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Loic Pietri Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!

Loic Pietri Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, & More!


Who Is Loic Pietri?

Loic Pietri is a French judoka who typically competes in the 81kg weight class. He won the world title in 2013, and placed third in 2014 and second in 2015. During the 2016 Olympics, he was eliminated in his first bout. Throughout the years of his Judo career he has continued to stay at the top of the best professional circuits.

Mastering Movement by Loic Pietri

How Old Is Loic Pietri?

Born August 27, 1990, Loic Pietri is 31 years old.

The French Gripping Formula by Loic Pietri

Loic Pietri’s Family

Loic Pietri’s father, Marcel Pietri won a silver medal in Judo at the 1986 European Championships.

How Much Is Loic Pietri Worth?

Loic Pietri’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 Million.

How Tall Is Loic Pietri?

Loic Pietri stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

How Much Does Loic Pietri Weigh?

Loic Pietri weighs approximately 179 pounds.

Loic Pietri Fight List

Loic Pietri won the world title in 2013, was a bronze medalist in 2014 and a silver medalist in 2015. He also won three consecutive European and World medals. He has always competed with Avtandili Tchrikishvili, but won European team gold with France in Baku in 2015. No matter where he starts, he nearly always medals. In 2017 he won the European Cup in Sarajevo, and gold at the European Open four years later in 2021. Several years ago he worked as  television presenter for L’Equipe 21 during the 2015 Judo Grand Slam in Paris.

After being injured and away from the tatami for a long time, Loic tried to go back and compete in the -90kg division, but had not been able to gain the traction that he once had. After finally recovering, he had the idea that shocked fans to qualify last minute for the Tokyo games, back in his original category of -81kg. He ended up losing in the second round, but gained great experience from his matches.

He talks about how he felt good and only made a minor mistake, but states that in Judo there is no room for minor mistakes. He was disappointed in his loss, but he also understands that he had been out of competition for quite a while due to his injury and this served as a good comeback for him. 

In Judo, the -81kg podium changes often, and it is difficult to find a way to the top in that division particularly. Even though his partner, Olympic Champion Sarah Menezes was pregnant at the time, they decided it was still the best move for him to go and compete in Paris. He took the opportunity for a chance, knowing it was a “one shot” opportunity where he would have to work to score points quickly. For the most part he had done that, but one minor mistake was all it took to cost him the title.

Now Loic states he will begin to focus on Paris 2024, to make sure he comes back stronger at the start of the season. It has been several years since he has been in a circuit at -81kg, but he knows all of the work he will have to put in in order to manifest the opportunities he is hoping for.

Loic Pietri Record

An official record for Loic Pietri is not available at this time.

Loic Pietri Injuries

Loic Pietri has suffered numerous injuries throughout his career, most notably an injury on his right knee in January 2016 that took several months to recover from.

Is Loic Pietri Retired?

No, Loic Pietri is active as a professional competitor after recently coming back from an injury.

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