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Sebastian Brosche: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Sebastian Brosche: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Sebastian Brosche?

Sebastian Brosche is a Swedish black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a certified yogi. He earned a reputation as one of the top competitors in Europe with his repeated open wins and eventual world titles as both a blue and a purple belt. Brosche is also known for his popular website, Yoga for BJJ. Sebastian is dedicated to providing people with the tools and knowledge to protect their bodies from the most damaging aspects of grappling.

Yoga For Rocks by Sebastian Brosche

Brosche began grappling very young when he was introduced to Judo at the age of seven. It was on the Judo mats that he fell in love with grappling, and he continued to train in that style until achieving 2nd degree black belt. He found his way to submission wrestling, and eventually BJJ, years later in 2007. He realized after trying some introductory classes that BJJ was the sport he had been looking for, noting that his length and flexibility were better assets in the ground-based style.

His first BJJ coach was the esteemed Peter Blackwell, of Checkmat Sweden. Blackwell was the first scandinavian black belt in BJJand it was he who gave Brosche his blue belt. After being promoted, Sebastian moved his training to Norway, where he would continue growing under the tutelage of Eduardo Rios, the Brazilian-born founder of Frontline Academy.

Four years after beginning his BJJ journey, in 2011, the injuries started to pile up. Years of Judo had taken its toll on the young Brosche. He decided to try yoga in search of relief and found not only a new calling, but a life partner. His first coach, Stine Hegre, would soon become his wife.

After becoming certified as a yogi himself, the couple began to work on Brosche’s passion project: Yoga for BJJ. Together, they have helped thousands of BJJ athletes and other grapplers achieve their goals by staying fitter and more flexible as they age.

Grappling With Yoga by Josh Stockman

How Old is Sebastian Brosche?

Sebastian Brosche was born on the 5th of July, 1984 in the city of Umeå, Sweden. That makes him 37 years old as of 2021.

Sebastian Brosche Family

He began taking yoga seriously after catching a glimpse of a local instructor. He married her sometime after signing up to take a class.

How Much is Sebastian Brosche Worth?

Brosche’s net worth is not published.

How Tall is Sebastian Brosche?

Sebastian’s height is not available.

How Much Does Sebastian Brosche Weigh? 

Sebastian has competed in an unusually high number of weight classes, ranging from lightweight, where the limit is 76 kg or 167.5 lbs, to medium heavyweight, with a cutoff of 88 kgs or 194.5 lbs. He has also routinely entered the open weight division at the tournaments he attends.

Sebastian Brosche Fight List

Sebastian has competed often as a black belt, and had moderate success against some of the very best athletes that BJJ has to offer. See below for a complete list of his matches at black belt. Note that matches from his successful World Championship runs as a colored belt are not included in this list.

  • Rodolfo Bonfim - 2017 European Open - Absolute - Loss (Points)
  • Bradley Hill - 2017 European Open - 82 kg - Win (Points)
  • Davi Ramos - 2017 European Open - 82 kg - Loss (Armbar)
  • Gotrell King - 2017 Pan American Championship - 88 kg - Win (Kimura/Choke)
  • Renato Cardoso - 2017 Pan American Championship - 88 kg - Loss (Armbar)
  • Adam Wardzinski - 2017 Copenhagen NoGi Open - Absolute - Loss (RNC)
  • Alec Baulding - 2017 London Fall Open - 88 kg - Loss (Points)
  • Arya Esfandmaz - 2017 London Fall Open - Absolute - Loss (Footlock)
  • Eduardo da Silva - 2018 Munich Open - 82 kg - Win (Scissor Choke)
  • Ilke Bulut - 2018 Munich Open - 82 kg - Win (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Jaime Canuto - 2018 Munich Open - 82 kg - Loss (Armbar)
  • Luca Caracciolo - 2018 Munich Open - Absolute - Win (Ezekiel Choke)
  • Jaime Canuto - 2018 Munich Open - Absolute - Loss (Points)
  • Eldar Rafigaev - 2018 German Nationals - Absolute - Win (Points)
  • Uros Domanovic - 2018 German Nationals - Absolute - Loss (Points)
  • Wolfgang Heindel - 2018 German Nationals - 82 kg - Win (Ezekiel Choke)
  • Pedro Palhares - 2019 European Open - 82 kg - Loss (Loop Choke)
  • Renan Marcel - 2019 European Open - Absolute - Loss (Footlock)
  • Bence Romanek - 2019 Budapest Open - 76 kg - Win (Cachecol Choke)
  • Alexandre Molinaro - 2019 Budapest Open - 76 kg - Loss (Points)
  • Tommy Langaker - Polaris 9 (2019) - 85 kg - Loss (Choke from Back)
  • Marcos Costa W - 2019 Rome Open - 82 kg - Win
  • Yan Cabral - 2019 Rome Open - 82 kg - Win (Choke from Back)
  • Marcos Costa - 2019 Rome Open - Absolute - Win
  • Renato Cardoso - 2019 Rome Open - Absolute - Loss
  • Jacopo Pasquini - 2019 Rome NoGi Open - 85 kg - Win (Points)
  • Marcos Costa - 2019 Rome NoGi Open - 85 kg - Win (Points)
  • Luca Anacoreta - 2019 Rome NoGi Open - 85 kg - Loss (Flying Triangle)
  • Hugo Marques - 2019 World Championships - 82 kg - Loss (Decision)
  • Perttu Tepponen - 2019 Amsterdam Open - Absolute - Win
  • Henrique Moreira - 2019 Amsterdam Open - Absolute - Loss
  • Petr Mamaev - 2019 Amsterdam NoGi Open - 85 kg - Win (D’arce Choke)
  • Luan Carvalho - 2019 Amsterdam NoGi Open - 85 kg - Loss (Points)
  • Italo Moura - 2019 Dublin Open - 82 kg - Loss (Choke from Back)
  • Petr Mamaev - 2019 Dublin NoGi Open - 85 kg - Win (Submission)
  • Jamie Paxman - 2019 Dublin NoGi Open - 85 kg - Win (Kimura)
  • Thomas Alban - 2019 Dublin NoGi Open - Absolute - Win (Submission)
  • Sean Coates - 2019 Dublin NoGi Open - Absolute - Loss (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Marco Aurelio - 2019 NoGi World Championships - 79 kg - Win (Points)
  • Jaime Canuto - 2019 NoGi World Championships - 79 kg - Loss (Points)
  • Max Lindblad - 2020 European Open - 82 kg - Loss (Points)

Sebastian Brosche's Best Fight of All Time

One of Broche’s best moments in recent years would be his match against Jamie Paxman at the 2019 Dublin NoGi Open. After winning in the early rounds, Brosche squared off with Paxman in the finals of the 85 kg weight division. Brosche was able to win gold by submitting Paxman via kimura.

Who Did Sebastian Brosche Lose To?

After winning gold in his weight division at the 2019 Dublin NoGi Open, Brosche looked to secure double gold by taking down the open weight category as well. He performed great in the first round and made it to the finals, where he faced Sean Coates. Unfortunately for Brosche, he was submitted via rear naked choke and took second in the absolute division.

Sebastian Brosche Record

Sebastian’s record as a black belt in professional competition is 19-22. Of his nineteen wins, eleven have come by way of submission. His run as a colored belt is perhaps even more impressive than what he’s managed to accomplish in his five years as a black belt. Check out his biggest accomplishments as a lower rank on the list below: 

    • 2010 IBJJF World Championships - Double Gold (Purple)
    • 2011 IBJJF European Open - Gold (Blue)
    • 2011 IBJJF European Open - Gold (Purple)
    • 2011 UAEJJF World Pro Trials - Gold (Purple) 
    • 2013 IBJJF World Championships - Bronze (Brown)
    • 2013 UAEJJF World Pro Championships - Bronze (Brown)
  • 2014 IBJJF World Championships - Bronze (Brown)
    • 2015 IBJJF European Open Championship - Silver (Brown)
    • 2015 IBJJF European Open Championships - Bronze (Brown) - Absolute

    Sebastian Brosche Injuries

    According to one podcast interview, Brosche was in a cycle of constant injury that threatened to keep him off the mats for years before he found his way to yoga. Now a certified yogi as well as a black belt in BJJ, his focus is on extending the usefulness of the body through targeted warm-ups, stretching, and meditation.

    Is Sebastian Brosche Retired?

    Brosche is not retired from competition. He has maintained a rigorous competitions schedule throughout 2020 and looks to do so moving forward. He recently worked with BJJ Fanatics to bring you the amazing “Yoga for Rocks”, which combines his years of grappling and yoga experience into one product. In it, you’ll learn all sorts of drills, both solo and partnered, to help you build up a core of flexibility and to stay loose after a workout. Feeling a little sore after your last class? Try some active recovery with Sebastian Brosche to get yourself back on the mats in no time!

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