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Dan Vallimont His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Dan Vallimont His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Dan Vallimont?

Dan Vallimont is a former two time NCAA All American wrestler, Dan has competed extensively in NCAA Championships and at Olympic levels. In all four appearances at the NCAA championships Dan has never finished lower than the round of 12. Dan has also had close finishes at the Big 10 Conference titles and has also been a member of the 2014 World Cup Freestyle team. Dan competed at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Iowa and has had over 6 years of coaching experience through Hofstra University in Long Island New York.

Who Is Dan Vallimont?

Dan Vallimont is a former two time NCAA All American wrestler, Dan has competed extensively in NCAA Championships and at Olympic levels. In all four appearances at the NCAA championships Dan has never finished lower than the round of 12. Dan has also had close finishes at the Big 10 Conference titles and has also been a member of the 2014 World Cup Freestyle team. Dan competed at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Iowa and has had over 6 years of coaching experience through Hofstra University in Long Island New York.

Dominating The Front Headlock by Dan Vallimont

Dan attended Jefferson Township High School in Oak Ridge New Jersey, where he started his outstanding wrestling career. Dan spent 3 years as team captain and was honoured on four separate years as a National Honour Society Member. During high school Dan compiled an incredible record of 134 wins with only 9 losses, including two undefeated years (39 - 0 as a Junior and 39 - 0 as a senior) Dan won 3 MAWA Eastern National championships and was ranked #2 in the nation as a 140 pounder. Dan also won Gold at the AAU Disney Duals in 2004 and secured a third place at the Senior High School Coaches Association Nationals. 

Dan Vallimont entered college at the powerhouse Penn State, where he experienced many triumphs on the mat and in the classroom. Dan had a great first year as he was named to the Amatuer Wrestling News All Rookie Team. Dan battled his way to a fourth place finish at the Big 10 Conference titles and made the round of 12 at the NCAA Championships. Dan fell one win short of securing an All American status as he aspired to be one of Penn State's finest. Dan finished the year ranked #12 by the NWCA and secured a 22 - 12 win loss record including 12 - 7 in duals.

Dan had another exceptionally strong year as he earned a 32 - 3 win loss record for the year. Dan helped Penn State with outstanding victories as they won duals against Iowa State and Stillwater. Dan was exceptional at the Nittany Lion Open as he secured a 7 - 0 win record including one pin and four majors, Dan was crowned the champion. Dan became a National Qualifier and placed second at the Big 10 Conference titles with another loss to Mike Poeta making it 3 for the season. Dan solidified his position as one of the top 157 pounders in the country as he placed third at the NCAA Championships after losing in a heartbreak against Mike Poeta.

In the 2008 - 2009 season Dan posted a 5 - 0 record at the Nittany Open as he secured back to back crowns. Dan had many hard fought wins and losses during the season, which forced him to move up to the 165 lbs division. Dan once again finished third at the Big 10 Conference titles and repeated the dose at the NCAA titles by making the round of 12 before losing to Andrew Rendos of Bucknell and once again fell one win short of All American status. 

Dan finished his Senior year with a 30 - 9 win loss record, securing an overall college record of 110 - 36. Dan spent two years as team captain and as he moved up to the 165 pound division, where it took him a while to adjust to the heavier competitors. In 2010 Dan Competed in division 1 at the NCAA Championships, as he battled his way through the competition Dan ended up securing second place in the tournament. Dan graduated from Penn State in 2010 as he completed his degree in Architectural Engineering. 

After college Dan spent the next six years as an assistant coach and then a head assistant coach at EIWA for Hofstra University Athletics. As he mastered his craft in coaching he was responsible for all aspects of the wrestling program which included; team training, recruiting and program management. Dan continued his dream of joining the Olympic team with aspirations of entering Rio and the Tokyo games. So far Dan has been unable to secure a place at the Olympics, so he spends his days coaching wrestling full time. 

Effective High Crotch Attacks by Dan Vallimont

How Old Is Dan Vallimont?

Dan Vallimont was born in Pennsylvania in the United States, and later moved to New Jersey as his father had to move for work related purposes. Dan was born in 1988 and is currently 33 years of age. 

Dan Vallimont’s Recent History!  

Dan Vallimont has always been searching for an Olympic selection, and has used his wrestling expertise to land various coaching roles. To this day he teaches wrestling to many aspiring athletes in search of their Olympic dreams. Dan also spent some time coaching and developing wrestling with champion MMA fighters like: Dustin Poirier, Yves Edwards and Dennis Bermudez. Dan has also worked exclusively with BJJ Fanatics by filming an abundance of instructional videos. He has filmed many titles like; “Clearing Ties And Creating Action”, “Wrestling For Beginners Volume 1 - Neutral Offense”, “The Single Leg Takedown Encyclopedia”, “The Russian Tie Formula”, “Elite Ankle Picks”, “Effective High Crotch Attacks”, “The Winning Keys To Par Tarre Defense”, “Solo Home Wrestling Drills And Workouts”, “The Underhook Formula”, “Dominating The Front Headlock”, “Advanced Folkstyle Wrestling Drills” and  “Next Level Defense Fundamentals”. Dan has worked diligently to bring to the public his extensive knowledge of wrestling techniques which are available for purchase through BJJ Fanatics! 

How Much Is Dan Vallimont’s Net Worth?

Dan Vallimont has worked exceptionally hard over the course of his career with all of his wrestling aspirations. He has won a considerable amount of fights and has been a full time coach for over 6 years. Dan has also worked as an architectural engineer throughout his life and has had significant popularity through his instructional videos filmed with BJJ Fanatics. Dan has a net worth that ranges over a million dollars, and is steadily rising after the covid pandemic hit as his aspirations are more clear in building his finances.

How Much Does Dan Vallimont Weigh?

Dan Vallimont has competed in wrestling as a 140 pounder (63 kg) as he entered his Senior year in college he moved up to 165 lbs (74 kg) 

Dan Vallimont’s Fight List!

Dan Vallimont has been a successful high level competitor in wrestling for a long time. Dan has won multiple titles at various events, and even though he has not won the Gold he has competed superbly at NCAA tournaments, including a second and third place finish. Dan has wrestled against high level athletes like; Ryan Adams, Michael Roberts, Joshua Wagner, Jeff Wimberly, Troy Tirapelle, Tyler Turner, Trevor Chinn, Vince Colleti, Alex Grunder, Tyler Sherfey, Jason Johnstone, Ryan Morningstar, Jeff Marsh, Newly McSpadden, Drake Hovis, Seth Garvin, Chris Olliver, Cyler Sanderson, Brandon Becker, John Fulger, donald Jones, Luke Manuel and Colt Sponseller.

Dan Vallimont’s Best Fight Of All Time!

Dan Vallimont has been an extremely successful wrestler as he has come considerably close to winning multiple prestigious events like NCAA and Big 10 Championships. Dan has a high win percentage of fights throughout his career and has defeated many opponents throughout high school, college and in freestyle after college. Some of Dan’s best fights came in high school as he had two undefeated seasons, once in his Junior year the other was his Senior year. Dan would light up his high school years by winning two New Jersey State Intercollegiate Athletic Association Championships (NJSIAA) his amazing high school years earned him a place at his dream university of Penn State.

Who Did Dan Vallimont Lose To?

Dan Vallimont has lost some matches throughout his career, although he has had an amazing win record so far. Dan has lost fights to athletes like; Gregor Gillespie, Matt Coughlin, Lance Palmer, Tyler Turner and Andrew Rendos. Dan would suffer his worst losses at the hands of Mike Poeta, as Dan secured a win loss record in 2008 of 32 wins with only 3 losses. All 3 of Dan’s losses that season were to Mike Poeta, Once in the final of the Big 10 Conference Championship, another was a heartbreaking loss (6 - 5) in the semi final at the 2008 NCAA Championships and the third coming at the start of the regular season. Dan was frustrated as one man stood in his way of winning an NCAA title and a Big 10 Conference Title. 

Dan Vallimont’s Record!

Dan Vallimont has set an extremely high expectation throughout his wrestling career. In high school he finished with an overall record of 134 wins with only 9 losses including two undefeated seasons of 39 - 0. In college Dan set another impressive win loss record of 110 wins and 36 losses including over 50 dual wins. Dan has a list of accolades that includes;

High School: 2 x NJSIAA Champion (2004, 2005) 3 x MAWA Eastern National Champion, AAU Disney Dual Champion. 

College: 2 x NCAA Division 1 All American (2008, 2010) NCAA Division 1 Championship Runner Up (2010) NCAA Division 1 Championship Third Place (2008) Big 10 Conference Championship Runner Up (2008) Big 10 Conference Championship Third Place (2009)

Other Accolades: Team USA World Cup Freestyle Squad Member (2014) Guelph Open Winner (2018) US Open Runner Up (2018) Dave Schultz Memorial Runner Up (2014) Bill Farrell International Runner Up (2015, 2018) Bill Farrell International Third Place (2014) Paris Grand Prix 5th Place (2017) Dave Schultz Memorial 4th Place (2017) World Team Trials Challenge 6th Place (2018)  

Dan Vallimont’s Injuries!

Dan Vallimont has had no significant injuries that have been reported, Dan is one of those guys who still trains exceptionally hard on conditioning his body. As an over 30 year old Dan has a high calibre of training regimes that involves core functionality strength training and rigorous cardio workouts.

Is Dan Vallimont Retired?

Dan Vallimont has always strived for Olympic notoriety as he trained extensively for the Rio and the Tokyo games. After missing out on places in both campaigns, Dan has stated that he knows this will be his last attempt. Dan still trains 4 days a week on the mats with athletes from the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel, he also conditions his body 3 times a week. Dan coaches full time, as wrestling has become a way of life for the former Lion. Dan also spends his days consulting with BJJ Fanatics as he has filmed many instructional videos.

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