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Ilias Iliadis His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Ilias Iliadis His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Ilias Iliadis?

Ilias Iliadis is a Black belt in Judo, a Georgian born athlete who represents Greece in his international career. Ilias became the youngest ever Olympic Judo Gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics, at just 17 years of age. Ilias has also won a multitude of world medals including 3 World Championships, 2 European Championships and an Olympic Bronze. He has also won many other titles throughout his prestigious career. Ilias is the Judo coach for the Uzbekistan national team. Ilias was bestowed with the honour of bearing the flag for Greece in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The World Championship Judo Blueprint by Ilias Iliadis

Ilias won 3 Gold medals before he began his international career competing for Greece. At the end of 2002 he won the Greek Championships in Litochoro/Katerini. In 2003 he continued winning international tournaments, like the Under 23 European Championships in Yerevan, the Balkan Championships in Belgrade, and Silver and Bronze at the Greek Championships and the Balkan Junior Championships respectively. In 2004 Ilias won the Athens Challenge Olympic Test Event, before pulling Bronze medals at both the Super A Tournament in Paris and the German World Open in Hamburg. In the lead up to the Athens Olympics, Ilias won the European Championships in Bucharest defeating German born Ole Bischof in the final, and the Tre Torri Tournament in Corridonia.

Ilias was in the limelight as he entered the Athens Olympic arena. At the age of 17 many viewers didn't give Ilias a chance against a high calibre of world class Judoka. Ilias shocked the world, defeating all 5 of his opponents including the Ukrainian, Roman Gontyuk in the final. Ilias won the Olympic Gold medal, becoming the youngest Judoka to win the prestigious title. Ilias went on to take out other events in 2014 like the Russian President Cup and the Greek Championships in the under 90 kilogram division in Holargos, he also placed second in the open weight class division. Over the next two years Ilias won multiple events like; the Super World Cup in Paris, the Mediterranean Games in Almeria, the Greek Championships in Loutraki, the World Cup Dutch Open in Rotterdam, the World Military Championships, the European Club Cup and the Under 23 European Championships.

Ilias had become an international superstar as he lit up the world stage of Judo. He conquered a massive list of tournaments as he continued his winning ways into 2007. Ilias won the Super World Cup in Hamburg beating the Spaniard David Alarza in the final, he won World Cups in Moscow and Bucharest and took home the crown in the Acropolis Tournament in Athens. Ilias finished 2007 with Gold medals at the 4th CISM World Military Games and the Jigoro Kano Cup in Tokyo. In 2008 Ilias only competed in 4 events taking home 2 Gold medals at the Super World Cup in Paris and the Bosporus Tournament in Istanbul. He also secured 2 Silver medals at the World Cup in Tbilisi and the European Club Cup in Tallinn.

Over the next few years Ilias went from strength to strength as he won events like; the Mediterranean Games, the European Championships and the IJF Grand Slam in Moscow. Ilias achieved more sensational notoriety after winning the World Championships in Tokyo defeating Daiki Nishiyama in the final. He also won the World Championships for the second time in 2011 once again defeating Daiki Nishiyama this time in Paris. Ilias had now achieved an IJF World ranking of number #1, as he was extremely honoured and pleased with his achievements. In 2012 Ilias won another IJF Grand Slam in Moscow, before competing at the London Olympics in August. Ilias defeated 4 out of 5 opponents, losing only to Kirill Denisov of Russia as he took home the Olympic Bronze medal.

By 2013 Ilias was still ranked IJF world number #1, as he continued to impress many of his colleagues. Ilias won the IJF World Masters, the European Club Championships and the Grand Prix in Dusseldorf. Competing at the 2014 World Championships in Chelyabinsk, Ilias defeated all 5 of his opponents including the Hungarian Krisztian Toth in the final. As Ilias competed at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics he was beaten by an Ippon in 45 seconds by Cheng Xunzhao of China, as he re-injured his knee. Ilias announced his retirement from his Judo career as the world mourned an exciting and successful champion's departure from International judo. Ilias returned in 2018 to earn himself a Bronze medal at the Champions League in Bucharest. After retiring from competitive Judo, Ilias took a position as the Head Coach of the Uzbekistan national team, where he is dedicating his time passing on his knowledge and expertise of competitive judo.

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How Old Is Ilias Iliadis?

Ilias Iliadis was born in Akhmeta in Georgia, he later moved to Greece. Ilias was born on the 10th of November in 1986, he is currently 35 years of age.

Ilias Iliadis' Younger Life!

Ilias Iliadis was born Jarji Zviadauri in the country of Georgia. Growing up in a dangerous country fighting for its sovereignty had its turmoil. But as Georgia gained its independence in 1991 the country began showing signs of improvement. Jarji Zviadauri and his family had a tough upbringing and in 2003 they moved to Greece to start a new life. Upon living in Greece Jarji was adopted by a Greek man named Nikos Iliadis, and so changed his name to Ilias Iliadis. Growing up in the nation of Greece was exponentially better for the teenager Ilias, as he continued to train and compete in Judo under the watchful coaching of Nikos Iliadis. Ilias had a tremendous opportunity that he grasped with both hands, as he headed towards Olympic and International stardom.

How Much Is Ilias Iliadis Worth?

Ilias Iliadis has starred on the international stage of Judo, winning multiple World titles and an Olympic Gold medal. Ilias has forged a legacy that has won him the respect of his nation and the respect of many other world nations. Ilias has a net worth of over 1.5 million dollars as he continues to build his finances through his coaching duties with the Uzbekistan national team. Ilias has also made remuneration through working with BJJ Fanatics, the prolific distributor of Martial Arts instructionals. Ilias has filmed "The World Championship Judo Blueprint" where Ilias showcases his expert Judo techniques. His video is available exclusively through

How Tall Is Ilias Iliadis?

Ilias Iliadis stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 178 centimetres.

How Much Does Ilias Iliadis Weigh?

Ilias Iliadis weighs in at 90 kilograms or (198 pounds) during his career he spent a lot of time competing at 81 kilograms or (178 pounds)

Ilias Iliadis' Fight List!

Ilias Iliadis has fought extensively throughout the international world of Judo. He has won a multitude of world  medals and defeated an array of highly talented Judoka. Ilias has a fight list that includes athletes like; Roman Gontyuk, Dmitry Nosov, Yong Woo Kan, Frederic Stiegelmann, Bjorn Bachmann, Ruslan Gasymov, David Alarza, Nicolas Brisson, Henk Grol, Krzysztof Weglarz, Andrei Kazusionak, Tuvshinbayar Naiden, Daiki Nishiyama, Elkhan Mammadov, Roberto Meloni, Kirill Denisov, Grigorii Sulemin, Tiago Camillo, Mark Anthony, Krisztian Toth and Sherali Juraev.

Ilias Iliadis' Best Fight Of All Time

Ilias Iliadis has won an impressive amount of tournament medals. He has lit up the international limelight for over a decade. Ilias has won European Championships and World Championships, where he has beaten world class Judoka like; Krisztian Toth, Daiki Nishiyama, Kirill Denisov and Ole Bischof. Ilias achieved his best win by far in 2004, when he became the youngest Judoka at 17 years of age, to win Olympic Gold. Ilias defeated Morgan Endicott Davies, Ariel Sganga, Yong Woo Kan and Dmitry Nosov before sealing the deal in the final against Roman Gontyuk. Ilias has always looked back on his Olympic Gold medal with honour and pride, as he represented the nation of Greece.

Who Did Ilias Iliadis Lose To?

Ilias Iliadis has only lost 83 matches out of 336, which is a low 24.7% loss percentage. Ilias has lost to high calibre opponents like; Pavol Jurcik, Hiroshi Izumi, Mark Huizinga, Irakli Tsirekidze, Khasanbi Taov, Zurab Zviadauri, Night Shao, Christophe Humbert, Levan Zhorzholiani, Nicolas Brisson, Elkhan Mammadov, Asley Gonzalez, Masashi Nishiyama, Kirill Denisov, Daisuke Kobayashi, Tiago Camillo and Jorge Fonseca.

Ilias Iliadis' Record!

Ilias Iliadis has competed exceptionally well throughout his illustrious career. Ilias has become a veteran and an international superstar of the Judo world. Ilias has had 336 fights in his brilliant career, including 253 victories with a win percentage of 75.3%. Some of his best seasons have been; 2004 - 23 wins 4 losses (85.2%) 2006 - 19 wins 4 losses (82.6%) 2007 - 32 wins 7 losses (82.1%) 2014 - 13 wins 1 loss (92.9%) Ilias has a list of accomplishments that includes;

4 x Olympian (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016) Olympic Gold Medal (2004) Olympic Bronze Medal (2012) World Champion (2010, 2011, 2014) European Champion (2004, 2011) IJF World Masters Champion (2012) IJF Grand Slam Champion (2011, 2012) Grand Prix Champion (2014) World Cup Champion (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) European Under 23 Champion (2003, 2006) European Under 17 Champion (2002) World Military Champion (2006, 2007) European Cup Champion (2008) Greek Champion (2002, 2004, 2005) Jigoro Kano Cup Champion (2007) Acropolis Tournament Champion - Athens (2007) Russia President Cup Champion - Podolsk Team Event (2004) Tre Torri Tournament Champion - Corridonia (2004) Athens Challenge Olympic Test Event Champion (2004) Balkan Champion - Belgrade (2003) Greek Athlete of the Year (2014)

World Championship Runner Up (2005, 2007) Grand Prix Runner Up (2013) Grand Slam Runner Up (2012) IJF World Masters Runner Up (2011) World Cup Runner Up (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)

World Championship Third Place (2013) European Championship Third Place (2010, 2015) World Cup Third Place (2004, 2006, 2007, 2010) 

Ilias Iliadis' Injuries!

Ilias Iliadis has suffered from extensive knee injuries late in his career. After many surgeries to his knee, the former Olympic Champion has had to slow down with his competitive career. Although Ilias has recovered well from his many surgeries, his older age of Judo has seen many younger athletes begin to catch up to the Georgian/Greek superstar. 

Is Ilias Iliadis Retired?

Ilias Iliadis had to call it quits on his illustrious career, after competing at the Rio Olympics in 2016. He spoke publicly about his injuries and told the world that Rio was his last Olympic campaign. After Rio Ilias took a couple of years away from Judo, but in 2018 he made a return at the Champions League in Bucharest taking home the Bronze medal. Nowadays Ilias is the Head Coach of the Uzbekistan national team, as he looks to extend his legacy into coaching. Ilias is also heavily invested looking after his wife and his two children.

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