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Demian Maia His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Demian Maia His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Demian Maia?

Demian Maia is a 5th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the tutelage of Fabio Gurgel. Demian has become one of the world’s best grapplers to ever fight in Mixed Martial Arts. He has had a long and illustrious career in the UFC, securing 14 submission wins in his 28 overall MMA victories. Demian has come close to becoming a UFC Champion in two different weight classes, after his fight with Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. Demian has also won multiple Jiu Jitsu Championships including; a World Championship at Purple belt, and at Black belt; a Copa Del Mundo World Cup, Pan American Championship and an ADCC World Championship. 

Who Is Demian Maia?

Demian Maia is a 5th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt under the tutelage of Fabio Gurgel. Demian has become one of the world’s best grapplers to ever fight in Mixed Martial Arts. He has had a long and illustrious career in the UFC, securing 14 submission wins in his 28 overall MMA victories. Demian has come close to becoming a UFC Champion in two different weight classes, after his fight with Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. Demian has also won multiple Jiu Jitsu Championships including; a World Championship at Purple belt, and at Black belt; a Copa Del Mundo World Cup, Pan American Championship and an ADCC World Championship. 

The Maia Backpack System: Controlling The Back by Demian Maia

In 2001 Demian Maia made his Mixed Martial Arts debut against Raul Sosa in Caracas Venezuela. The fight only lasted 48 seconds as Demian secured a TKO finish on Sosa with a flurry of punches. The next four years Demian focused on his Jiu Jitsu as he won multiple tournaments including the Copa Del Mundo World Championships, the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals and multiple CBJJ Brazilian Team Championships with his team Brasa. In 2006 Demian added another prestigious win at the Pan American Championships. Demian also entered the Super Challenge 1, which was an MMA Grand Prix event in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Demian defeated 3 opponents in one night, securing a decision win over Gustavo Machado and submitting both Vitelmo Bandeira and Fabio Nascimento with a rear naked choke and a guillotine respectively. 

Demian Maia was gaining popularity and interest from many promoters, and after winning the 2007 ADCC World Championship he was approached by the UFC. Demian signed a UFC contract and made his debut at UFC 77, fighting against Ryan Jensen Demian submitted him with a rear naked choke and secured the submission of the Night bonus. Demian became the first UFC fighter in history to win three consecutive submission of the night bonuses, as he went on to secure wins against Ed Herman at UFC 83 and Jason MacDonald at UFC 87. Demian was off to an incredible start in the UFC as he secured submission victories at UFC 91 and 95 against Nate Quarry and Chael Sonnen including another submission of the night bonus with a triangle choke against Sonnen. Demian Maia had secured an 11 - 0 unbeaten record as he impressed many of his fellow colleagues. 

Demian Maia had showcased his incredible submission skills inside the cage, and after his fight with Chael Sonnen he was approached by another high level athlete. Frank Mir hired Demian Maia to help him prepare for his Heavyweight title fight against Brock Lesner at UFC 100. Frank Mir had stated that he thought he was good at Jiu Jitsu until he started rolling with Demian Maia. At UFC 102 Demian would suffer his first loss of his career as he was knocked out only 21 seconds into the fight against Nate Marquardt. 6 months later Demian was back in the spotlight as he secured a unanimous decision win against Dan Mayhem Miller, and booking himself a Middleweight title fight at UFC 112.

After Vitor Belfort pulled out of his title fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 112, Demian Maia got the call up to take the fight. Demian was a formidable adversary as he took Anderson Silva 5 rounds but enevidably lost a unanimous decision. Over the next two years Demian went 3 - 2 including wins over Mario Miranda, Kendall Grove and Jorge Santiago all by unanimous decisions. Demian then decided to make a weight cut and enter the ranks of Welterweight, where he won his first match against Dong Hyun Kim. Demian began his rise up the Welterweight rankings, but was halted by losses to Jake Shields and Rory MacDonald. Over the next 3 years Demain won 7 fights in a row including wins against Gunnar Nelson, Carlos Condit and Jorge Masvidal, earning himself a title fight at UFC 214.

The match between Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia was greatly anticipated as many expected fireworks. The fight went the distance and for the second time in his career Demian Maia lost his chance at becoming a UFC Champion. Demian lost his next couple of fights in a row as he spiralled out of title contention. In 2019 Demian tried to revive his chances at becoming Champion by defeating Lyman Good, Anthony Rocco Martin and Ben Askren in exciting fashion. But his last two fights against Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammed did not go his way, Demian Maia was then released from the UFC after his contract had ended. Demian Maia has harnessed the will of a warrior as he has become a UFC legend and one of the most prolific submission artists to date. 

Controlling The Back For Dummies by Felipe Costa

How Old Is Demian Maia?

Demian Maia was born in Sao Paulo Brazil on the 6th of November in 1977, he is currently 44 years of age. 

Damien Maia's Family And Inspiration! 

Damien Maia grew up in Sao Paulo Brazil, a dangerous place for a child to live. Demian’s Mother was of Russian descent while his Father was Brazilian to the bone. At the age of 4 his Father pushed him into Judo, where Demian trained for a couple of years. Growing up on the streets of Brazil meant you had to learn Martial Arts simply for survival. By the time he became a teenager he was heavily interested in other fighting styles, so he began training in Karate and Kung Fu. When Demian turned 19 his cousin introduced him to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and as soon as he took a class he was hooked. Watching Royce Gracie compete in the UFC was a huge inspiration for Demian, so he began on his journey into MMA. Demian was so dedicated and focused on becoming a champion, that it only took him 4 years and 7 months to achieve his Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He was awarded it by his coach and mentor Fabio Gurgel at Team Brasa. Demian credits his most defining moment that impacted his Jiu Jitsu to a three hour private lesson he did with Rickson Gracie. After learning from the master himself, he spoke about how it changed his game for the better.  

How Much Is Demian Maia Worth?

Demian Maia has compiled an extensive career in the middle of the octagon. He has built career earnings from MMA said to be over a million dollars. Overall Demian has a net worth of just under 3 million dollars. Demian has become one of the most successful Brazilian fighters to ever make his way into the UFC. Demian has now become a successful academy owner through his gym in Sao Paulo (Demian Maia Jiu JItsu) where he also has a Jiu Jitsu museum attached. Demian has also contributed to his net wealth through his collaboration with the World Martial Arts Company, as they released a DVD series called “The Science Of Jiu Jitsu 1 & 2”. Demian has also contributed to his earnings with another instructional video called ”The Maia Backpack System: Controlling The Back” which is available exclusively on 

How Tall Is Demian Maia?

Demian Maia stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres. Demian has a reach of 72 inches or (183 centimetres)

How Much Does Demian Maia Weigh?

Demian Maia weighs in at 77 kilograms or (170 pounds) during his Mixed Martial Arts career, Demian fought extensively as a Middleweight and later on in his career he dropped down to Welterweight. 

Demian Maia’s Fight List!

Demian Maia has become a world renowned figure in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. He has executed a phenomenal attacking submission style of fighting during all of his matches. Demian has impressed many other UFC athletes, some of which have sought him out in order to improve their own grappling. Demian has fought against high level fighters like: Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, Tyron Woodley, Fabio Nascimento, Roger Gracie, Alexandre Ribeiro, Jake Shields, Rafael Lovato, Marcelo Garcia, Gabriel Gonzaga, Saulo Ribeiro, Ronaldo Souza, Paulo Jacare, John Fitch, Dan Miller, Jason Macdonald, Alexandre Dantas, Leandro Borgo, Rafael Barbosa, Jorge Masvidal, Matt Brown, Alexander Yakovlev, Ryan LaFlare, Braulio Estima, Rodolfo Silva, Jorge Santiago, Chris Weidman, Mark Munoz, Yushin Okami, Fernando Piero and Flavio Almeida. 

Demian Maia's Best Fight Of All Time!

Demian Maia has been involved in many high calibre fights over his two decades of fighting. He has submitted multiple opponents inside the Mixed Martial Arts arena, including guys like; Chael Sonnen, Matt Brown, Carlos Condit, Lyman Good, Nate Quarry, Raul Sosa and Fabio Nascimento. Demian Maia's Best event came in 2007 when he entered the ADCC Championships. Fighting in the 77 - 87 kilogram division, Demian defeated Yushin Okami, Rafael Lovato and Tarsis Humphres on his way into the final. Demian would take on the word renowned Flavio Almeida in the final, as Demian executed a deadly armbar and secured the tap. Demian was crowned the 2007 ADCC World Champion.

Who Did Demian Maia Lose To?

Demian Maia has lost 11 times inside the cage as well as more on the Jiu Jitsu mats. He has lost to guys like; Gilbert Burns, Kamaru Usman, Tyrone Woodley, Chris Weidmann, Rory MacDonald, Mark Munoz, Nate Marquardt, Roger Gracie, Ronaldo Souza, Braulio Estima, Alexandre Ribeiro, Roberto Abreu, Romulo Barral and Marcelo Garcia. Demian Maia's most notable and frustrating loss came in 2010 at UFC 112. Demian was awarded a Middleweight title fight against Anderson Silva in what was the UFC 's first ever open air event in Abu Dhabi. In the first two rounds of the fight Anderson played his usual game of cat and mouse, as he seemed to taunt Demian but also landed fast and efficient strikes. In the third round Demian started a comeback as he began to take control of the fight, circling Anderson and landing blows. By the fifth round Anderson was given a warning for stalling in the fight, while the crowd willed Demian on to win the title. At the end of the 5 rounds Anderson Silva was declared the winner by unanimous decision, as a disappointed Demian Maia left the octagon.

Demian Maia's Record!

Demian Maia has showcased his exceptional grappling skills inside the cage, he is well known as the best Jiu Jitsu Black belt to fight in the UFC. Demian has a formidable Mixed Martial Arts record of 28 wins with 11 losses, including 14 submission victories and 3 knockouts. Demian also holds a grappling record as a Black belt of 24 wins with 11 losses. Demian Maia has a list of accomplishments that include;

Mixed Martial Arts;

2 Time UFC Fight of the Night Award (2014, 2019) 2 Time UFC Performance of the Night (2015, 2016) 4 Time UFC Submission of the Night (2007, April 2008, August 2008, 2009) Tied For Most Submission Victories in UFC Middleweight History (5) Super Challenge Tournament Winner (2006) New Comer of the Year (2008) Comeback Fighter of the Year (2015) Breakthrough Fighter of the Year (2008) Submission of the Year Award - Vs Ben Askren (2020) 


ADCC Champion (2007) ADCC Championship Runner Up (2005) Pan American Champion (2006) CBJJO Copa Del Mundo World Cup Champion (2002, 2005) CBJJO Copa Del Mundo Absolute World Cup Champion (2003) CBJJO World Cup Absolute Runner Up (2002) CBJJO World Cup Third Place (2003) CBJJ Absolute Brazilian Champion Runner Up (2006) CBJJ Brazilian Champion (Brown belt 2001) CBJJ Brazilian Team Champions (2000, 2001, 2003) CBJJ Brazilian Team Championship Runner Up (2002)

Demian Maia’s Injuries!

In 2014 after his fight with Alexander Yakovlev, Demian Maia suffered from an extensive injury. The Brazilian Champion was sidelined for nearly a year with a rare bone infection in his shoulder. It took physicians in Sao Paulo nearly a month to diagnose the condition. Demian spent numerous drives to the hospital with recurrent fevers, as Demian got to a point where he nearly gave up on his fighting career and was extremely worried about his overall health. After a while he got on top of his condition and got back to training, and 10 months later he was back in the octagon doing what he loved. 

Is Demian Maia Retired?

Demian Maia has recently been released from the UFC after his contract ended. Demian has been a prolific submission assassin throughout his tenure in the UFC. In 2020 Demian opened his own academy in Sao Paulo Brazil called Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu, where his goal is to produce UFC Champions. His academy also includes a museum so all of his students can study the history behind Jiu Jitsu. Demian Maia has solidified himself as one of the most successful grapplers on the planet.

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