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Gokor Ambaryan His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Gokor Ambaryan His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Gokor Ambaryan?

Gokor Ambaryan is a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under his Armenian coach Gokor Chivichyan, the owner of the famous Hayastan MMA academy in California. Gokor is also a Black belt in Judo as he combines both of his disciplines to create a more experienced Martial Arts resume. Gokor has fought in amatuer MMA bouts for the promotion Real MMA and is the founder and head coach of Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts in Las Vegas Nevada. Gokor is a professional coach with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, who is dedicated to developing his students in Las Vegas towards a successful future in grappling.

The Leg Lock Arsenal by Gokor Ambaryan

Gokor grew up in California in an Armenian community, where everyone was training in Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Gokor improved considerably after becoming a teenager, mainly due to the guidance of his coach Gokor Chivichyan from the world renowned Hayastan Grappling Academy. Gokor was winning tournaments as a teenager and when he turned 16 he was promoted straight to his Blue belt. Gokor would continue to compete utilising his tremendous leg lock systems taught specifically by Chivichyan. Gokor was defeating Black belts with his technical wizardry in submission attack, as he impressed many of his peers. Gokor was winning medals at the Hayastan Grappling Challenge, which was a tournament hosted by Gokor Chivichyan. Gokor had also become a Black belt in Judo as his dedication to the Martial Art was rewarded.

In 2014 Gokor had turned 19 and was continuing to improve with his skills in grappling. He was also training in Mixed Martial Arts as he had a career goal of fighting in the cage. During 2014 Gokor was awarded his Purple belt in BJJ, he was now heading firmly towards his goal of running his own academy. In 2015 Gokor took his first amateur Mixed Martial Arts fight at Real MMA 4. Gokor defeated Dee Randell with a first round knockout as it catapulted his notoriety in the United States. Three months later Gokor cut down to the Welterweight division, as he took on Javier Correa at Real MMA 5. Gokor secured an Armbar submission 2:53 into the second round. Gokor's next fight was scheduled for September 2015, but after his opponents injury the was cancelled.

In January of 2016 Gokor was matched up against Kainoa Sims at Real MMA 9. Fighting as a Middleweight this time, Gokor procured another Armbar submission at 2:17 in the second round. As the year progressed Gokor medalled at other BJJ tournaments like the Hayastan Grappling Challenge and the Las Vegas Open. Gokor was then promoted to Brown belt as he was another step closer to fulfilling his dreams. In 2017 Gokor was promoted by Gokor Chivichyan to his Black belt in a special ceremony at the Hayastan Grappling Academy. He continued competing in world class events like Fight 2 Win and Subversiv, where he defeated some high class opponents. In 2018 Gokor took another MMA fight, defeating Sir Mosley with a Rear Naked Choke at the start of round 3. Gokor would then move from California to Las Vegas Nevada, to achieve his lifelong dream and open his own academy.

Gokor founded Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts, where he began to offer classes for all ages in MMA, Wrestling, Judo and BJJ. Gokor began teaching his style of fighting with his prestigious leglock systems, as his academy became extremely successful. Unfortunately for Gokor the world was flooded by Covid lock downs forcing him to close his doors to the public. Gokor did however continue running classes through the online zoom platform as he desperately battled to keep his business a float, in hope for the inevitable return of full contact sports. Gokor has now reopened his doors as many of his former students are flocking back in, with the return of high level Martial Arts competition. Gokor is now coaching full time as he contemplates his return to the cage to fight professionally.

The Frosty Leg Lock System by Quentin Leahy

How Old Is Gokor Ambaryan?

Gokor Ambaryan was born in the United States of America on the 29th of January in 1995, he is currently 27 years of age.

Gokor Ambaryan's Early Life!

Gokor Ambaryan grew up in California in the United States of America. His parents were born in Armenia and then moved to the United States of America before Gokor was born. At the age of 4 Gokor was training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and the traditional art form of Kokh, which is a traditional Armenian style of Wrestling. By the age of 6 Gokor was competing in the kids division as he found a passion for BJJ at such a young age. Gokor was heavily overweight throughout his younger years, so training in Martial Arts has helped him exponentially, as he went through all the kids' belts on his way to becoming an adult. Gokor was training at the famous Hayastan Grappling Academy in California where he bonded with his coach and mentor Gokor Chivichyan. Growing up in an Armenian community in Glendale California was inspiring for Gokor, as many of his friends and family also trained in Martial Arts.  

How Much Is Gokor Ambaryan Worth?

Gokor Ambaryan has worked extremely hard throughout his career to build a successful academy. Gokor was lucky enough to achieve success with his gym in Las Vegas, Freestyle Martial Arts. As Gokor was building a reputable business, Covid lockdowns forced him to nearly lose everything. Gokor continued teaching through zoom classes and many of his members kept supporting him and his business. After a couple of hard years, Gokor has recently got his academy back up and running as he is determined to achieve success. Gokor's Net worth suffered some setbacks, but is now firmly heading in an upwards direction of a few hundred thousand dollars as he looks to continue to build indefinitely. Gokor has also added to his revenue stream with an instructional video he has filmed for BJJ Fanatics, the premier distributor of Martial Arts instructionals. His video is titled "The Leg Lock Arsenal" as he shares his wisdom of the intricate Leg Lock attack system he learnt from the famed Gokor Chivichyan. His instructional video is available exclusively for purchase through

How Tall Is Gokor Ambaryan?

Gokor Ambaryan stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is the equivalent of 180 pounds.

How Much Does Gokor Ambaryan Weigh?

Gokor Ambaryan is a Welterweight MMA fighter that weighs in at 83 kilograms or (185 pounds) he has also fought in the Light Heavyweight division at 93 kilograms or (205 pounds) and the Middleweight division at 86 Kilograms or (189 pounds)

Gokor Ambaryan's Fight List!

Gokor Ambaryan has been fighting some of the toughest opponents in grappling for years now. He was matching it with Black belts when he was only a Blue belt. Gokor has showcased his exemplary technical abilities, and proven himself worthy of wearing a Gokor Chivichyan Black belt. Gokor has fought athletes like; Marco Cruzatt (Fight 2 win 2017) Kevin Casey Subversiv 2 (2019) Gokor Ambaryan has also fought in a handful of amateur MMA fights against athletes like Sir Mosley, Kainoa Sims, Javier Correa and Dee Randell.

Gokor Ambaryan's Best Fight Of All Time!

Gokor Ambaryan has fought in many great fights over the course of his career. He has won medals at the famous Hayastan Grappling Challenge and won exciting fights at Real MMA events. Gokor defeated Dee Randal in 2015 with a stunning knockout victory only 39 seconds into the fight, making his win one of the fastest finishes in the world. Gokor also spoke about one of his best wins in his career at the Hayastan Grappling Challenge. Competing as a Blue belt Gokor submitted a Black belt with a Heel Hook, as he was criticised for his celebration afterwards. Gokor would speak about the match online saying how the Black belt was being extremely disrespectful before the fight, and even though Gokor would apologise for his behaviour he went on to say that he felt joy by putting the disrespectful athlete in his place.

Gokor Ambaryan's Record!

Gokor Ambaryan has competed in a plethora of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition matches throughout his career. He has also fought in wrestling and Judo, enjoying success. Gokor is undefeated in his amateur Mixed Martial Arts career with 4 consecutive wins. Throughout Gokor's illustrious journey he has procured a list of accolades that includes;

Fuji BJJ Las Vegas Open Champion (2017) California Open Champion, 6 x Hayastan Grappling Challenge Champion, Competed in over 20 Hayastan Grappling Challenges, Fight 2 Win Competitor, Subversiv Competitor. Real MMA Competitor.

Gokor Ambaryan's Injuries!

Gokor Ambaryan has always struggled with his health as a young man. Living a life as an obese child was extremely tough on him and over his journey he has found a way to climb through the adversity. Gokor became an athletic beast as he put some serious strength and conditioning training into practice. Gokor has also had issues with minor knee injuries, as he has continued to strengthen his leg amidst a few years of uncertainty with competitive sports.

Is Gokor Ambaryan Retired?

Gokor Ambaryan is extremely excited about the reopening of competitive fighting and his academy in Las Vegas. At the age of 27, Gokor is still young enough to fulfill his dreams of winning BJJ world titles and MMA Championships. Gokor is continuing to improve his health conditions, so he can be ready to jump back into the competition scene of high intensity Martial Arts. Gokor is coaching full time at his academy and is fast becoming a dedicated and prolific teacher of Martial Arts.

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