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Flavio Canto His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Flavio Canto His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Flavio Canto?

Flavio Canto is a 6th Dan Coral belt in Judo who represents the nation of Brazil as an Olympian. Flavio is also a 6th Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who has trained his whole life under Paulo Caruso. Flavio competed at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games where he managed to win the Bronze medal in the 81 kg division. Flavio is also a Pan American Games Gold medalist and has won the South American Games and the Pan American Judo Championships. Flavio is the founder and president of the Instituto Reacao in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Flavio spends his recent years as a tv presenter on shows like Corujão do Esporte and Sensei on TV Globo and Sport TV.

The Progressive System: Canto Choke Mastery by Flavio Canto

Flavio Canto started Judo from the age of 14 and even though he was relatively too old to start Judo by the time he was 19 he was competing in tournaments for the Brazilian National team. Flavio was also training in Jiu Jitsu as most Brazilian Judo clubs have a Jiu Jitsu background, so ground fighting was always prominent. Flavio worked with Paulo Caruso and Geraldo Bernardes on his Jiu Jitsu and Judo skills for a long time. Flavio even won a state and national title in Jiu Jitsu but has always heavily leant towards Judo as his favourite sport.  

In 1995 Flavio was selected to be a part of the National Brazilian team, In 1996 he competed at the Atlanta Olympic games. Flavio would finish in seventh place in the Olympic tournament as he stood tall for his country of Brazil. For the next 7 years Flavio won numerous titles at events like the Pan American Championships and other international tournaments including two Gold medals at the Tre Torri Tournament in Corridonia. Although Flavio didn't qualify for the 2000 Olympics he was still setting the Judo world on fire with his ferocious execution as he stamped his name over the competition. 

In 2003 Flavio founded a program for underprivileged children that came from low income suburbs in Brazil. The Instituto Reacao has helped pave the way for over a thousand kids and helped them become active in sports. This program is where Flavio helped develop the Olympic phenom Rafaela Silva Lopes. Flavio hopes that many more kids that have uncharted futures will utilise the program and steer their life in a fulfilling direction.

In 2004 Flavio won another international tournament, this time in Santo Domingo. Flavio would compete incredibly well as he qualified for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Flavio won 5 out of 6 matches including wins against; Mario Valles, Alexei Budolin, Roberto Meloni, Yong Woo Kwan and Robert Krawczyk. Flavio would lose his last match against the Russian Dmity Nosov, as Flavio had to settle for the Bronze medal. Flavio spoke about how proud his family and country was with his Olympic medal, even though it was bittersweet for Flavio, he was still extremely proud.

Over the next few years Flavio would accelerate his career with multiple Gold medal wins. He claimed first place at events like the New York Open, The Super World Cup in Hamburg, World Cups in Brazil and Prague. Flavio was well into his stride as he consolidated himself as one of the world's best Judo competitors. Flavio kept on competing as he secured more Pan American Championships and another World Cup in Lisbon. In 2010 Flavio was ranked number #1 in the 81 kg division worldwide. Flavio felt himself slowing down as he placed 5th at the PJC World Cup in Puerto La Cruz, and 5th at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In 2011 after these events Flavio decided to retire from competitive Judo and focus more intently on his coaching. 

How Old Is Flavio Canto?

Flavio Canto was born in Oxford in England on the 16th of April in 1975, he is currently 46 years of age. 

Tarikoplata by Tarik Hopstock

Flavio Canto’s Family!

Flavio Canto was born in Oxford in England, this was where his father was studying to be a nuclear physicist. At the age of 2 Flavio and his family moved to Brazil where they lived until he was 9 years of age. During Flavio’s younger years he suffered from asthma so he spent a lot of time swimming to help strengthen his lungs. During 1984 to 1986 when Flavio was 9 years old his family lived in California in the United States. Flavio became heavily invested in surfing and dreamt of becoming a professional competitor. At the age of 11 Flavio’s family moved back to Brazil and for the next few years he practised his passion of surfing. At the age of 14 Flavio decided to follow his younger brother into his Judo club and give it a try. Flavio was also heavily influenced to try Judo by the Olympic Championship win by Aurelio Miguel in 1988. Flavio began training in Judo and after 5 years in the sport he made the Brazilian National team, Flavio had found a new passion as the rest became history.

How Much Is Flavio Canto Worth?

Flavio Canto has made significant money over the course of his career, with his outstanding list of tournament wins. Flavio has also acquired sponsorship monies throughout the course of competitive career. Flavio has been heavily invested in helping many kids in Brazil with the programs that he funds through the Instituto Reacao. Flavio is also a famous TV presenter who works for Brazilian sporting programs like “Sensei” and “Corujao do Esporte”. Flavio has also filmed an instructional video with the famous BJJ Fanatics called “The Progressive System: Canto Choke Mastery” available exclusively for purchase. Flavio has a net worth of close to two million dollars and through his ongoing work his stocks are rising considerably.

How Tall Is Flavio Canto?

Flavio Canto stands at 5 feet and 9 inches tall which is the equivalent of 179 centimetres. 

How Much Does Flavio Canto Weigh?

Flavio Canto weighs in at 81 kilograms which is the equivalent to 178 lbs.

Flavio Canto's Fight List!

Flavio Canto has fought some of the world's best Judo practitioners throughout his successful career. He has taken on Olympic athletes and World Champions on multiple occasions. Flavio has fought against athletes like; Sven Maresch, Yakhyo Imamov, Karim Rezc, Diogo Lima, Ahmet Sari, Masahiro Takamatsu, Euan Burton, Axel Clerget, Antonio Ciano, Sergiu Toma, Artem Vasylenko, Mohamed Darwish, Libor Svec, Marian Benkoczky, Emmanuel Lucenti, Ivan Nifontov, Kalem Kachur, Hirotaka Kato, Daniel Fernandez, Alexei Budolin, Ivan Pershin, Ruslan Gadzhiev, Oscar Cardenas, David Grigoryan, Mauricio Mora, Anthony Rodiguez and Steffan Frisch.

Flavio Canto’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Flavio Canto has competed all over the world in numerous international tournaments. He has an extensive list of competition wins that range from World Cups to Pan American Championships. Some of Flavio’s best fights came in 2006 when Flavio won both the Super World Cup in Hamburg by defeating Shinya Yoshinaga in the final, and winning the World Cup in Prague by defeating Alexei Budolin in the final. Flavio enjoyed his best tournament in 2010 when he competed in the World Cup in Lisbon. Flavio defeated Josef Kopecky in the first round and Vincent Boussiron in the round of 8. In the quarter finals Flavio dominated Matteo Marconcini before moving into the penultimate round. Takahiro Nakai from Japan was a close match for Flavio but after upstaging him late in the match Flavio moved into the final. Flavio Canto took on the American Travis Stevens and this time Flavio had a score to settle. Travis defeated Flavio at the 2007 Pan Am Games, and in 2009 he defeated Flavio again at the Pan American Championships. Early in the final match Flavio pinned Travis after 30 seconds of a ground exchange, as Travis escaped with less than 20 seconds into the pin. Flavio was leading by a yuko which is a quarter point. Travis then came in for a huge attack but was countered by Flavio and threw Stevens for a Waza-ari. Flavio then pinned Travis to win the World Cup Championship.

Who Did Flavio Canto Lose To?

Flavio Canto has lost 72 matches in his Judo career, with many of those losses to highly ranked Judoka. Flavio has lost to athletes like; Ivan Voroveb, Sergiu Toma, Guillaume Elmont, Euan Burton, Ivan Nifontov, Travis Stevens, Ivan Pershin, Cedric Claverie, Ricardo Echarte, Kenzo Nakamura and Graeme Randall. Flavio’s most notable loss was in 2004 at the Athens Olympic games. Flavio fought Dmitry Nosov in his final match as the Russian took out the win, and Flavio took home a shared Bronze medal with the Russian. 

Flavio Canto’s Record!

Flavio Canto has achieved many accolades over his career as an Olympian and a world class Judoka. Throughout his career Flavio has secured a win loss record of 131 wins with 72 losses with a win percentage of 64.5%, his best season was in 2010 as he boasted a 23 and 5 win loss record with a 82.1% win percentage. In 2010 Flavio sat at number #1 on the world ranking table in the 81 kilogram division. Flavio Canto has secured a list of accolades that consists of; 

Olympic Bronze Medal In Athens (2004) World Cup Champion - Lisbon (2010) World Cup Champion - Prague (2006) Super World Cup Champion - Hamburg (2006) World Cup Champion Belo Horizonte - Brazil (2007) Pan American Champion (1997, 1999, 2003, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010) New York Open Champion (2005) Campeonato Sul Americano Champion - Rio (2004) Iberoamericano Champion - Santo Domingo (2002) Tre Torri Tournament Champion - Corridonia (2000, 2002) 

World Cup Runner Up Belo Horizonte - Brazil (2009) IJF World Cup Runner Up - Apia (2009) Pan American Games Runner Up - Winnipeg (1999) Pan American Championships Runner Up (2009)

Flavio Canto’s Injuries!

In 2011 Flavio had a serious knee injury, and along with his injury came a serious bacterial infection. Flavio was sidelined for an extended period as four operations over the year were needed. Throughout the whole ordeal Flavio remained positive as he rehabed his injury and went on to place 7th in the Judo world Championship in Paris. Flavio was a huge role model to all the kids in his program as he showed them that giving up is never a good option.

Is Flavio Canto Retired?

Flavio Canto has retired from professional Judo , after nearly 20 years in the sport Flavio was happy to take a different approach in life. In 2003 Flavio founded The Instituto Reacao which is a non governing body that promotes the development and social inclusion through the sporting pathway. Flavio helps to bring Judo to a low income community, offering these below average children a pathway into success. The institute caters for over 1000 kids and young people ranging in age from 4 to 25. The institute is something that Flavio is passionate about as it services communities in Rio, Rocinha, Pequena Cruzada, Cidade de Deus and Tubiacanga. Flavio spends his time working with these kids in hope that the next Rafaela Silva Lopes is rising up through their ranks. Flavio also spends a great deal of time as a TV announcer on various sporting programs like Sensei and Corujao do Esporte. 

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