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Jason Nolf Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jason Nolf Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!


Who is Jason Nolf?

Jason Michael Nolf is an American NCAA Divison 1 freestyle wrestler who has competed in the Pan Americans. 

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Jason Nolf started his wrestling career like a ton of other wrestlers in high school. In high school Jason Nolf was a three sport athlete, competing in Wrestling, cross country and track and field. In high school Jason Nolf lettered 4 times in wrestling on top of having a 4.5 GPA. Jason Nolf’s high school wrestling career was very successful, being a three-time PIAA champion with a record of 176 wins and a lone loss that was later avenged. 

After graduating from high school, Jason Nolf would go on to be recruited by and compete for Pennsylvania State University to wrestle as a Nittany Lion.

From there he began a very successful collegiate wrestling career where he would compete in prestigious tournaments such as the US Open and the United World Wrestling World Team Trials before he was a senior. 

Jason Nolf would overall become a three-time NCAA Champion, four-time finalist, four-time All-American and two-time Big Ten champion as a collegiate wrestler.

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How Old is Jason Nolf?

Jason Nolf was born on January 10, 1996 in Yatesboro, Pennsylvania, United States. That makes him 25 years old at the time of writing. 

Jason Nolf’s Family

Jason Nolf is married to Pennsylvania State University women’s soccer player Maddie Elliston. 

How Much is Jason Nolf Worth?

Jason Nolf’s estimated net worth as of 2021 is $1.5 million US dollars.

How Tall is Jason Nolf?

Jason Nolf’s height is not readily available online 

What is Jason Nolf’s Reach? 

Jason Nolf’s reach is not readily available online. 

How Much Does Jason Nolf Weigh?

Jason Nolf has competed in the 157 lbs (71 kilogram) 163 lbs (74 kg) and 174 lbs (79 kg) divisions. 

Jason Nolf’s Fight List

Jason Nolf’s official match list starts in his freshman year at Penn State University in 2016 where he went 33 and 2. In his sophomore year he went 27 and 0. Jason Nolf then went 26 and 1 in his junior year and 31 and 0 in his senior year. 

During this time Jason Nolf also competed at the NCAA championships during this time. In the 2016 NCAA championships Jason Nolf defeated his first four opponents before losing to Isaiah Martinez and taking home 2nd place in the 157 pound division.

In the 2017 NCAA championships Jason Nolf would compete in the 157 pound division again and this time he would defeat all 5 of his opponents to take home first place. Jason Nolf would go on to compete in the same division at the 2018 NCAA championships and would once again defeat all 5 of his opponents to get the gold medal.

Once again Jason Nolf would do the same at the 2019 NCAA championships in the same division, beating all his opponents and getting the gold medal. 

Jason Nolf would also compete in Freestyle wrestling starting at the 2017 US Open. Jason Nolf would win 4 out of his 6 matches and take home fourth place. 

Jason Nolf would also compete in the 2017 US World Team Trials where he would defeat 2 out of 3 of his opponent's in to take home the 3rd place medal. 

Jason Would compete in Freestyle wrestling again in 2019 at that year's US Open in the 70 kilogram weight class. Jason Nolf would go on to place third after 6 out of his 7 matches. 

At the 2019 US World Team Trials Challenge, Jason Nolf would face 4 opponents, the last of those being Isaiah Martinez, which in this tournament Jason Nolf would go 1 and two against to get 2nd place in his weight class. 

Jason Nolf would then compete in that year's Bill Farrell Memorial where he would take on 5 opponents and beat 4 before losing again to Isaiah Martinez. 

Jason Nolf would compete next at the 2020 Pan American Championships where he would defeat two opponents to win the gold in the 79 kilogram weight class. 

Jason Nolf would then compete in the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials in the 74 kilogram weight class. Jason Nolf would beat 6 out of 7 of his opponents but he would suffer two seperate losses to Kyle Dake which put him in third place in his division. 

Who Did Jason Nolf Lose to?

Jason Nolf has lost to, in order, Isaiah Martinez on four separate occasions, James Green on two separate occasions, Steven Pami, Jimmy Kennedy, and finally Kyle Dake twice in the same tournament. 

What is Jason Nolf’s Record?

Jason Nolf has a University wrestling record of 117 wins and 3 losses across his 4 years competing for Penn State University. 

Jason Nolf has an NCAA record of 19 wins and 1 losses. 

Jason Nolf has a Freestyle record of 28 wins and 9 losses.

This gives Jason Nolf a complete record of 177 matches with 164 wins and 13 losses. This gives Jason Nolf a total win percentage of 92 percent at the time of writing. 

What Titles Has Jason Nolf Held?

Jason Nolf is a two time Big Ten Champion and he is also a three time NCAA Division I Champion.

Jason Nolf also won gold in the 79 kilogram division at the 2020 Pan American Championships in Ottawa. 

Jason Nolf was a three-time PIAA champion when he was in High School. 

Has Jason Nolf Had Any Serious Injuries?

In 2018, Jason Nolf injured his right knee in a dual meet against Rutgers. This took Jason Nolf out of the sport for an entire year as he had his knee fixed. It also forced Jason Nolf to change around his Wrestling style as to prevent another injury from happening. 

Is Jason Nolf Retired?

Jason Nolf is not retired from wrestling and doesn't seem to be going to any time soon. The Last time Jason Nolf competed was at the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials which ironically happened on April 2 and April 3 of 2021 due to the global pandemic. 

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