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Jaime Canuto His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jaime Canuto His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Jaime Canuto?

Jaime Soares Canuto is a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, graded under Renato Veras of the (GF) Grappling Fight Team. Jaime is a grappling sensation who is an expert in guard attacks, as he has secured 46 Armbars in his career wins as a Black belt. Jaime has won an IBJJF World Championship as a Brown belt and as a Black belt he has won multiple titles like; the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals, the IBJJF American Nationals, IBJJF South American Championships, IBJJF and Abu Dhabi World Masters Championships and the CBJJ Brazilian National Team Championships. With a huge amount of wins under his belt, Jaime has cemented himself as one of the toughest and most successful Middleweights in the world of competitive grappling.

The High Impact Closed Guard by Jaime Canuto

In his first two years as a Black belt Jaime Canuto won 20 fights and only lost 4, as he won prestigious tournaments like; the IBJJF South American Championship, the World Pro Trial, the Copa Okinawa, the CTBJJF Winter Open and double Gold at the Pan American CBLP. He defeated high level opponents like Leo Saggioro, Vinicius De Jesus, Murilo Santana, Renato Cardoso, Caio Almeida and Gabriel Lucas. Jaime also competed at the 2014 IBJJF World Championships, where he won his first 3 matches including a famous win over Clark Gracie 3 points to 2. Jaime was then eliminated in the quarter final by Alan Finfou 6 - 4 on points. 

2015 began with a bang as Jaime landed an exhilarating Flying Triangle against Jack McGee in a super fight at GFT Interclub. Jaime competed well at the European Championships defeating Marcos Tinoco before losing the semi final against JT Torres. Jaime won Gold at the Rio Fall Open with an Armbar victory over Sandro Vieira and defeated the legendary Manuel Ribamar in the final of the Matshark Open. Jaime suffered losses at the Brazil National Pro and the Rio Winter Open against Gabriel Procopio and Erberth Santos respectively. Jaime then competed at Confere 7 where he submitted Thomas Lisboa with an Armbar in the Super fight. Jaime rounded out 2015 with a string of wins at the South American Championships against quality opposition like Ricardo Rocha, Mauricio Antunes and Ayres Modesto. In the final Jaime fell victim to an Armbar by Erberth Santos.

Jaime headed into 2016 with confidence as he was halted at the Rio Summer Open,  the Atlanta BJJ Pro and the Pan American  Championships against guys like Cassio Francis and Octavio Sousa. Jaime took out Gold medals at the Las Vegas Open against Tiago Rocha and at the Sao Paulo Open against Vinicius Garcia both with Armbar victories. Jaime followed up with title wins at the Paris Open, the Petropolis Pro and double Gold at the London Fall Open. In 2017 Jaime avenged his previous loss by defeating Octavio Sousa at the Brasileiro Championships. Jaime also defeated Yan Lucas to take home the American National crown. Jaime won a bunch of Silver medals as he came close to winning several titles like the San Diego Pro and the Tokyo Grand Slam. Jaime did manage to win Gold medals at the Dallas Fall Open with a Flying Armbar against Eric Ingram, and Gold at the Dallas Fall NoGi Open. Jaime also finished the year off by winning the Charlotte Open and the IBJJF Rio Pro.

Jaime started 2018 on fire, winning the Munich Open in his weight class and the Absolute division, the Swiss National Pro and the London Grand Slam, defeating guys like; Sebastian Broche, Nicolas Penzer, Adam Wardzinski, Kywan Gracie and Marcos Costa. Jaime came close to winning the NoGi World Championship after defeating Manuel Ribamar in the semi final before losing by 2 points to Hugo Marques. Jaime started 2019 with a couple of nice wins against Lucas Rocha and Mateo Tenzera before losing to Victor Silverio and Sergio Rios. He won Gold at the LA BJJ Pro with another win over Octavio Sousa and took home the crown at the American Nationals in the Gi and the NoGi divisions. Jaime won the LA Grand Slam and defeated up and coming Edwin Najmi at Fight 2 Win 131. Jaime attempted another NoGi World Championship as he fell short in the final against Dante Leon by 2 points. 

In the last two years Jaime has continued to be one of the world’s most active grapplers, as he competed in events like BJJ Stars 4, 3CG Kumite and the Rio Grand Slam. Jaime won the South American Championships and came close to medalling at the World Pro with a referee decision loss to Nathan Mendelsohn. Jaime continued to compete at events like Fight 2 Win losing to Oliver Taza but defeating Jeferson Guaresi. Jaime came up short in his most recent attempts to win the Pan American Championship, the NoGi Worlds and the Gi World Championships with a loss to Tommy Langaker. Jaime is still an incredible force within the world of competitive grappling as he has recently won the Abu Dhabi World Masters Championship and the IBJJF World Masters Championship. 

Closed Guard Masterclass by Nicholas Meregali

How Old Is Jaime Canuto?

Jaime Canuto grew up in the famous town of Saquarema, Lagos in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He was born on the 7th of June in 1989, he is currently 32 years of age.

Jaime Canuto's Rise To Black Belt!

Jaime Canuto grew up in a famous surfing town called Saquarema, Lagos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jaime was involved with Martial Arts from a young age as he trained in the fighting style of Capoeira. Although Jaime was good at the art he didn't take the fighting style seriously, as his real passion was for surfing. Jaime was a regular competitor in surfing as he improved tremendously in the sport. During his teenage years Jaime began to feel disheartened with his progression in surfing and lost confidence in believing he could achieve the highest level. Jaime decided to try Jiu Jitsu as the complexity of the sport intrigued him. Jaime joined the GF Team under the esteemed Renato Veras, who was also known as Perninha. Jaime would form a strong bond with his coach as he became his first and only instructor from White to Black belt. Jamie would impress his coach and team with his outstanding submission offense and his ability to win high profile tournaments. In 2013 Jaime was awarded his Black belt on the podium of the World Championships, after an excellent tournament where Jaime submitted 4 out of his 6 opponents with Armbars. Standing on the podium as the Champion is where Julio Cesar Pereira the head coach of GF Team tied the Black belt around his waist.

How Much Is Jaime Canuto Worth?

Jaime Canuto has had an accomplished career, with multiple titles and wins against world class fighters. He has showcased his outstanding ability to finish his opponents, as he boasts a 41.6% submission win rate. Jaime has a list of sponsors that have helped him on his journey, the list includes; Shoyoroll, Twin Wolves Martial Arts, Armbar Soap Company and Honest Whey Protein. Jaime has a net worth of somewhere around the five hundred thousand dollar mark. Jaime is set on enjoying his career earnings with his wife and young family. Jaime has also secured some time filming an instructional video with the top tier platform of BJJ instructionals in BJJ Fanatics. Jaime's video "The High Impact Closed Guard" is an extremely popular instructional video that showcases why Jaime is called the Armbar Machine. Jaime goes into specific details about his signature submission from inside his deadly closed guard. This video is available exclusively through  

How Tall Is Jaime Canuto?

Jaime Canuto stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which is the equivalent of 185 centimetres. 

How Much Does Jaime Canuto Weigh?

Jaime Canuto weighs in at 82 kilograms or (181 pounds) Jaime has also competed at 77 kilograms and 88 kilograms.

Jaime Canuto's Fight List!

Jaime Canuto has fought some of the world's toughest competitors. He has a solid base and an incredible sense for attacking Jiu Jitsu. Jaime has a fight list that includes world class competitors like; Felipe Cesar, Thiago Andrade, Javier Nunez, Alex Munis, Lucas Lisboa, Pedro Agrizzi, Vinicius Reis, Jeferson Guaresi, Sebastian Broche, Enrique Galarza, Edwin Najmi, Diego Ramalho, Johnatha Alves, Victor Silverio, Octavio Sousa, Manuel Ribamar, Igor Paiva, Victor Rodrigues, Lucas Rocha, Mateo Tenzera, Leandro Souza, Lucas Costa, Johnny Tama, Alex Cabanes, Marcos Costa, Kywan Gracie, Adam Wardzinski, Nicolas Penzer, Michael Liera, Yan Lucas, Joshua Hinger, Carlos Lima, Caio Almeida, Francisco Iturralde, Romulo Azevedo, Marcos Tinoco, Leo Saggioro, Renato Cardoso and Clark Gracie. 

Jaime Canuto's Best Fight Of All Time!

Jaime Canuto's fighting career has been impressive, with many title wins like multiple IBJJF South American Championships, IBJJF American Nationals and CBJJ Brazilian Nationals. Jaime had a famous win at the 2014 World Championships, after defeating Carlos Eduardo and Eduardo Santoro in the first two rounds, Jaime took on the world renowned Clark Gracie. Jaime had an extremely close match against the Gracie fighter, upstaging him 3 points to 2. Jaime's most memorable win came at the 2013 World Championships when he was a Brown belt. Jaime submitted 4 out of his 6 opponents with his signature Armbar, including a win in the final against Marcos Tinoco. Jaime won the World title and was promoted to his Black belt on the podium by the head of GF Team, Julio Cesar Pereira.

Who Did Jaime Canuto Lose To?

Jamie Canuto has had an outstanding career on the competition mats. In his 237 matches he has only lost 57, including only 9 submission losses. Jaime has lost to some extremely high level athletes like; Octavio Sousa at the World Championships in 2015, the Pan American Championships and the Atlanta BJJPro, Erberth Santos at the Rio Winter Open and the South American Championships. He has also lost to Felipe Cesar at the Sao Paulo Open, Lucas Barbosa at the World Pro Brazilian Qualifier, Gabriel Arges at the World Championships and Andre Galvao at the King of the Mats tournament. Jaime has also lost to athletes like; Renato Canuto, Josh Hinger, Hugo Marques, Jonnatas Gracie, Victor Silverio, Dante Leon, Leandro Lo, Oliver Taza and Pedro Marinho.

Jaime Canuto's Record!

Jaime Canuto has become a world class veteran Black belt on the professional grappling circuit. He has won an impressive amount of tournament Gold medals throughout his long and exciting career. Jaime has an incredible win loss record of 180 wins with 57 losses, including an impressive 75 submission wins, with 46 of those Armbars. Jaime has an outstanding win percentage of 75.9% and a submission finish rate of 41.6%. Jaime has a list of accomplishments that includes;

As a Black belt;

CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (2017)1st Place IBJJF American National Champion (2017, 2019) IBJJF South American Champion (2014, 2015, 2020) IBJJF South American Absolute Champion (2020) CBJJ Brazilian National Teams Champion (2012, 2013, 2014) Abu Dhabi World Masters Champion (2020) IBJJF World Masters Champion (2021) Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Champion (2021) Rio Fall Open Champion (2015) Matshark Open Champion (2015) Las Vegas Open Champion (2016) Sao Paulo Open Champion (2016) Paris Open Champion (2016) Petropolis Open Champion (2016) London Fall Open Champion - weight class and absolute (2016) Dallas Fall Open Champion (2017) Dallas Fall NoGi Open Champion (2017) Charlotte Open Champion (2017) IBJJF Rio Pro Champion (2017) Munich Open Champion (2018) Swiss National Pro Champion (2018) London Grand Slam Champion (2018) LA BJJ Pro (2019) 

IBJJF South American Absolute Championship Runner Up (2015) IBJJF World NoGi Championship Runner Up (2018, 2019) IBJJF Brazilian Pro League Runner Up (2015) UAEJJF King of Mats Runner Up (2018) UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Runner Up (2018) IBJJF World Championship Third Place (2017, 2018, 2019) IBJJF Brazilian National Championship Third Place (2015) IBJJF Pan American Championship Third Place (2019, 2021) IBJJF Pan American NoGi Championship Third Place (2021) IBJJF European Open Third Place (2015, 2017, 2018) IBJJF American National Absolute Championship Third Place (2017)

As a colored belts;

IBJJF World Champion (2013 Brown belt) IBJJF Pan American Champion (2013 Brown belt)

Jaime Canuto's Injuries!

Jaime Canuto has not had any significant injuries throughout his competitive career. Like most high level professional athletes there is plenty of wear and tear, and Jaime has had his minor strains and soreness. Jaime is heavily invested in his strength and conditioning training, as he continues to prepare his body for professional grappling.

Is Jaime Canuto Retired?

Jaime Canuto is extremely active on the professional Jiu Jitsu world circuit. He has had over 230 fights since becoming a Black belt in 2013. Jaime is a well rounded and seasoned veteran who has an outstanding ability to showcase his flying submission attacks. Jaime is recognised as one of the top contenders in the Black belt Middleweight division.

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