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Jose Varella

Jose Varella

Jose Varella is a Second Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and instructor for Minnesota Top Team. Jose Varella is known for his foot lock attacks. But unlike most other foot lock masters on the scene he only really uses IBJJF legal leg locks. That means that he does not use any knee reaping entanglements. You will rarely see him use positions like the inside sankaku or the knee knot. He prefers to use leg attack techniques that are legal in IBJJF rules, so that his attacks are legal in any tournament he goes to.


  • 2x RJ State Champion (FJJD) (FJJO)

  • 2nd place Brazilian National (CBJJO)

  • Arnold Classic Brazil champion

  • 6x NAGA champion

  • Massachusetts State Champion

  • 3x Boston Summer IO IBJJF

  • New York Spring IO IBJJF

  • New York Summer IO IBJJF

  • Chicago Summer IO IBJJF

  • Chicago Spring IO IBJJF

  • 2x Chicago Summer IO No gi IBJJF

  • Chicago Spring IO No gi IBJJF

  • Dallas IO IBJJF

  • American National IBJJF No gi

  • Rio BJJ Pro IBJJF

  • Pan Ams No gi IBJJF

  • Boston Spring IO IBJJF




Have you ever wanted to develop a lethal foot locking system that you can use under the IBJJF rule set? Now is your chance

  • This video set includes all of the best leg locks that are IBJJF legal

  • This is your guide to leg locking all of the guys in the IBJJF

  • Learn the ins and outs of what you can use, how to use it, and how to finish it

  • Transform your leg attack system

  • These submissions will work anywhere under any ruleset


Jose Varella Videos

José Luiz Varella x Juan Lopes by X-COMBAT

Herbert Burns x Jose Luis Varella - Bra No Gi 2011

José Varella x Leonardo de Souza by X-COMBAT

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