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Gabriel Almeida His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Gabriel Almeida His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Gabriel Almeida?

Gabriel Almeida is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt who is a high profile competitor and a representative of the International Checkmat academy. Since 2014 Gabriel has trained under legends of the sport Ricardo and Leonardo Vieira. Gabriel has impressed the grappling world with his tenacious and aggressive style of competitive Jiu Jitsu. Gabriel has won multiple World Championship and Abu Dhabi Pro events as a coloured belt. As a Black belt he has won ADCC Trials, American NoGi Nationals, a SJJIF World Championship and a UAEJJF Grand Slam.

No Gi Choke Mastery by Gabriel Almeida

Gabriel began his Jiu Jitsu experience in his teenage years under the tutelage of Eduardo Flexa. Gabriel was extremely intrigued by the art of Jiu Jitsu and started training meticulously at Eduardo's small academy. Gabriel progressed his way to the rank of Blue belt, and his coach Eduardo knew that Gabriel needed a more comprehensive academy to train with so he could find his full potential. After some searching,  Eduardo took Gabriel to Fight Zone - Checkmat in Rio De Janeiro. Gabriel would meet Ricardo and Leonardo Vieira and Thiago Sa, the three world class Black belts would mentor the young athlete and help guide him towards greatness.

As a Blue belt and under his new academy, Gabriel achieved monumental accomplishments. In 2014 Gabriel would win the IBJJF World Championship and the UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro, a feat rarely accomplished in the same year. Gabriel also placed second in his weight class and third in the absolute division at the IBJJF Pans Championships. Gabriel was fast tracking his way towards his Black belt as he moved up through the ranks, and by 2017 he was awarded his Brown belt.

As A Brown belt in 2017 and 2018 Gabriel achieved multiple accolades. He won the IBJJF American Nationals and the ACBJJ European Open in both his weight class and the absolute division. Gabriel also won the ACBJJ European NoGi Open and the CBJJ NoGi Brazilian Nationals. During 2018 His coaches were incredibly impressed with his competitive achievements, so they offered Gabriel a full scholarship (The Rising BJJ Stars Program) and a chance to make money out of his grappling. Gabriel was inspired as he went on to win UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro and the ACBJJ World Championships.

In October 2018 Ricardo and Leonardo Vieira promoted Gabriel Almeida to the rank of Black belt. Gabriel was ecstatic as he pursued a more competitive hunger, now as a Black belt he wanted to win big. In 2019 Gabriel once again conquered an incredible feat as he won both ADCC Sao Paulo Trials and the SJJIF World Championships. Gabriel has set the professional grappling circuit on flames as he has fast become one of today's most successful grapplers. In 2020 Gabriel won the UAEJJF Grand Slam in Miami and the IBJJF American NoGi Nationals in both his weight class and in the absolute division. Along with his many accomplishments Gabriel has secured a number of second and third place finishes in prestigious events like the IBJJF World Championships, where he secured a third place finish. 

Bulletproof Back Escapes: The Deep Turtle Position by Gabriel Almeida

How Old Is Gabriel Almeida?

Gabriel Almeida grew up in Niterói, a popular place in the south-east of Brazil. Gabriel was born on the 4th of June in 1992, he is currently 29 years of age.

How Much Is Gabriel Almeida Worth?

Gabriel Almeida has built himself quite a considerable net of wealth. Most of his remuneration has come from his professional fighting career. Gabriel has also worked hard for Checkmat as a coach and hosting seminars. Another avenue of finance for Gabriel has been his investment in instructional videos through the online platform of BJJ Fanatics. Some of his titles are; "Lasso Guard Attacks & Omoplata Mastery", "Bullet Proof Back Escapes: The Deep Turtle Position" and "NoGi Choke Mastery" all of these videos are available exclusively on BJJ Fanatics online. Gabriel has amassed a net worth of over a million dollars and with his incredible vested interest in competitive Jiu Jitsu, his stocks are increasing rapidly.

How Tall Is Gabriel Almeida?

Gabriel Almeida stands at 6 feet tall which is the equivalent of 182 centimetres.

How Much Does Gabriel Almeida Weigh?

Gabriel Almeida weighs in at 88 kilograms or (195 lbs) he has also competed at 83 and 91 kilograms, Gabriel has won multiple events in the absolute division.

Gabriel Almeida's Fight List!

Gabriel Almeida has a considerable amount of experience on the professional grappling circuit. He has been a formidable world class athlete and fought the world's best fighters. His fight list includes high level competitors like; Vinny Morales, Victor Rodrigues, Daniel Hampton, Lucas Barbosa, Henrique Cardosso, Anderson Ferreira, Valdir Araujo, Johnny Tama, Lucas Mattos, Ronaldo Junior, Sean Coates, Roberto Jimenez, Manuel Ribamar, Felipe Trovo, Romulo Barral, Carlos Souza, Matheus Oliveira, Vinicius Wong, David Garmo and Oliver Taza, 

Gabriel Almeida's Best Fight Of All Time!

Gabriel Almeida has a huge list of amazing wins to call his best. He has won World Championship and Abu Dhabi Pro events as a Blue and a Brown belt, and numerous Pans Championship, Brazilian National and European Opens. Gabriel would win his best ever event as a Black belt in 2019 at the ADCC Sao Paulo Trials. In his first 4 matches he secured 4 heel hooks against high calibre opponents like; Alexandre Jesus, Anderson Ferreira and Absolao Perez. Gabriel upstaged Elias Silverio 6 - 0 in the semi final to set up a showdown with Valdir Araujo in the final. In a very tight match the pair went toe to toe as nothing could separate them at the buzzer, Gabriel Almeida was awarded the decision win over Valdir Araujo.

Who Did Gabriel Almeida Lose To?

Gabriel Almeida is an extremely active fighter on the world stage of professional grappling. Over his exciting and successful career he has lost some high profile fights. As a Black belt Gabriel has lost 35 fights including 14 of them by submission. Some of his losses have come from athletes like; Josh Hinger, Felipe Cesar, Kyle Boehm, Manuel Ribamar, Bruno Lima, Alexandre Ribeiro, Felipe Andrew, Roberto Jimenez, Rafael Lovato, Pedro Marinho, Oliver Taza, Joao Rocha, Lucas Barbosa and Nicky Ryan. Gabriel would suffer his worst 2 losses against Manuel Ribamar, the first was in his first competition as a Black belt. Gabriel would lose on points in the final at the 2018 SJJIF World Championships, Gabriel would suffer more frustration the following year. In 2019 Gabriel would once again lose to Manuel Ribamar 2 - 0 on points at the IBJJF NoGi World Championships.

Gabriel Almeida's Record!

Gabriel Almeida has stunned the Jiu Jitsu community with his aggressive style of grappling. He has moved up the ranks fast with multiple successful campaigns extending all the way into the Black belt level. Gabriel holds a win loss record of 66 wins with 35 losses, including a submission win percentage of 56.06% Gabriel has a list of accomplishments like no other that includes;

As a Black belt;

ADCC Sao Paulo Trials Champion (2019) SJJIF World Champion (2019) UAEJJF Miami Grand Slam Champion (2020) IBJJF American Nationals Champion Gi & Absolute (2020) New York Fall Open Champion (2018) WAR SKC 2 Absolute Champion (2019) Long Beach Open Champion (2019) NYC Fall NoGi Open Champion (2019) Nashville NoGi Open Champion (2021) IBJJF European Open Runner Up (2019) IBJJF American National Runner Up - Absolute (2021) SJJF World Championship Runner Up (2018) IBJJF Pan Championship 3rd Place (2020) IBJJF NoGi World Championship 3rd Place - Absolute (2021)

As a Brown belt;

ACBJJ World Champion (2018) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion (2018) CBJJ Brazilian NoGi Nationals Champion (2017) IBJJF European NoGi Open Champion (2017) ACBJJ European Open Champion Gi & NoGi (2018) IBJJF American National Champion Gi & NoGi Champion (2018) IBJJF World Championship Runner Up (2017) IBJJF European Open Runner Up (2018) CBJJ Brazilian Nationals Runner Up (2017) CBJJ NoGi Brazilian Nationals Runner Up - Absolute (2017) IBJJF American Nationals Runner Up (2018) IBJJF NoGi Pans Championship Runner Up (2018) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro 3rd Place (2017) IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2017, 2018) IBJJF American Nationals 3rd Place - Absolute (2018) 

As a Blue belt;

IBJJF World Champion (2014) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion (2014) IBJJF Pans Championship Runner Up (2014) IBJJF Pans Championship 3rd Place - Absolute (2014) 

Gabriel Almeida's Injuries!

Gabriel Almeida has no reports of suffering any significant injury throughout his career. Over the course of his BJJ journey he has competed professionally and prepared himself for competition with tremendous ability.

Is Gabriel Almeida Retired?

Gabriel Almeida at 29 years of age is in the prime of his career as he sets his sights on winning more World Championships. Gabriel is a formidable competitor with a professional mindset, you can expect to see Gabriel Almeida lighting up the world scene for many years to come.

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