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Ivan Vasylchuck His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Ivan Vasylchuck His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Ivan Vasylchuck?

Ivan Vasylchuck is a world famous Sambo fighter and Judo Practitioner. Ivan has been a tremendous influence with his knowledge and expertise in Sambo. Ivan is a former 2 time World Sambo Champion and a 4 x runner up. Ivan has also won European Sambo Championships throughout his impressive career. Ivan is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt as he is determined to master all aspects of grappling. Ivan is a force to be reckoned with as he boasts a submission win rate in Sambo of over 90%. Ivan is one of the world's fiercest warriors in the world, as he has had over 800 Sambo fights in his career. Ivan is also a teacher of Sambo, as he offers a free online YouTube channel where he is dedicated to the development of Sambo worldwide.

Sambo Academy: Kneebars by Ivan Vasylchuk

In 2006 Ivan was dominating Sambo and had already tallied hundreds of fights worldwide. He placed second at the European Championship in Bulgaria with a hard fought campaign. Ivan continued dominating his opponents with super technical and fast paced grappling. Over the next couple of years Ivan won the silver medal at the Sambo World Championships in Bulgaria and the Bronze medal at the Sambo European Championships. Ivan was fast building a reputation for ferocity as he was finishing many of his opponents in the first minute of his fights. Ivan was brutalising his prey as he scored numerous leglock, armlock and chokehold victories.

By 2009 Ivan was still on fire as he kept on astonishing his fans with victory after victory. He won a bronze medal at the 2009 Sambo World Championships in Greece, and at the 2011 Sambo World Championships in Vilnius Lithuania. In 2012 Ivan Vasylchuk became the World Sambo Champion as he stormed through the under 90 kilogram weight category in Russia. Ivan also won the Bronze medal at the European Sambo Championship in Russia. By 2013 Ivan was competing in Italy at the European Sambo Championship where he won another Bronze medal. Ivan was showcasing his highly technical world class leg lock systems, as he dominated many athletes proficiently. Along with his outstanding submission ability, Ivan was adding Judo to his Sambo as he was highlighting his fights with dynamic throws.

Ivan went back to Russia in 2013 to compete at the World Combat Games, where he became the Champion in Sambo in the under 90 kilogram weight category. Ivan also went to St Petersburg to compete in the World Sambo Championships, where he took second place. In 2014 Ivan was showing outstanding resilience as he soldiered on surpassing 700 fights. Ivan competed in Romania at the European Sambo Championships as he was awarded another Bronze medal. Ivan won another Silver medal at the 2015 World Sambo Championships in Casablanca in Morocco. Ivan is an absolute weapon on the mats and most of his opponents feared him. Ivan competed in 12 World Championships over the course of his career, winning 4 Golds, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze medals.

Ivan Vasylchuck has trained in over 20,000 hours in Sambo and Judo throughout his tremendous career. While preparing for high profile tournaments Ivan had over 60 high intensity training camps. Ivan has shown his resilience and his perseverance in pursuit of becoming a formidable Martial Artist. Ivan is now coaching many students through his online platform of Sambo instruction, called the Sila Partera Sambo website. Ivan has 3 different channels in 3 different languages as 185 thousand subscribers tune in weekly. Ivan has many different Sambo programs that range from beginners to advanced Sambo competitors, MMA fighters and Submission grapplers. Since retiring from competitive Sambo in 2017, Ivan has hosted over 41 Sambo seminars globally in places like; Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Ivan has also trained over 1,100 people ranging from kids to older adults,  as he continues to help the development of his students. Ivan has a successful gym called Sila Partera Academy where he passes on his knowledge and his expertise.

Killer Sambo Submissions by Ivan Vasylchuk

Ivan Vasylchuck's Online Sambo Coaching!

After Ivan Vasylchuck retired from professional Sambo competition, he decided to open his own academy. Ivan started up the Sila Partera Academy, where he began teaching students from all age groups the intricacies of Sambo. Ivan has personally trained over a thousand students from young children to students in their 60's. Ivan is determined to help his students develop into highly capable Sambo practitioners. Ivan came to a realisation that most Sambo coaches in the Ukraine only make one hundred dollars per month teaching Sambo. After carefully considering his options Ivan created his own YouTube Channels, where he designed 3 separate sites in different languages like; Russian, English and Spanish. Ivan's aim was to help Sambo reach as many people as possible and now he has 185 thousand subscribers. 

Ivan invested ten thousand dollars of his own money over 3 years, to help market his newly successful business. Ivan is on a mission of determination to help the art of Sambo grow exponentially around the globe. He has many different Sambo programs that range from beginners courses to the much more advanced Sambo techniques for more experienced competitors. Ivan's online platform is an exceptional channel that deals out amazing free content on a weekly basis. He has also built an online course system to help the more seasoned grappler, and to build his finances. Ivan has become a pioneer for Sambo as he revolutionises the way the world trains in the grappling arts.

How Old Is Ivan Vasylchuck?

Ivan Vasylchuck was born in Netishin in the Ukraine, on the 26th of September in 1984, he is currently 37 years of age.

Ivan Vasylchuck's Rise To Distinction!

Ivan Vasylchuk began his journey into the art of Sambo and Judo at an extremely young age. Ivan would learn his beloved Martial Arts at the sports school of the KDYUSSH. Ivan's coaches, Yuri Ivanovich Savchuk and Gennady Gorokhov, taught Ivan a system of fighting that is formidable and ferocious. Ivan found that he had a talent for Sambo and discovered a passion for the combat sport. Ivan began competing in Sambo on a  national and international level. Studying the art of grappling saw Ivan venture past just Sambo, as he included Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling into his arsenal. Ivan has been studying Martial Arts for 27 years, as he dedicated his life to all the aspects of the grappling arts. Ivan's accomplishments led to him becoming a true and deadly Sambo master.

Ivan had a revered career in Sambo and Judo, as his high class education for the arts really shone through. Ivan was consistently showcasing his world class expertise in international Sambo competitions, as his success led to more accomplishments. In 2001 Ivan was proclaimed the “Master of Sports of Ukraine” in Sambo Wrestling. In 2006 Ivan was awarded the title of “Master of Sports of Ukraine the International Class” in sambo wrestling. In 2009 he was honoured again with the title of “Master of Sports of Ukraine” in judo wrestling. In 2011 Ivan topped the scales as he was hoisted firmly into the limelight and bestowed with the title of “Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine”. Ivan's accomplishments are truly a spectacle to see as he continues to display his knowledge for all to learn.

How Much Is Ivan Vasylchuck Worth?

Ivan Vasylchuck has built an impressive empire throughout his Sambo and Judo career. With over 800 fights the man has become a folk hero. Ivan has done extensive work through his online platform of Sila Partera Online YouTube Channels and his Sila Partera Academy. Ivan has taught over a thousand students in person and his online presence has a reach nearing 200 thousand subscribers. Ivan has also hosted over 40 Sambo seminars as he is passionate about the development of his sport. Ivan has an unreported net worth, but one could only imagine the legend is a millionaire. Ivan has also filmed instructional content through the premier distributor of Martial Arts videos, BJJ Fanatics. Ivan has filmed six videos titled "Devastating Sambo Throws", "Killer Sambo Submissions" and a 4 DVD series called "Sambo Academy" where he delves into Achilles Locks, Kneebars, Armbars and Combat Sambo. All of his videos are available exclusively through

How Tall Is Ivan Vasylchuck?

Ivan Vasylchuck stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall which equates to 185 centimetres.

How Much Does Ivan Vasylchuck Weigh?

Ivan Vasylchuck weighs in at 90 kilograms which is the equivalent of 198 pounds.

Ivan Vasylchuck's Record!

Ivan Vasylchuck has had an incredible career as a world class Sambo fighter. He has built an unbelievable win loss record of 638 wins with 164 losses, including a win percentage of 79.5%. Out of Ivan's 638 wins he has accomplished a devastating submission finish rate of over 90%. Ivan has had an incredible drive to compete at the highest international  level, where he has competed in 12 world championships. Ivan has tallied a huge 13 World medals throughout his years competing at World and European Sambo championships. Ivan has a list of accolades that includes; Sambo World Champion - Russia (2012) Sambo World Champion - Russia (2013) European Sambo Champion - Russia (2012, 2013) 

European Sambo Championship Runner Up - Bulgaria (2006) Sambo World Championship Runner Up - Bulgaria (2007) World Sambo Championship Runner Up - Lithuania (2011) World Combat Games Sambo Championship Runner Up - St Petersburg Russia (2013) World Sambo Championship Runner Up - Casablanca Morocco (2015) 

Sambo World Championships Third Place - Greece (2009) European Sambo Championship Third Place - Lithuania (2011) European Sambo Championship Third Place - Italy (2013) European Sambo Championship Third Place - Romania (2014) 

Ivan Vasylchuck's Injuries!

Ivan Vasylchuck has dominated the world arena in Sambo, which paid a heavy toll on Ivan's body. He began having issues with his knees as he was diagnosed with a slight tear in his ACL. After rehabbing his injury he began having more issues with his knee dislocating during training and competitions. Although he would continuously rehabilitate his injuries, he came to a realisation that his ongoing troubles would prevent him from achieving his highest form. Ivan knew he had to slow down, so teaching became his main focus. 

Is Ivan Vasylchuck Retired?

Ivan Vasylchuck was forced into retirement in 2016 after ongoing injuries. But as one door closed another one opened, as he began to build a network of online and social media content. Ivan has become World famous as his Sambo teachings are reaching a global audience daily. Ivan's legacy has had a massive impact on the grappling world, as many grapplers from all disciplines seek his knowledge and expertise for their careers.

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