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Duane Ludwig Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Duane Ludwig Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Duane Ludwig?

Duane Ludwig was born August 4, 1978 and is a retired professional kickboxer and mixed martial artist, as well as a mixed martial arts coach. He began training Muay Thai at 15 years old and quickly succeeded in his amateur career with 12 wins out of his 14 bouts, while picking up three IKF International Kickboxing Federation Muay Thai national and regional titles. 

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Bas Rutten was his trainer during his early career, and he turned professional in the year 2000. Since his professional debut, he has competed in numerous professional organizations such as K-1, World Kickboxing Association, International Kickboxing Federation, and the UFC. On top of his Muay Thai and striking experience, Duane is also a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Amal Easton and Elliot Marshal, as well as a black belt in Bas Rutten Systems.

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How Old Is Duane Ludwig?

Born on August 4, 1978, Duane Ludwid is 42 years old.

duane ludwig

Duane Ludwig's Family

Duane Ludwig and his wife Jessica have three children; daughter Jade, son Duane Jr, and son Carter Bas Ludwig. 

How Much Is Duane Ludwig Worth?

Duane Ludwigs net worth is approximately $8 million.

How Tall Is Duane Ludwig?

Duane Ludwig stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

How Much Does Duane Ludwig Weigh?

Having fought in both the lightweight and welterweight division, Duane currently weighs approximately 170 pounds.

Duane Ludwig’s Fight List

At his first professional fight in 2000, Duane defeated Terrance Jones at a Ring of Fire event in what was a rematch from their amateur days. By the end of his first year fighting professionally, Duane won his first pro title by winning the W.K.A. US national title, followed by winning the I.M.T.C. title the very next year. His first real challenging bout occurred in 2001 when he went up against world champion Alex Gong for his I.S.K.A. belt at a K-1 event in Las Vegas. The first went the distance and ultimately ended with Ludwigs first loss, although there was some controversy as some thought aside from a shaky start, Ludwig dominated a majority of the fight. 

In 2002 Duane dropped down to 70kg, where he won the four man tournament for the very first K-1 Max world finals, defeating no. 1 ranked I.K.F. fighter Ole Laursen in the finals which secured his spot to fight in Tokyo. He was unable to make it to the finals that year, but received another shot in 2003 at K-1 MAX glory in Saitama, Japan. He had more success this year and made it to the semi finals where he lost to 2002 K-1 MAX champion Albert Kraus.

Finally in 2004 he won his last Muay Thai title after defeating Muay Thai legend Malaipet Sasiprapa by decision after five rounds to win the I.S.K.A. world title. Duane often refers to this as one of his proudest moments. This match was also particularly significant as the belt had previously been held by Alex Gong who Duane had lost to in the past. A rematch between the two had been in the cards since their original bout in 2001, but Gong died in 2003. Shortly after Duane won his title, he began to leave his kickboxing career behind and make the shift to MMA, which he did officially in 2006.

In his MMA debut at UFC 42, Duane fought Genki Sudo. This was an exciting fight as Sudo showed his theatrical side by doing the robot dance and walking walkwards at Ludwig before taking him down, but despite his flashy start Duane came back and started to inflict some real damage. As it seemed that the momentum had begun to shift in Ludwigs favor, Sudo came back and took Ludwig down and engaged in a bloody ground and pound.

Referee John McCarthy interrupted the fight to check on Ludwigs nose, and when the fight continued he did not start the fight in the same position he had stopped them. Ludwig took full advantage of this and finished the fight by landing numerous significant strikes on Sudo, and ended up winning by split decision.

Another one of Ludwig’s notable fights was his bout against Jonathan Goulet at UFC Fight Night 3. Ludwig won with a quick knockout which was officially documented as being 11 seconds, however many fans disagreed with the timekeeping and claimed the fight was over in 6 seconds. This spiraled into multiple online campaigns to overturn the timekeeping error, and in 2011 Dana White announced that Ludwig would be given the official fastest knockout time.

Just 2 days after this announcement, Keith Kizer and the Nevada State Athletic Commission denied that Ludwig would be given the record stating there was no legal avenue to overturn it. Keith stated that he re-timed it himself and the official time would be documented at 8 seconds “unofficially”. Dana white and his production team posted a video to Youtube showing some of the UFC’s fastest knockouts, and had Duane’s knockout listed at 6.06 seconds. Since then, the only fighter who has beaten Ludwig’s record is Jorge Masvidal with a 5 second knockout.

After a break from fighting in the UFC, Ludwig was set to return for UFC 108 to face Jim Miller. Ludwig lost to Miller by an armbar in the first round.

Duane Ludwig’s Best Fight Of All Time

The debate of Duane’s greatest fight of all time is split between his 6 second knockout against Jonathan Goulet and his UFC debut against Genki Sudo. As his fight against Sudo was likely the most entertaining fight where he was able to really showcase all of his skill on the world stage for the first time, his 6 second knockout gained a huge amount of publicity and was widely considered the fastest knockout of all time for many years.

Who Did Duane Ludwig Lose To?

In the UFC Duane Ludwig has lost to Jim Miller, Darren Elkins, Josh Neer, Dan Hardy, and Che Mills. Ludwig also suffered numerous losses to other opponents in various professional kickboxing organizations.

Duane Ludwig's Record

Duane Ludwig has a professional kickboxing record of 14-7-1 and a professional MMA record of 21-14.

Duane Ludwig Injuries

Ludwig was forced off of the UFC Live: Vera vs. Jones card in 2010 due to an injury. He also suffered a serious ankle injury in the first round after his TKO loss to Darren Elkins. Recovery from this leg injury took 8 months before he was able to fight again. 

Ludwig had to cancel his fight against Amir Sadollah at UFC Fight Night 24 due to a sternum injury. Finally, while attempting to defend against a takedown from Che Mills at UFC on Fuel TV 5, Duane tore a ligament in his knee in the first round and was unable to continue the fight. This injury ultimately led this to be Ludwig’s final fight.

Is Duane Ludwig Retired?

After suffering a torn ligament in his knee during his fight with Che Mills in 2012, Ludwig retired from MMA competition. Ludwig served as the head coach for Team Alpha Male from 2012-2014, and has since focused on growing his own gym.

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