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Peter Aerts His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Peter Aerts His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Peter Aerts?

Peter Aerts is a famous kickboxer hailing from the Netherlands, his worldwide reputation for his devastating high kicks, earned him the nickname “The Dutch Lumberjack”. Peter is a 3 time K1 World Grand Prix Champion, a former International Kickboxing Federation Heavyweight Champion and a World Muay Thai Association Heavyweight Champion.

Who Is Peter Aerts?

Peter Aerts is a famous kickboxer hailing from the Netherlands, his worldwide reputation for his devastating high kicks, earned him the nickname “The Dutch Lumberjack”. Peter is a 3 time K1 World Grand Prix Champion, a former International Kickboxing Federation Heavyweight Champion and a World Muay Thai Association Heavyweight Champion.

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Peter Aerts debuted in professional kickboxing in 1985 and competed against well known fighters like Ernesto Hoost and Andre Maanart. In 1989 he started training at “The Champs” gym training under Eddy Smulders. By 1990 Peter Aerts took out the IKBF World Heavyweight Championship.

1991 saw Peter Aerts switch gyms again to fight under Thom Harinck at the world famous Chakuriki Gym. After defeating Mark Russel in Oranjestad by a first round stoppage his good friend Bas Rutten gave him a sleeveless signature lumberjack jacket that Peter would wear in his walkout before all of his fights.

After knocking out Maurice Smith in 1993 with his signature high kick, Peter was invited to fight at the K1 Grand Prix in Japan, an event made up of the best heavyweights and light heavyweights in the world. Peter lost in the quarter finals by a majority decision in a close three round fight against the famed Ernesto hoost. Later that year Peter competed at K1 Illusion where he won the WTMA World Heavyweight Muay Thai Championship with a KO over Dino Homsey. 15 days later Peter defended his title by knocking out Rob Van Esdonk with a right hook. 

Peter Aerts continued his career throughout the 90’s and well into the 2000’s with successive K1 appearances and showed the world how incredible his kickboxing was with an abundance of wins and knockouts. Peter displayed to the world how confident his fighting was by the bizarre events that took place in 2006 at the K1 World Grand Prix in Amsterdam. A match was scheduled for Ernesto Hoost vs Bob Sapp with Peter Aerts to commentate the fight for television. Just before the fight Bob Sapp was seen running from the arena so Peter Aerts stepped in to fight Ernesto. Peter had to borrow shorts off of Semmy Schilt and even though he had not trained for the fight, he managed to last all three rounds but lost a majority decision, showing the world his heart was unmatched.

Peter Aerts also tried his hand in professional wrestling and MMA in the Inoki Genome Federation. In 2011 Peter took on Japan’s Shinichi Suzukawa where Peter won the fight in brutal fashion by beating his opponent until the referee stopped the fight. Aerts then teamed up with the infamous Bobby Lashley in a tag team match up against Kazuyuki Fujita and Kendo Kashin. The fight ended with Peter Aerts delivering his signature high kick to the face of Fujita while having his arms pinned by Bobby Lashley. Fujita would later avenge the loss by executing a Boston Crab on Peter Aerts that seemed to leave Peter dishevelled.

Peter Aerts was also a film and television star as he played roles in a Dutch comedy “New Kids Turbo” and the sequel “New Kids Nitro”. Peter Aerts also starred in the film “De Familie Slim” and the Swedish Martial Arts show “Rallarsving”. Peter also had appearances on tv talk shows and did commercials with fellow martial artist Ernesto Hoost.

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How Old Is Peter Aerts?

Peter Aerts also known as Mr K1 was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands on the 25th of October in 1970. Today the Dutch Lumberjack is 51 years of age.

Peter Aerts Family!

Peter Aerts grew up in Eindhoven, North Brabant in the Netherlands, where he started off playing football for seven years as a child. By 1983 Peter Aerts was inspired by his Grandfather and his Uncle to take up Martial Arts. He decided to train in Taekwondo just like his family, but soon turned his attention to Kickboxing training under Mikki Benazzouz. As his passion grew for combat sports so did his skillset as he won many fights and would eventually lead to Peter winning his first World Championship Title at the age of 19. 

Peter Aerts is happily married to his wife Esther and in 2001 they gave birth to their twins. His son Marciano and his daughter Montana who also train in kickboxing along with his stepdaughter Serena from his wife’s previous marriage. 

How Much Is Peter Aerts Worth?

Peter Aerts has had an outstanding career with his high volume of appearances fighting in K1 Grand Prix’s, his film career and his extra curricular activities. Peter Aerts has a reported net worth of over 4 million dollars.

How Tall Is Peter Aerts?

Peter Aerts is a tall man standing at 6 feet and 3 and a half inches tall which is equivalent to 192 centimetres.

How Much Does Peter Aerts Weigh?

Peter Aerts fights in the heavyweight division and he weighs in at 103 kilograms which is 227 lbs. 

Peter Aerts Fight List!

Peter Aerts has an incredible fight list, as he has fought many icons in the sport of kickboxing. From his days of fighting in K1 Grand Prix Championships, his Muay Thai bouts and his MMA and wrestling career, Peter has taken on the absolute creme dela creme of the kickboxing world. He has taken on guys like; Ernesto Hoost, Semmy Schilt, Andre Maanart, Maurice Smith, Alistair Overeem, Patrick Smith, Masaaki Satake, Mike Bernardo, Sam Greco, Gary Goodridge, Mighty Mo, Bob Sapp and Badr Hari,  

Peter Aerts’s Best Fight Of All Time?

Peter Aerts has had so many great fights including incredible knockouts with his signature high kick and his devastating right hand hook. He has won numerous World titles including K1 and Muay Thai promotions. Peter Aerts had one of his best fights in 2010 at the K1 Grand Prix in Tokyo Japan. After knocking out the formidable Mighty Mo, Peter Aerts took on the bigger opponent Semmy Schilt. In a fight that most expected Semmy Schilt to win, Peter would go three rounds with the giant after landing numerous right hands and savage leg kicks. One judge scored the bout a draw while the other two judges scored in favour of Peter Aerts. The majority win for Aerts was a history-making fight in what was revered as one of the best K1 fights in a long time.

Who Did Peter Aerts Lose To?

Peter Aerts has lost his fair share of kickboxing matches, some of his losses came from athletes like; Badr Hari, Alistair Overeem, Ernesto Hoost, Semmy Schilt, Francois Botha, Mirko Cro Cop, Andy Hug, Andre Manaart and Jarome Le Banner. Peter also lost 3 fights in the same year to his rival Mike Bernardo once by DQ after kicking Bernardo to the groin, while the other two losses were knockouts that came from Bernardo’s formidable right hook. 

Peter Aerts Record!

Peter Aerts has an astonishing kickboxing record of 108 victories, 35 losses and 2 draws. Of the 108 wins Peter has recorded an amazing record of 81 knockouts. 

Peter Aerts has a list of honours that is unmatched in the kickboxing world as he has recorded; IKBF World Heavyweight Championship with two successful title defenses. 

K1 World Grand Prix Champion (1994,1995,1998) K1 World Grand Prix Runner Up (2001,2006,2007,2010) Night of the Stars Tournament Champion (1994)

In Muay Thai Peter has also recorded; WMTA World Heavyweight Championship with three successful title defenses.

WTMA World Super Heavyweight Championship with one successful title defense.

Peter Aerts Injuries!

Peter Aerts has suffered from many injuries throughout his long and illustrious career. Including fractures in his leg and fractures 3 times in his right hand. He has also suffered from shoulder and back injuries over the course of his brutal career that saw him fight the toughest guys on the planet.

Is Peter Aerts Retired?

Peter Aerts has retired from fighting on a few occasions, and has always come back to fight on again. His love and passion for this sport is unparalleled as he always is seeking to put a show on for the crowd. Peter Aerts is now 51 years of age and has reported that he must retire for good as he struggles to recover from injuries now in his later life. The dedication and loyalty to the sport of kickboxing has made the K1 legend one of the best fighters to ever take the world stage.

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