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Francesco Fonte His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Francesco Fonte His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who Is Francesco Fonte?

Francesco Fonte is a first degree Black belt under the famous Octavio Couto. Francesco has had a prolific career as a competitor including a short Mixed Martial Arts career, but his main focus now is coaching. Francesco runs his own academy called Next Level MMA / Fonte Jiu Jitsu at Hanau in Germany, where he trains his students predominantly in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Francesco has built an amazing culture with his expertise in bringing his club together. Francesco also owns We Grapple which is a competition that allows fighters from the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Luta Livre to compete in a scheduled format.

The Hidden Mechanics Of Postura Jiu-Jitsu by Francesco Fonte

Francesco started his journey into Jiu Jitsu with just two friends and no tatami mats. They would practise what they had seen together on the floor, it was a humble beginning in Padova, Italy. In 2003 Francesco found Tribe Jiu Jitsu in Rome and began taking BJJ classes under Federico Tisi. In 2007 Francesco won the Roma Jiu Jitsu Challenge and while standing on the podium he was awarded his Blue belt by Frederico Tisi. Francesco decided to move to Germany where he would start training at Alliance in Frankfurt under Darius Saniee. Training in Germany had a different cultural experience, as Francesco would have to adapt to a new way of life. In 2010 Francesco was awarded his Purple belt by Darius Saniee, as he began to assist with the club's coaching duties.

In 2011 Francesco changed academy's, as he began training with the veteran MMA fighter Din Thomas at MMA Spirit in Frankfurt, Germany. Francesco was heavily interested in Mixed Martial Arts as he looked to further his career competing and training in the more brutal Martial Arts form. In 2012 Francesco would have two professional fights at the Outsider Cup. In July he fought at OC 31 where he secured an Armbar submission victory against Djambulat Kulbuschev at 3 minutes and 36 seconds into the first round. Later that year Francesco would fight at OC 32 against Alfred Burkhardt, as he suffered an embarrassing loss 10 seconds into the first round with a devastating right hand knockout. After the fight Francesco would focus his career into competing at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

Francesco began competing in BJJ heavily on the professional circuit. He won a multitude of various medals ranging from the Swedish Open to the NAGA German Championships. In 2014 Francesco was promoted to Brown belt after an extremely successful run through the Purple belt divisions. As a Brown belt Francesco would win medals at competitions including; the Swedish Open, the Hamburg Open, the NAGA German Championships and the Submissao Championship. Francesco decided to open his own academy called Fonte Jiu Jitsu in Frankfurt, Germany. In March of 2018, Francesco was promoted to Black belt in a ceremony led by his new affiliate coach, Octavio Couto.

Francesco had big plans as he began to structure his own tournament brand. Francesco created "We Grapple" a Jiu Jitsu tournament that consisted of a round robin format. His competitions would offer free entry for BJJ and Luta Livre Black belts. Incorporated in his events is a strict ranking system that discourages sandbaggers, Francesco implemented an experience level depending on the competitors years of experience, with other factors taken into account like; Judo Black belts, MMA fighters and Wrestlers. In 2019 Francesco would upgrade his club, moving to Hanau as he rebranded his academy "Next Level MMA" as he incorporated Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. After the success of Francesco's club, Octavio Couto awarded Francesco his first degree on his Black belt in 2021. Francesco has shown the world his outstanding teaching ability and is now validated by one of the most prolific professors of his generation.

Ultimate Flowchart by Joel Bouhey

How Old Is Francesco Fonte?

Francesco Fonte was born in Lecce in Italy, but later moved to Frankfurt in Germany. Francesco was born on the 12th of October in 1976, he is currently 45 years of age.

How Much Is Francesco Fonte Worth?

Francesco Fonte has built an exciting and successful business during the last 5 years. He has an extremely profitable academy called Next Level MMA, where many students come and learn from the European legend. Francesco has also made some significant remuneration through his acquisition of "We Grapple", his organisation that enables fighters from all levels to compete in competitive grappling. Francesco has an unreported net worth, but with all of his business dealings he would be close to earning his first million dollars in finance and assets. Francesco has also filmed an instructional video called “The Hidden Mechanics Of Postura Jiu Jitsu”, where Francesco shares his knowledge of using good posture inside your Jiu Jitsu game. Francesco’s video is available exclusively for purchase through the leading company for online Martial Arts videos, BJJ Fanatics.

How Tall Is Francesco Fonte?

Francesco Fonte stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall which is the equivalent to 180 centimetres.

How Much Does Francesco Fonte Weigh?

Francesco Fonte weighs in at 74 kilograms or (163 pounds) the lightweight fighter has always been able to match it with the heavier fighters during his competitive career.

Who Has Francesco Fonte Trained With?

Francesco Fonte has showcased his exceptional talent throughout his career. He has been successful as a competitor and even more successful as a trainer. Francesco has improved on his skills as a Martial Artist due to his outgoing nature and his ability to allow other professionals to teach him. Some practitioners can be stubborn and unable to learn, but for Francesco he has always been humble in his learning processes. Francesco has travelled the world and trained with some of the most prolific Martial Artists like; Robert Pastuch, Wanderlei Silva, Teo Vitala, Rafael Mendes, Dean Lister, Andre Galvao, Peter Sobotta, Kit Dale, Octavio Couto, Darius Saniee, Din Thomas, Nicholas Renier, Helvecio Pena and Marco Bancone.

Francesco Fonte’s Competition Ownership!

Francesco Fonte started his own competition organisation in 2018 called “We Grapple’. Francesco had an idea to run competitions with a round robin format, so he could provide competitors with as many matches as possible. Francesco believes in helping students achieve competition experience, and the best way for that to happen is to have a multitude of matches. At We Grapple, Francesco offers free entry to all Jiu Jitsu and Luta Livre Black belts to encourage them to compete more often. He also has a system in place where fighters must list their experience so he can avoid people sandbagging. If competitors are Judo Black belts, MMA fighters or high level Wrestlers and they are competing in their first Jiu Jitsu competition they are encouraged to enter the intermediate division. This process eliminates high level Martial Artists dominating the novice ranks and potentially causing injury or discouraging white belts from entering competitions. Francesco has been extremely successful with his style of competitions as many German and European fighters enter his events.

Francesco Fonte’s Academy Success!

Francesco Fonte has achieved successful results during his academy’s build since 2018. Next Level MMA has produced definitive results on the European stage. Many of his fighters have achieved wins at local level MMA events and national level events. Francesco has cornered all of his fighters as he offers his own experience as an MMA fighter. Next Level has also produced many medals in the kids division, ladies division and the adults division at events like; the NAGA German Championships, the Hamburg Open, the Copado BJJ Championships, the Swedish International Open and many other national and international events including We Grapple. Francesco is extremely proud of his academy and his students for representing his brand.

Francesco Fonte's Record

Francesco Fonte has tallied an extensive amount of competition fights during his rise to Black belt. Francesco has helped put Italy and Germany on the map in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His competition prowess has helped him achieve many wins on the international level. Francesco has procured a list of accomplishments that includes;

Swedish Open Champion (2014) Roma Jiu Jitsu Challenge Champion (2007) Submissao Championship Runner Up (2015) NAGA German Championship Runner Up (2015) Hamburg International Open Third Place (2015) 

Francesco Fonte's Injuries!

Francesco Fonte has not had any significant injuries during his competitive career. He has endured through minor injuries, like most Martial Artists there is always an element of danger involved. Training and competing at such a high intensity leaves a grappler vulnerable to the risk of injury. In Fonte's case he has obtained muscle strains, popped ribs and ligament strains. Francesco is extremely well versed in injury prevention methods and is constantly practising good strength and conditioning training.

Is Francesco Fonte Retired?

Francesco Fonte has built an amazing career as a Black belt coach. He has stepped away from high level competition in his later years. At the age of 45 he is completely focused on teaching students at his academy, Next Level MMA. Francesco spends his time running BJJ competitions and hosting seminars, so his students can get the best knowledge out of their respective training. Francesco has become a European icon in the sport of MMA and Grappling, and is building a reputation and legacy as one of Europe's premier trainers.

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