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Daniel Woirin His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Daniel Woirin His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Daniel Woirin?

Daniel Woirin is a former Muay Thai fighter who excelled at the Martial Art in his home town of Paris, France. Daniel is an expert in Muay Thai coaching as he became a prominent teacher of the arts to Black House MMA, a team of Brazilian Mixed Martial Artists in Brazil. Later on Daniel moved to the United States where he became the Muay Thai coach to the famous Team Quest, he also coaches Venom training camps where he passes on his expertise in Muay Thai.

Striking For MMA by Daniel Woirin

Daniel began his career in Martial Arts in France as he had a passion for the art. Daniel had tried boxing but soon realised how important it would be to utilise a more kickboxing background to be successful. Daniel had some 26 fights throughout his career as he excited many of his French fans with his purposeful technique and control. After finishing up his fighting career Daniel turned towards coaching as he taught many kids classes for at least 2 years. Daniel also taught the French Muay Thai team as he helped many of the fighters reach their athletic goals.

Daniel decided to move to Brazil, and he soon discovered how amazing the city of Brazil was with its rich culture and history. Daniel joined up with Black House MMA where he became the head Muay Thai coach for the next 8 years. Daniel worked and trained with some incredibly tough guys and helped develop their fighting styles. Daniel would always adapt his Muay Thai to fit the different styles of fighters like Lyoto Machida’s fast and devastating Karate style. Many of Daniels’s fighters have fought in huge promotions like Pride, UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.

After spending eight years in Brazil and working with some of the great fighters of the Martial Arts world, Daniel and his wife had decided to move their family somewhere more family orientated. They chose Temecula, California in the United States, as this place would not only be a wonderful place to raise their family, but a place where many great fighters lived. Daniel was still on a path of coaching and developing talent, so picking California would be a great place to continue his aspirations of being a great MMA and Muay Thai coach. 

Daniel would then take the job coaching at the famous Team Quest where he met legends of the MMA world. Daniel would work extensively with Dan Henderson and all of his students at Team Quest as they built a legacy heading out into the world of MMA. Daniel Woirin has dedicated his life to teaching Muay Thai and has his sights firmly set on continuing his expert teachings to many young and talented fighters worldwide. After a few years teaching with Team Quest Daniel stepped back into a coaching role with Black House MMA in California where he spent the next few years. Daniel now teaches Muay Thai through the famous MMA apparel brand Venom, where he runs many training camps in France and the United States.

The Daisy Fresh Knee Slice by Andrew Wiltse

How Old Is Daniel Woirin?

Daniel Woirin was born in Paris France in 1970, he is currently 52 years of age. 

How Much Is Daniel Woirin Worth?

Daniel Woirin has worked extremely hard over the course of his career to build an extensive net worth. He has coached for many different organisations including the French Muay Thai Kickboxing team, Black House MMA, Team Quest and Venom. Daniel has also manufactured his own martial arts apparel including his revolutionary sports bag through MMA Pros Gear. Daniel has also made significant remunerations through his online content and instructional videos he has filmed. Daniel has recently worked with BJJ Fanatics to bring out his newest video called “Striking For MMA'' available exclusively for purchase through Daniel has a net worth of over a million dollars now, with his stocks set to rise considerably. 

How Tall Is Daniel Woirin?

Daniel Woirin stands at 5 feet and 8 inches tall which is an equivalent to 172 centimetres.

How Much Does Daniel Woirin Weigh?

Daniel Woirin weighs in at 65 kilograms which is the equivalent to 143 pounds. 

Daniel Woirin’s Fighters List!

Daniel Woirin has spent his life teaching Muay Thai in France, Brazil and the United States of America. He has taught some of the worlds best Mixed Martial Arts fighters from his time at Black House MMA all the way to Team Quest. Daniel worked extensively with guys like Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Vitor Belfort, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera, Pedro Rizzo, Benoit St Denis, Dan Henderson and Cyril Gane. Daniel has guided many of his fighters to win UFC Championships, including an amazing run with Anderson Silva before parting ways after his fight with Forrest Griffin. Daniel also took Machida to a UFC title win and many others. Daniel has worked extensively with Dan Henderson after joining Team Quest with many of his battles against guys like; Lyoto Machida, Shogun Rua and Fedor Emelianenko. 

Daniel Woirin’s Best Fights Of All Time!

Daniel Woirin has coached some of the worlds best Mixed Martial Artists, from Vitor Belfort to Dan Henderson. Daniel was the coach of Black House MMA which was a fight club of professional athletes in Brazil. Daniel spent eight years as the head Muay Thai coach and during his time as one of their leaders he was able to pass on his knowledge to some of the greatest and most exciting fighters of our generation. Daniel’s best fights would correlate with Anderson Silva, as the Spider went on a mighty reign through the UFC to become the Middleweight Champion. Daniel Woirin’s guidance helped Anderson Silva defeat many exceptional fighters like; Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonar, Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort. 

Daniel Woirin joined up with Team Quest to help the Hall of famer Dan Henderson. In 2011 Daniel Woirin would be ringside in Dan Henderson’s corner when he defeated Mauricio Shogun Rua via a hard fought decision. This fight between the two combatants would become one of the greatest fights in UFC history, the match at UFC 139 would be added to the Hall of Fame. Dan showcased his skills and striking prowess in a 5 round fight to earn himself the Light Heavyweight title. Daniel Woirin was a massive reason that Dan Henderson was able to defeat Shogun as Dan spoke about the expert training he received from Daniel Woirin. 

Who Did Daniel Woirin Lose To As A Coach?

Daniel Woirin has coached many fighters into Championship fights and along his journey through coaching he has had many ups and downs. After leaving his longtime team of Black House MMA in Brazil he headed to the United States to team up with Dan Henderson at team Quest. Daniel would help guide the American athlete to a Light Heavyweight UFC title. Along the way Daniel Woirin’s fighter Dan Henderson lost to some high profile guys like; Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans and Daniel Cormier. Dan also lost to Lyoto Machida at UFC 157, who used to work extensively with Daniel Woirin during his time with Black House in Brazil. Daniel Woirin spoke in an interview about how he adapted his Muay Thai to help Machida’s Karate style, but even with his insight into Machida it was not enough to help Dan Henderson get the win as Machida secured a split decision win.  

Daniel Woirin’s Coaching Record!

Daniel Woirin has been a massive reason why so many Black House MMA fighters have won Championship titles. Daniel has passed on his expertise in Muay Thai kickboxing and adapted his style of striking to meet the needs of the very different athletes he has coached. Daniel’s coaching record includes championship wins like;

Cage Rage Belt - (Vitor Belfort def. James Zikic 2007) UFC/Pride Belt - (Anderson Silva def. Dan Henderson 2008) UFC Belt - (Anderson Silva def. Patrick Cote 2009) UFC Belt - (Anderson Silva def. Thales Leite 2009) Strikeforce Belt - 9 (Dan Henderson def. Rafael Cavalcante 2011) UFC Belt - (Dan Henderson def. Mauricio Rua 2011) Strikeforce Belt - (Tarec Saffiedine def. Nate Marquardt (2012) RFA Belt - (Mehdi Baghdad def. Zach Juusola 2013) RFA Belt - (Alexandre Pantoja def. Matt Manzanares 2014) MFC Belt - (Tom Gallicchio def. Kurt Southern 2014) MFC Belt - (Sam Alvey def. Wes Swofford 2014) RFA/Legacy Belt - (Alexandre Pantoja def. Damacio Page 2015) ICF Belt - (Walter Cogliandro def. Ali Nahaye 2019) SFC Belt - (Benoit St Denis def. Arthur Szczepaniak 2019) 

Daniel Woirin’s Injuries!

Daniel Woirin has suffered from many injuries over his fighting career, with many strains and bruises. Daniel also suffered from cracked ribs on more than one occasion. After a successful Muay Thai career he settled for coaching as the injuries would become less frequent heading into his older age.

Is Daniel Woirin Retired?

Daniel Woirin has had an illustrious coaching career as he has helped many professional athletes achieve greatness. After moving to the United States and working with Dan Henderson and Team Quest for a few years, Daniel made another change. Daniel Woirin stepped back into a coaching role with Black House MMA in California where he continued his work training with guys like Lyoto Machida and many other athletes. In the last few years Daniel Woirin worked extensively with the Venom fight brand to run Venom training camps in Paris, France. Daniel has a wealth of knowledge as he looks to extend his legacy for many years to come.

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