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Yarden Gerbi Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Yarden Gerbi Her Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Yarden Gerbi?

Yarden Gerbi is a world class Black belt Israeli Judoka, she has excited her fans by showcasing her skills multiple times on the world stage. Yarden has placed twice at the World Championships including winning the Gold medal in 2013. Yarden was also an Olympic Bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games. Yarden has also come close at the European Championships and the World Masters. Among many of her accomplishments she has also won multiple IJF Grand Slams, Israeli Nationals and IJF Grand Prix events.

Who Is Yarden Gerbi?

Yarden Gerbi is a world class Black belt Israeli Judoka, she has excited her fans by showcasing her skills multiple times on the world stage. Yarden has placed twice at the World Championships including winning the Gold medal in 2013. Yarden was also an Olympic Bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games. Yarden has also come close at the European Championships and the World Masters. Among many of her accomplishments she has also won multiple IJF Grand Slams, Israeli Nationals and IJF Grand Prix events.

Uchimata by Yarden Gerbi

As Yarden grew into a teenager she began competing in Judo at Israeli National Championships. She was a phenomenal young martial artist as she won a tremendous amount of matches and titles. Yarden became the Cadet European Champion in 2005 which gave her a lot of confidence in moving forward with her competitive career. Yarden would go on to win 8 National Israeli Championships as she solidified herself as one of the best female Judoka in the world.

Yarden was only just warming up with her proficiency in Judo as she kept on winning medals at events like; World Cups, European Championships, World masters and Grand Slams. Yarden would achieve her lifelong dream of winning a World Championship in 2013 as she went into the event with an injury. After defeating all of her opponents, she dominated Clarisse Agbegnenou of France in 43 seconds leaving her unconscious, as she walked away with the Gold and the pride of her nation.

Yarden Gerbi always dreamed of being an Olympian, she remembered back to when she was 3 years old watching her mother in Barcelona. In 2016 at the Rio Olympic Games Yarden achieved her dream and competed extremely well as she secured herself a Bronze medal and once again making Israel proud. Yardin has also won multiple Championships all over the world including; Grand Slams, Grand Prix Events, World Cups and other International tournaments. Yarden has accumulated an incredible amount of medals over her career, her trophy cabinet holds 18 Gold 12 Silver and 16 Bronze medals. 

After retiring from Judo in 2017 Yarden has taken on other projects like a vast amount of charitable work including; helping to feed the hungry and helping the youth of Israel by giving out thousands of puzzles as a way to inspire kids. Yarden has also done a lot of tv advertising and she is a motivational speaker, as she has a special story of success to share with the world. In 2020 Yarden Gerbi appeared on the 10th season of Survivor, where she competed exceptionally well and made it through to the final. Although she did not win she reported how much of an honour it was to be able to experience such an amazing month with so many other talented people. Yarden has really starred throughout her career as many Israelis have become huge fans of the World champion Judoka.

Fundamental Judo Mastery by Yarden Gerbi

How Old Is Yarden Gerbi?

Yarden Gerbi was born in Kfar Saba in Israel on the 8th of July in 1989, she is currently 32 years of age.

Yarden Gerbi’s Family!

Yarden Gerbi grew up in Israel, as a young jewish child she was born into a family of Sephardic Jewish (Tunisian Jewish) descent from Djerba. When Yarden was 3 years of age she watched her mother in the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, she asked her mother if she could buy a ticket to be in the Olympics. Yarden’s mother told her she needed to work hard if she wanted to get to the Olympics. At the age of 5 Yarden was participating in Ballet dancing and when she went to class one day she noticed Judo in another room at the same building, so she gave it a try and knew from that moment on Judo was in her future. Yarden worked extremely hard over the years under the tutelage of her long time coach Shany Hershko. 

How Much Is Yarden Gerbi Worth?

Yarden Gerbi has worked tirelessly over her career to achieve monumental heights. She has won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in international events all over the globe. Yarden has also had plenty of remuneration come her way including royalties from advertising campaigns, sponsorships and tv appearances. Yarden has a net worth of well over a million dollars and rising. Yarden is one of those athletes that really cares about people as she had most of Israel raise funds for her after she lost in the tv series Survivor. Yarden would give the money to charity, and her other notable charity work is viewed worldwide as remarkable, as she helps many Israeli children stay happy and healthy. She has also given out thousands of puzzles to many Israeli children in hope to inspire a future generation of young up and coming athletes. 

How Tall Is Yarden Gerbi?

Yarden Gerbi stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is the equivalent of 169 centimetres.

How Much Does Yarden Gerbi Weigh?

Yarden Gerbi has spent her whole career competing in Judo at the lightweight of 63 kilograms or (138 lbs) 

Yarden Gerbi's Fight List!

Yarden Gerbi has fought proudly for her nation of Israel. She has been a formidable opponent who has competed on the international stage for a long time. Yarden has won multiple Gold medals and fought some of the toughest Judokas in the world, she has fought athletes like; Miku Tashiro, Junxia Yang, Maricet Espinosa, Edwige Gwend, Clarisse Agbegnenou, Martyna Trajdos, Tina Trstenjak, Anicka Van Emden, Ana Cachola, Megumi Tsugane, Isabel Puche, Jennifer Wichers, Anna Bernholm, Ekaterina Valkova, Ivana Komloslova, Miho Minei, Ketleyn Quadros, Hannah Martin, Mia Hermansson, Agata Ozdoba, Karla Quijano and Valentina Giorgis.

Yarden Gerbi's Best Fight Of All Time!

Yarden Gerbi has had an extremely successful career competing all over the world. She has won some extremely prestigious tournaments including World Cups, Israeli Nationals, and multiple international Grand Prix events. Yarden has had an outstanding moment in her career that stands out above the rest. It was in 2013 when Yarden competed at the World Championships in Rio De Janeiro. Yarden recorded an ippon in all 5 of her matches leading into the final. Yarden took on the French European Champion Clarisse Agbegnenou, Yarden would win The World Championship with some brutal savagery. In 43 seconds into the match Yarden dislocated her opponent's shoulder and rendered her unconscious with a brutal chokehold. Yarden reported later on how proud her Israeli people were, as she received 3 marriage proposals. 

Who Did Yarden Gerbi Lose To?

Yarden Gerbi has lost 85 fights in her career, she has competed extensively in the world scene of Judo. Yarden has lost to some exceptionally talented Judo athletes like; Maricet Espinosa, Alice Schlesinger, Juul Franssen, Anne Laure Bellard, Marta Labazina, Kana Abe, Gevrise Emane, Mika Tanaka, Lili Xu and Yoshie Ueno. Yarden Gerbi would suffer her worst loss in her career when she competed at the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games. Yarden would lose the quarter final against the Brazilian Mariana Silva. This loss cost Yarden a chance to head towards the Gold medal, although she entered back through the repechage and won her last two matches securing the Bronze medal. Yarden would stil rate this moment as an extremely special one as winning any Olympic medal is an amazing achievement. 

Yarden Gerbi's Record!

Yarden Gerbi has had a phenomenal career as a Judoka, she has competed ferociously all over the world. Yarden has a commanding Judo record of 175 wins with 85 losses, her win percentage is 67.3%. Yarden would have her best season in 2013, as she secured a season record of 30 wins with only 6 losses with a win percentage of 83.3%. Yarden has an incredible list of accolades that includes;

Olympic Bronze Medalist (2016 Rio) World Champion (2013) World Championship Runner Up (2014) Havana Grand Prix Gold (2016) Qingdao Grand Prix Gold (2014) Tashkent Grand Prix Gold (2014) Astana Grand Prix Gold (2014) IJF Grand Slam Champion Moscow (2013) IJF Grand Slam Champion Baku (2013) IJF World Cup Champion Tashkent (2013) World Cup Champion Brazil Belo Horizonte (2009) Cadet European Cup Champion (2005) 3 x Israeli Champion Tel Aviv ( 2007, 2008, 2009) 5 x Israeli Champion Ra 'anana (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) Maccabiah Games Silver Medal Tel Aviv (2009) World Cup Silver Medal Baku (2010) World Cup Silver Medal Birmingham (2010) PJC World Cup Silver Medal Miami (2011) PJC World Cup Silver Medal San Salvador (2011) Israeli Sports Woman Of The Year (2014)

Yarden Gerbi’s Injuries!

Yarden Gerbi was in the prime of her career as she looked towards the World Championships in 2013. Yarden trained extremely hard and just days out from the event, her worst nightmare came true. Yarden had a recurring injury that had flared up again, she had a Clavicle fracture which is a break in the bone connecting her shoulder and her breastbone. Luckily for Yarden she had amazing support from her team and the Wingate Medical Team. Yarden was presented with a treatment that she was skeptical about, but she was at a point where she had nothing to lose so she tried the B - Cure Laser. After using this device 4 times a day she was able to compete and win the World Championships and the B - Cure Laser was chosen as an official treatment of the Olympics for years to come. 

Is Yarden Gerbi Retired?

Yarden Gerbi has retired from the competitive scene of Judo, she hung up her Judo Gi in 2017 and swapped it for a microphone. Yarden is currently a motivational speaker and she claims that she is fully booked. Her popularity over her career has made her a beloved tv and sporting personality all throughout Israel. Yarden also spent some time on the TV series Survivor and because of her notoriety she has also delved into tv advertising. Yarden is a household name all over the world and especially to many people in Israel. She has become extremely famous as she has captured the hearts of her country, Yarden Geri has taken her fans on a journey through her amazing career. 

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