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Ilias Ennahachi His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Ilias Ennahachi His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Ilias Ennahachi?

Ilias Ennahachi is a professional Kickboxer who is Dutch born of Moroccan descent. Ilias is the current One Championship Flyweight Kickboxing Champion. Ilias has successfully defended his title two times since becoming the champion in 2019 at One Championship Dreams of Gold. Ilias is the former WFL (World Fighting League) Champion and the former Blade Champion in the 61 kilogram division, and before that he was the Enfusion 60 kilogram Champion with three successful title defenses. 

Who Is Ilias Ennahachi?

Ilias Ennahachi is a professional Kickboxer who is Dutch born of Moroccan descent. Ilias is the current One Championship Flyweight Kickboxing Champion. Ilias has successfully defended his title two times since becoming the champion in 2019 at One Championship Dreams of Gold. Ilias is the former WFL (World Fighting League) Champion and the former Blade Champion in the 61 kilogram division, and before that he was the Enfusion 60 kilogram Champion with three successful title defenses. 

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Ilias began his fighting career competing in the Netherlands, taking on fighters like Wang Wenfeng, Tommy Dieckmann and Ilias El Hajoui. Fighting for the Enfusion fight league, Ilias was working his way up to a Flyweight title shot. In May of 2016 Ilias would get his shot at Enfusion -  Fighting Rookies, where he took on Ali Zoubai. After 3 rounds of action Ilias was awarded the decision win as he was crowned the 61 kg Flyweight Champion. A few months later Ilias was set to defend his title at Enfusion Live 42. Ilias fought against Cristofer Opazos and early in the first round Ilias made short work of the Spainard, landing a flurry of punches and winning by TKO. 

In November of 2016 Ilias became dual Champion as he fought for the Blade Championship at Rebels 47. Ilias won a unanimous decision against Japan's Hiraku Machida, as he became a double Flyweight Champion in two separate organisations. Ilias decided on trying to win another title as he travelled into China to fight on their longest running televised fighting event, the WLF (Wu Lin Feng) Ilias suffered an embarrassing loss, as he was knocked out only 32 seconds into the first round against China’s Zhao Chongyeng. 5 months later Ilias went back to China to compete in an 8 man tournament called Kunlun Fight 66 in Wuhan. Ilias would take on an old foe in Wang Wenfeng, as the fight went the distance the decision was awarded to Wenfeng. Ilias was disappointed with his campaigns in China so he geared up for his next fight in Dubai.

Enfusion Live 63, 2018 in Abu Dhabi was the place where Ilias would defend his Enfusion Championship. Ilias fought Krobsut Fairtex and would dominate his opponent with a round one stoppage. The next stop for Ilias would land him squarely in front of another Championship push as he challenged for the WFL (World Fighting League) Championship. Ilias defeated all of his opponents in the 8 man tournament, including Issam Laabizi in the final as he procured the WFL Title. At the start of 2019 Ilias had another fight at Enfusion Live 82, as he defended his championship belt for the third time against Madani Belhaddad with a TKO in the second round. 

Ilias was then approached by the famous organisation, One Championship and signed to a two year deal. Ilias challenged Petchdam Petchyindee from Thailand at One Championship, Dreams of Gold. After two rounds of intense action, Ilias landed a devastating left hook knocking out his opponent 1 minute into the third round, securing the Flyweight title. Three months later at Age of Dragons Ilias would defend his title against his nemesis from China Wang Wenfeng, and after the fight went the distance Ilias was awarded the split decision. After a long period of shutdowns due to the ongoing pandemic, Ilias would finally step back in the One Championship arena. In February of 2021 at One Championship Fists of Fury, Ilias would take on the formidable Superlek Kiatmookao. After three rounds of action that saw Ilias slightly better his opponent in the first two rounds, Superlek dominated round three landing significant damage to Ilias. As the fighters stood in the middle of the ring Ilias was awarded the controversial decision win. The boss of One Championship spoke out on social media saying he thought Superlek won the fight and is planning an immediate rematch. 

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How Old Is Ilias Ennahachi?

Ilias Ennahachi grew up in Utrecht in the Netherlands and is of Moroccan descent, he was born on the 15th of May in 1996, he is currently 25 years of age.

Ilias Ennahachi’s Early Life!

Ilias Ennahachi was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands, and both of his parents were Moroccan. His family suffered through many adversities in the European city, as both his Mother and Father were faced with racial abuse. Living in Holland was where his family persevered, as they felt it was a city of opportunities. Ilias’ Father was a garbage collector for the local municipality, and his Mother was a stay at home parent as she valued the care of her children, then after falling into some financial hardships she began working at a retirement home. Because of their parents' resilience and hard work ethic, they were able to provide a stable life for their kids. Ilias’ parents always taught their kids the value of family, as Ilias and his siblings acted with love, honour and integrity. Ilias discovered Martial Arts through his Father and his Uncle as they were both extremely interested in Karate. Fighting was in the Ennahachi’s blood as Ilias’ cousins practised Kickboxing. 

As a kid soccer was a passion for Ilias, but it did not take very long before he joined a Martial Arts academy. At 11 years of age Ilias had his first kickboxing lesson as he was spurred on by the taunts of his cousin, telling him there was another boy his age who could beat him at Kickboxing. After experiencing the thrills of Martial Arts, Ilias’ trainer told him he was good, so Ilias decided to have his first fight. During Ilias’ teenage years he began to head down a path of destruction, as he valued partying with his friends. Ilias was neglecting his Kickboxing training and starting to get himself into trouble. At the age of 17 Ilias’ Father stepped in and gave him an ultimatum between training and partying. Ilias made the right choice and left his friends behind as he forged a future in Kickboxing. Ilias has revealed how much respect he has for his Father and still trains with him today. 

How Much Is Ilias Ennahachi Worth?

Ilias Ennahachi has had a prominent career so far, with countless wins on the world stage of Kickboxing. Ilias has fought extensively with One Championship and has earned himself a nice pay packet. Throughout his career Ilias has accumulated over a million dollars in prize money. Ilias is an exceptional talent who is continuing to take Kickboxing to new heights. Ilias has also been involved with BJJ Fanatics, the premier distributor of Martial Arts videos, BJJ Fanatics have another platform called Dynamic Striking where it houses some of the best striking videos worldwide. Ilias has filmed “Strikes From All Angles” his video goes into significant detail about landing strikes to all levels of the body. Ilias has a highly regarded reputation which has led to immense popularity for his instructional video. Ilias’ instructional is available exclusively on the Dynamic Striking website. 

How Tall Is Ilias Ennahachi?

Ilias Ennahachi stands at 5 feet and 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 178 centimetres. 

How Much Does Ilias Ennahachi Weigh?

Ilias Ennahachi is a professional Flyweight Kickboxer who weighs in at 61 kilograms or (135 pounds)

Ilias Ennahachi’s Fight List!

Ilias Ennahachi has won an inspiring amount of Kickboxing fights throughout his sensational career. He has dominated the Flyweight division for the past 7 years, with his exciting style of Kickboxing. Ilias has a fight list that includes combative athletes like; Superlek Kiatmookao, Wang Wenfeng, Petchdam Petchyindee, Madani Belhadded, Enez Ilgin, Issam Laazibi, Catalin Eduard, Krobsut Fairtex, Hikaru Machida, Cristofer Opazos, Ali Zoubai, Ilias El Hajoui and Tommy Dieckmann. 

Ilias Ennahachi's Best Fight Of All Time!

Ilias Ennahachi has been dominant in the world of Flyweight Kickboxing. Ilias has achieved multiple Championship wins at the lower levels and at one of the highest levels, One Championship. Ilias has been a Champion in four separate fighting promotions, he was the Champion of Enfusion where he defended his title three times. Ilias secured his greatest fighting moment at One Championship: Dreams of Gold in August of 2019. Ilias fought against Petchdam Petchyindee in Bangkok, Thailand, where he landed a savage left hook knockout in the third round. Ilias was crowned the One Championship Flyweight Champion, as he went on to defend his title twice and is still the current Champion. 

Who Did Ilias Ennahachi Lose To?

Ilias Ennahachi has had a superb career on the world stage of international Kickboxing. Throughout Ilias’ rise to the top of the Flyweight division he has only encountered three losses inside the ring. His first loss came in 2014, Ilias competed in Japan and was knocked out with a left hook by Yosuke Morii, (2:40) into the first round. Ilias suffered his second loss in 2017 on the (WLF) Wu Lin Feng promotion, which is China’s longest televised Martial Arts Competition. Ilias suffered another knockout as Zhao Chonyang landed a straight right punch only 32 seconds into the first round. Ilias’s third and final loss also came in 2017 at Kunlun Fight 66 in Wuhan, China, where a group of fighters competed in an 8 man tournament. Ilias was eliminated in the quarter final after losing to Wang Wenfeng after a three round decision.  

Ilias Ennahachi’s Record!

Ilias Ennahachi has showcased his extraordinary ability to win big fights inside the Kickboxing arena. He has a formidable resolve that has earnt himself significant popularity with many One Championship fans, Ilias has a professional Kickboxing record of 37 wins with only 3 losses, giving Ilias a win percentage of 92.5%. Ilias Ennahachi has a list of accomplishments that includes;

One Championship - Flyweight Kickboxing Championship (2019 vs Petchdam Petchyindee) 

Flyweight Kickboxing Championship Title Defense (2019 vs Wang Wenfeng) 

Flyweight Kickboxing Championship Title Defense (2021 vs Superlek Kiatmookao) 

WFL - World Fighting League - WFL 63 kg Championship (2018 vs Issam Laazibi)

Blade - Blade 61 kg Championship (2016 vs Hiraku Machida)

Enfusion - Enfusion 60 kg Championship (2016 vs Ali Zoubai) 

Enfusion Championship Title Defense (2016 vs Cristofer Opazos) 

Enfusion Championship Title Defense (2018 vs Krobsut Fairtex) 

Enfusion Championship Title Defense (2019 Madani Belhaddad)   

Ilias Ennahachi’s Injuries!

Ilias Ennahachi has been able to avoid any significant injuries throughout his outstanding career. Ilias has suffered from a couple of knockouts earlier in his career, where he received concussions. In his most recent fight at One Championship he suffered a battering on his arms, as he endured through multiple head kicks. Ilias has recovered well as he has become an expert in his recovery techniques. Ilias has also endured through multiple muscle strains and sprains in his wrists, Ilias has always been able to rehabilitate his injuries in a fast and calculated manner.  

Is Ilias Ennahachi Retired?

Ilias Ennahachi is in the prime of his career, at the age of 25 the Dutch Moroccan Kickboxer has a huge upside. Ilias is the current Flyweight Champion for the famous One Championship promotion. Ilias has been the Champion since 2019 and has successfully defended his title twice, with his most recent defense an extremely controversial win. The One Championship boss Chantri Sityodtong has called for an immediate rematch after he thought that Ilias Ennahachi lost the fight. Ilias will return to the ring soon, so we can expect fireworks. 

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