ed Ramos, Henrique Rezende, Thomas Lisboa, Osvaldo Moizinho, Gabriel Martins, Samir Chantre, Paulo Miyao, Tsukada Ichitaro, Nakamura Yuuta and Abi Muradov.

Gui Mendes' Best Fight Of All Time

Gui Mendes has become one of the greatest Champions to ever compete in the IBJJF. He has won four World titles along with numerous other championships like; the Pan Americans, Rickson Gracie Cup, European Open and the Brazilian National Championships. Gui’s best series of wins came in his third World Championship campaign in 2012. Gui defeated some seriously talented grapplers like; Mark Ramos in round two submitting him with a Brabo Choke, dominating Henrique Rezende in the quarter finals 19 points to nil and submitting former World Champion Pablo Silva with a standing Brabo Choke. In the final Gui would face Laercio Fernandes who he had previously beaten twice, once at the previous World titles and the other in the final at the Abu Dhabi World Pro San Diego Trials. Gui had an extremely close match in the final of the 2012 World Championship, and at the end of the fight after a draw the referee gave the decision win to Gui Mendes.  

Who Did Gui Mendes Lose To?

Gui Mendes only lost 8 matches as a Black belt throughout his career, and of those 8 he has only been submitted once. Rubens Charles holds that title as he secured a rear naked choke on Gui in the quarter final of the Abu Dhabi World Pro in 2009. Gui has lost matches to other athletes like; Mario Reis at the Pan American semi final, Paulo Mello at the 2010 World Championships, Augusto Mendes at the Brazilian Team nationals and the Abu Dhabi World Pro, Bruno Malfacine in the final of the 2012 Pan Americans and Daniel Beleza at the 2013 World Championships. The loss that haunts Gui the most would have to be at the 2010 Abu Dhabi World Pro when Gui lost by 2 points to his younger brother Rafael Mendes. Even Though Gui has the utmost respect for his brother, years of brotherly rivalry and bragging rights has now come into play.  

Gui Mendes' Record!

Gui Mendes has competed on the professional grappling circuit since the early 2000's. He has showcased his technical abilities throughout many of his competition fights. Gui has built himself a formidable fight record of 42 wins with only 8 losses, including 22 submission wins. Gui has an impressive list of accolades that includes; 

Four Time IBJJF World Champion (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014) IBJJF Pan American Champion (2013) IBJJF European Open Champion (2010, 2011) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (2010) IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner Up (2012) IBJJF World Championship Third Place (2009) IBJJF Pan American Championship Third Place (2009) San Diego World Pro Trials Champion (2011, 2012) Houston Open Champion (2012) Rickson Gracie Cup Champion (2013, 2014) Berkut Open Absolute Champion (2015) Abu Dhabi World Pro Runner Up (2009) 

As a coloured belt; 

IBJJF World Champion (Blue Belt 2005, 2006) IBJJF World Champion (Purple Belt 2007) IBJJF World Champion (Brown Belt 2008) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (Blue Belt 2006) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (Purple Belt 2007) CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (Brown Belt 2008) 

Gui Mendes’ Injuries!

Gui Mendes has become one of the smartest grapplers that has ever competed on the world stage. Even though he has fought extensively throughout his career, retiring at the age of 26 has definitely saved him from all sorts of injuries. However, Gui has had his share of injuries during his outstanding career, like most extremely active grapplers he has suffered from popped ribs and strained muscles. Throughout his years at the top of the food chain, Gui has developed his body with expert conditioning and tremendous preparation. Gui has a proven skill set that he now passes on to his numerous students in hope they will follow his leadership towards successful careers.

Is Gui Mendes Retired?

At the Age of 26, Gui Mendes announced his retirement from competition Jiu Jitsu, as he focuses more intently on building up his BJJ academy. The Art of Jiu Jitsu in Costa Mesa California has become extremely successful and voted number 1 most beautiful academies in the US. Gui had an impressive career as he won multiple titles internationally, and after winning four World titles (which is the required amount by the IBJJF to be inducted into the Hall of Fame) Gui was happy to step away from the world stage. Gui and his brother Rafael now dedicate their time and knowledge to help achieve their new goals and passions, which is leading their team and creating new champions that the world has yet to see.

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