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Craig McIntosh His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Craig McIntosh His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Craig McIntosh?

Craig McIntosh is a professional Mixed Martial Artist, he has won several fights including an amateur MMA title. Craig is also a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Scott Mcveigh. Craig has competed and won multiple Gold medals in various BJJ tournaments including Grappling Industries, Rickson Gracie Cups, NAGA NoGi Championships and many other open tournaments throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Who Is Craig McIntosh?

Craig McIntosh is a professional Mixed Martial Artist, he has won several fights including an amateur MMA title. Craig is also a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Scott Mcveigh. Craig has competed and won multiple Gold medals in various BJJ tournaments including Grappling Industries, Rickson Gracie Cups, NAGA NoGi Championships and many other open tournaments throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Scottish Necktie System by Craig McIntosh

Craig first jumped into the cage in 2010 fighting Paul Lopez, who was an extremely talented submission expert. Craig lost in the first minute by a triangle and after the fight knew he had to improve his ground skills. Craig had a Judo background as he began training with the Judo World Champion Josh Gavin, Josh also ran MMA classes out of the gym. At Josh Gavin’s gym most of the students were 100kg + Black belts in Judo, so for Craig he always had to develop a much faster style of technique within his Martial Arts. 

Craig became obsessed with Martial Arts so he began to seek out experts in Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. At the time there were not many BJJ Black belts in Scotland and Craig did not want to train under one that also trained in MMA out of respect for Josh Gavin. Craig found Scott McVeigh who was a Brown belt under Royce Gracie, Scott ran Connection Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Glasgow, so Craig joined up. Craig credits his love to learn Jiu Jitsu to Royce and Rickson Gracie as Craig attended their seminars and remembers the way Royce explained the triangle, and how Rickson’s concepts of the flow of Jiu Jitsu, reinforced Craig’s need to learn more in depth Jiu Jitsu. 

As the years went on Craig fought more on the mats and inside the cage as he began to dominate inside his amatuer MMA career. In 2014 Craig turned Pro and took on Rhys Parker at Budo Fighting Championship 5. Craig electrified the cage as he knocked out his opponent with savage elbows in less than 2 minutes into the fight. Over the next two years Craig won 2 fights by submission against Karl Longdon and Yassine Belhadj, Craig also lost 3 fights with 2 of them main events at the On Top promotion against Niall Smith and Chris Bungard. Over the next couple years Craig suffered through some injuries as he switched his focus more into the world of professional grappling.

Craig began grappling on shows like Polaris, Grapple Fest and UFL as he secured main card victories over Wing Chau Cheung and Ellis Younger at Grapple Fest. Craig won the UFL Sub Only Championship in the 75 kilogram division against Fabrizio Calio by submitting his opponent with a Japanese Necktie. A few months later Craig was offered an MMA title shot at the 2021 Olympus Fight Series against Hascen Neri Gelezi, who ended up defeating Craig with a TKO. 

Craig has been teaching Martial Arts since 2007 and as he learnt more about Martial Arts, he increased his coaching value tremendously. Craig has teamed up with his friends Calum Murrie, Stevie Waye and Gary Priestly as they are endeavoring to open their own Martial Arts academy in Alloa Scotland. The Submission Factory is a project they have been working on, as they are awaiting terminations of covid lockdowns to open the doors. They have already secured a cage, mats, pads and bags but are now just awaiting approval from the Scottish government. Craig has been passionate about Martial Arts on a competitive level and a coaching one, so he is extremely excited to be able to share his knowledge with his students.  

Finding The Darce Choke Everywhere by Joel Bouhey

How Old Is Craig McIntosh?

Craig McIntosh was born in Alloa the heartland of Scotland in 1988, he is currently 33 years of age.

Craig McIntosh’s Early Life?

Craig McIntosh grew up in Alloa in Scotland which was an extremely dangerous place to be as a young man. Craig became a heavy drinker throughout his teenage years, as a result of his alcohol abuse he was involved in many altercations that led to arrests and assault charges. Craig spent many years in trouble with the law and spent many years paying off court fines. Craig knew that he needed to change his lifestyle so in 2007 he gave up drinking and began his journey into Martial Arts. Training in Judo, Boxing, Muay Thai and Grappling gave Craig the outlet he had been searching for and under the tutelage of World champion Judoka Josh Gavin, Craig turned his life around and became a professional athlete.  

How Much Is Craig McIntosh Worth?

Craig McIntosh has worked extremely hard over his career to turn his life around, from his dark days in Scotland to the heights of professional Martial Arts. Craig has not lit up the world in terms of finances but he has managed to secure a net worth of over 500 thousand dollars. He is confident his earnings will rise as his Martial Arts academy in Alloa Scotland gains popularity. Craig has also worked with BJJ Fanatics in filming his newest instructional video called “Scottish Necktie System” which is available exclusively for purchase through 

How Tall Is Craig McIntosh?

Craig McIntosh stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 178 centimeters. 

How Much Does Craig McIntosh Weigh?

Craig McIntosh has fought in multiple divisions throughout his MMA and grappling career. He has competed at 73kg (160 lbs) 66kg (145 lbs) and 80kg (176 lbs)

Craig McIntosh's Fight List!

Craig McIntosh has fought some exceptionally talented Martial Artists in his career. Through grappling and Mixed Martial Arts he has fought the likes of; Fabrizio Calio, Ellis Younger, Wing Chau Cheung, Yassine Belhadj, Karl Longden, Rhys Parker, William McCurdy, Jonny Goodall, Andrew White, Tyrone Quinn, Igor Sici, Paul Malcolm, Sam Spencer, Antonio Meza, Darren Clark, Eduardo Alfonso, Chris McDougal and Kevin Devine. 

Craig McIntosh's Best Fight Of All Time!

Craig McIntosh has had some good wins over his career in both grappling and Mixed Martial Arts. Craig has finished MMA fights by submission and TKO in stunning fashion. He has also won main card fights on the grappling show called Grapple Fest at editions 6 and 9. At Grapple Fest 6 in 2019 Craig won the decision after 10 minutes of action against Wing Chau Cheung. At Grapple Fest 9 in 2020 Craig fought Ellis Younger winning another decision. One of Craig’s best fights however would come in 2021 when he fought in a grappling match UFL 5 Next Gen. Craig would square off against Fabrizio Calio for the UFL Sub Only Championship title belt. In a match that was scheduled to last 20 minutes, Craig secured the win and the title belt with a Japanese Necktie submission. 

Who Did Craig McIntosh Lose To?

Craig McIntosh has had a successful career so far on the international stage. Craig has lost MMA and Jiu Jitsu matches against high quality opponents over the course of his career. Some of his losses include fighters like;

Paull McBain, Niall Smith, Chris Bungard, Carlos Perez, Jake Archer, Kit Wilson, Bradley Wills, Euan Sloane, Izaak Mitchell and Hascen Neri Gelezi. One of Craig McIntosh's most notable and disappointing losses came in July of 2021 in one of his most recent MMA fights. Craig was signed up to fight at Olympus Fight Series 1 against Hascen Neri Gelezi. The pair would face each other in the middle of the cage for the vacant Lightweight Championship belt. After 4 rounds of high intensity Gelezi would land the knockout blow, as Craig McIntosh lost the fight and the lightweight title.

Craig McIntosh's Record!

Craig McIntosh has won a vast amount of Gold medals throughout his career. He has spent a great deal of time competing in grappling tournaments and Mixed Martial Arts fights. In MMA his overall record is 14 wins and 6 losses and as a Pro 3 wins with 4 losses. Craig has accumulated a list of accomplishments that includes;

Edinborough Open Champion (2017) West of Scotland NoGi Open Champion (2017) NAGA Ireland NoGi Grappling Champion (2019) Scottish BJJ NoGi Open Champion (2020) Arnold UK NoGi Invitational Champion (2021) NAGA UK Grappling Champion Gi & NoGi (2019) Rickson Gracie Cup Champion Gi & NoGi (2018, 2019) Scottish Grappling Invitational Champion (2018) 4th Annual Scottish Cup Champion (2018) Craig has also won an amatuer MMA title. 

Craig McIntosh’s Injuries

Craig has endured some injuries over his career, in 2016 he stepped away from MMA as he suffered from some recurring injuries. Craig was sidelined for an extensive period as he did not step back into the cage until 2021. After rehabbing his injuries he decided to compete in grappling events so he could better understand the game of submission and control. Craig has always been an incredible athlete who knows how to condition his body, his expertise in preparation has done him well in many of his battles in the cage and on the mats.

Is Craig McIntosh Retired?

Craig McIntosh is still an active fighter on the professional circuit of grappling. Craig took a hiatus from Mixed Martial Arts after his unanimous decision loss to Chris Bungard in the main event at On Top - Valor in 2016. He focused primarily on grappling over the next few years, but has recently jumped back into the MMA scene after he was given a title shot at Olympus Fight Series in the lightweight division in July 2021. Craig has aspirations to keep on winning at the highest level he is capable of.

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